Strikezone: Wotan

The Infinity Global Campaign


Combined Army
VS Haqqislam


I win the initial roll and decide to go first to try to push hard and set up as many aros i can (and to not die horribly in the biotechvore zone, this shouldn't be underestimated)

Table setting


first turn

I begin my turn moving the sphinx on top of a tall central building splitting my burst between some muttawi'ah and other models so he put down so many smokes i can't see anything. Because of this, I can move my fire team up to set up some aros. I move all the other models up to try to avoid the kill zone and deploying a nullifier close to my HVT and close to the building where the sphinx is. With the last order, i put the sphinx in suppressive fire. I thought that just an ikadron remained within 16 inches, but it seems i misjudged the distance so i had to roll a lot more dices than expected but i got lucky and i lost just a servant and an Ikadron (that i can heal to complete test run the next turn).
My opponent starts moving his impetuos models and 2 ghazis goes dogged. It seems the sphinx is not a master of killing in suppressive fire (at least my sphinx) but he spends a lot of orders to try do deal with it. A sekban enter from the side due to zero-g and it launches a rocket to an ikadron to get under the template the sphinx. Even without the TO camo modifier, the sphinx slows him down a lot, so at the end of his turn he has to test with pretty much all the army and he is left just with an odalisque in NWI, the sekban, a drone and a bashi bazouk so he concedes.

Advancing with pretty much everything, the mine and camo marker are nullifiers
Sphinx in suppressive fire on top of a building

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