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Lazy Yuan Yuan

Faqadat Siad
VS Tohaa

Lazy Yuan Yuans

Deployment Above

The training exercise with the Tohaa was a success, sure. It certainly started on the wrong note though. To start from the beginning, we were having a pretty simple wargame today. Attempt to identify and “eliminate” the enemy commander, as well as take out as much of the enemy force as possible. Additionally, we were instructed to get at least one “kill” on an already “downed” enemy (OOC: The coup de grace an enemy objective), and to have one of our doctors test out a new training program for medical purposes (OOC: the patch up one of your own guys objective). It was myself with a heavy rocket launcher, the LT (another Hafza), three Odalisques, sisters named Fadilah, Farrah, and Faridah, an Az’rail, named Jameelah, a Ghulam doc who was named Sadiq, and then the four Djanbazan I was working with. One armed with an HMG, named Abba; one a marksman rifle, Mahir; a doctor, Sabih; and a hacker, Jabbar. Sounded like a good escort to me. Of course, we had a Yuan Yuan who was supposed to be with us, but he was nowhere to be seen. (Turn 1 Haqqislam) Just as we got ready to start the exercise, the cursed yuan yuan shows up, just strolling into the area, saying something about “it’s not real, so I wanted a snack.” After being advised he could lose his pay though, he leap into action, charging towards the enemy. The Jameelah lumbered forwards to take position in cover, taking shots from Go-rael, but he fired back and hit it with a beautiful shot, “wounding” it. The Odalisques advanced on the eastern side of the training grounds. Ghulam Sadiq moved up behind the Jameelah, and his Nasmat scampered after the Odalisques. My fireteam moved up, and I took a beautiful shot with my rocket launcher at the Camel, taking him out and finishing the Go-rael the Jameelah had dropped next to it. We advanced further, and saw another group formed behind a building. I fired again but those little cabbage creatures they take with them saved them. I tried again, and took out a Ra’Sail, which turned out to be our opponent’s LT! Alhamdulillah! We moved up again, crawling up and taking positions on the roof of a nearby building. I stayed on the ground, but everyone else popped up, and Mahir fired on a Kumotail “dropping” him. The we settled in to have an advantageous position to watch the nearby training area. The Odalisques continued to advance on their side. (Turn 1 Tohaa) It appeared that the enemy was prepared for the loss of their LT though, because it didn’t seem to affect them at all and they just kept rolling. A Keltar moved up, with a Makawl throwing out eclipse smoke to block the Djanbazan’s Multi-spectral visors. He fired a missile launcher at Mahir, as our Djanbazan fireteam returned fire. Bullets bounced off the Tohaa, leaving him unscathed. The Makawl proceeded to toss out more smoke and slowly sneak around the building we were on. He climbed up and took out Sabih in close combat, but Jabbar whipped around in time to see, and blasted him with the training ammo in his shotgun. (Turn 2 Haqq) Our Lazy Yuan Yuan figured it was time to do SOMETHING, so he tossed a smoke grenade and rushed up to try and intuitively tried to blast the Kaeltar in front of him with his chain rifle. The smoke blinded him though, so after a couple tries he just stepped out of the smoke, cursing, and got the Keltar and a nearby Makawl, but the Kaeltar dodged the shot. Turning around, our pirate proceeded to do the same to another group of Tohaa hiding behind some battlefield detritus they had laying around on the training grounds. The Makawl directly in front of him returned fire with a flame thrower, while the Sukeal Commando and the Kosuil engineer behind him both tried to dodge. The Sukeal failed, taking damage from the shots, but the Kosuil got away. The Makawl “went down” as well, but it took the Yuan Yuan with it. The Odalisques rounded a corner and fired on it, failing to do anything, but then Fadilah rushed it, engaging it in close combat. She “fell” for her efforts, and Faridah “took a wound” from his nanopulsers as the combat began. Sadiq’s Nasmat rushed up and “patched” her up, giving a great chance to test the medical training program. The Odalisque then tried to move up and take down the other Kaauri, but she failed taking two hit that just glanced off of her. (Turn 2 Tohaa) It fired back at her, and this time she tried using her nanopulser, and they both took each other “down.” The Kosuil moved behind a building to our west, climbing up to fire on us from the nearby rooftop. It fired on us with his shotgun, “dropping” Jabbar, and it survived all the return fire from the squad AND Jameelah. It did seem to damage his armor though. The Chaksa Auxillary rounded the corner near Farrah, using a flamethrower on her. She responded with her contender, but was “roasted” for her trouble, though she did hit the Chaksa and do some “damage” according to the after-battle reports. The Nasmat standing behind her was also “roasted”, as Sadiq wasn’t paying attention and didn’t think to try and even dodge the “flames.” The Sukeal fired on us again, but our Mahir and Abba came to the rescue, pouring fire back and hitting it repeatedly, taking it out of the fight. The Kasal across from us fired again, taking down Abba and finishing off Jabbar, since he was already “wounded.” However, return fire from Mahir put it ”unconscious.” Looking around, I could see that this was almost over. (Turn 3 Haqq) Abba tried to patch himself up, the game accounted for the insane resilience of the Djanbazan, but failed. Mahir and I rushed to the rooftop where Kasall had fallen, and got the “finishing kill” we were supposed to get (still not sure why we were supposed to do that in a war game, above my pay grade I guess).(Turn 3 Tohaa) They sent up a Kotail to forward observe out HVT, and after a couple tries it had succeeded twice. The Sukeal tried firing its missile launcher at us again, but was hit by the Mahir. Shaking off the “shot” it tried again, this time being “wounded” by the return fire. Claxons sounded at this point, everything was over. As we headed in for a debriefing and review of our performance, I already knew that we had come out on top! Alhamdulillah!

As an aside, I realized my photos need serious work!

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