Strikezone: Wotan

The Infinity Global Campaign

Operation Overlord

VS Combined Army

The situation

Aleph hosts in the Echo Commodule were alerted to unsanctioned interference with the communications array and dispatched a small security force to investigate.

Communications Deck

The left flank was held by a Danavas hacker with Atalanta covering the engineering deck. A Sophotect and Myrmidon Officer held the centre while the Deva commanding the force guarded the medical bay with their remote Devabot. Two more Devas held the centre and right flank with a Zayin total reaction unit ready to cover the container park in the centre. A Naga hacker was camouflaged near the central antenna and a Garuda tacbot was en route to reinforce the location.


The Combined Army forces included a team of Rodoks on their right flank, Batroids on the left and a Med-Tech in the centre. They moved quickly to secure the communications arrays with the Rodoks pushing up the central corridor, the Med Tech sending slave drones forward to support while they guarded the rear console, and the Batroids rushing for the terminal on their left flank.

CA advance

The Batroids charged the communications array intending to hold it, but suffered losses from the heavy flamethrowers and Combi-rifle fire of the Devas.

Window fight

Determined to hold the objective a lone Batroid ignores critical structural damage and manages to terminate the Zayin unit as it rushes to secure the higher ground. The Garuda Tacbot suffers from pathing problems and fails to outflank the Batroids and is redeployed to reinforce the left flank.

Total destruction

The Myrmidon Officer advances on the central console and the Naga hacker attempts to delay the forces approaching the central communications array by deploying anti-personnel mines and retreating just before a large cloaked signature is detected moving towards the centre at speed.

Time to leave

The mysterious unit decloaks to reveal itself as a Spinx TAG, cunningly disguised further as a PanO light TAG. The Myrmidon Officer advancing on the central console is forced to drop Eclipse grenades and retreat from the twin flamethrower threat.

Lovely smoke

Rodok forces burst into the engineering bay as a well-coordinated force and are met with accurate fire from Atalanta as the Naga deploys another mine to delay enemy advances.

Atalanta unloads

Realising their exposed position the Rodok force moves as a well-coordinated unit back into the corridor but Atalanta makes an unlikely shot to bring down their Lieutenant as they exit. The Med-Tech brings its Slave Drone over to bring them back into the fight but unfortunately fails (even with a Command Token reroll) and the Combined forces are in disarray.

Combined retreat

Aleph advance and the Danavas hacker lands a Repeater close to the enemy TAG. They then successfully run an Overlord program to gain control of the threat.

Repeater MVP

With their command structure disrupted and no options to regain control of their TAG there is little the Combined forces can do to achieve their objectives and Aleph are able to secure a majority of consoles.

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