Strikezone: Wotan

The Infinity Global Campaign

Title is classified information

Combined Army
VS Haqqislam


I win the roll and decide to go first. The missions we draw are Extreme Prejudice, Telemetry, Data Scan and Experimental Drug and my secret one is Espionage.

Table set up


first turn

Being 3 objectives about hacking the HVT, I move my R-drone within ZOC of the enemy HVT. The anathematic then manage to complete Telemetry, Espionage and Data Scan. I don't have enough orders to do much else, so i just reposition some unit but overall but i can't cover the lanes i would like to cover.

The R-drone ran within ZOC of his hvt

In his turn, a camo marker get in ZOC of my HVT and it happens to be an hacker so we are even about objectives. The Al Hawwa hacker then, through a smoke, manages to coup de grace a Daturazi and Zuleika runs up to my deployment zone and kills my M-drone, the servant of doctor worm and the unidron missile launcher, dying in the process.

Second turn

I move some guys from group 2 to group 1 to have the most orders i can and i start to activate the Q-drone do some killing. Doctor worm tries to heal the Unidron with missile launcher but fails 2 times in a row so it dies. I don't have enough orders to perform any objective this turn, all his models are just too far.

Q-drone doing what he should have done the turn before

In his turn he kills the R-drone with the Djanbazan then moves the Al-fasid, this gives me the chance to reveal my Noctifer that manages to include the Djanbazan in the area. I win the FTF roll and they both go unconscious. He moves a doctor to heal the Al-fasid and i miss my normal roll at 15 aro to stop it. Al-fasid then moves forward killing the Q-drone and the Noctifer; i decide to not activate dogged to try to heal it to achieve an objective.

Healed Al-fasid gets in the middle of the table shooting the Q-drone

third turn

I begin my last turn with very few orders and 2 objectives down. I start to move a daturazi throwing smoke grenades around, he manages to reach the naffatun but inexperience strikes hard and the bad position of the smoke template let her flame him so i can't coup the grace. I don't have even have orders to heal the Noctifer... Or at least to try it.

Daturazi tries to get one point more with the last orders but fails armor rolls so he can't perform coup de grace

He already completed all the objectives so he don't even have to play the last turn, lol.
I feel i played pretty poorly in this game, i made a huge mistake placing my HVT and i think that was the mistake that costed me the game.

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