Strikezone: Wotan

The Infinity Global Campaign

Gorgos VS Maghariba :O

VS Haqqislam

First of all: unfortunately I forgot the memory card of the camera ... so I had to do the photos with the mobile (and I do not have precisely what is called a "last generation mobile"). I apologize, the next reports will be better.

The two players agreed in advance to play a TAG. I could have played with a Sukeul ML ... maybe it was the smartest thing, but I decided not to do it precisely to give Gorgos and his Spitfire AP, in this way, and since I decided to play it, I had to give the TAG protagonism.

Otherwise, the list was quite normal. I decided to put a Kaauri sniper unfolded without exposing it too much to hunt camos and cover a flank. And the Gao Tarsos would help me hunt lieutenants, even in the worst case, and if the Gorgos fell, I could try to knock down the Maghariba with his AP shotgun.

The worst point of my list was that the lieutenant was very obvious, if the rival played a Fiday and gained the initiative ... very probably he was going to start losing.


I gained the initiative, so I tried to be very offensive. If I let the Muttas take the middle of the table with their jammer, I was going to have it really hard. The first thing I did was try to get rid of Zuleyka, she had been deployed peeled, in an oversight of the rival. However there was no luck, in fact I was going to fail quite at the beginning of the game.

On the other flank the rival had left a Djanbazan in cover and also the TAG. I decided to risk the Gao Rael sniper and shoot two shots at Djanbazan and one at TAG, my intention was to remove Djanbazan as he was a fundamental piece of the Haqqi offensive, I did not intend to harm the Maghariba ... but if he in the worst case won me on the dice, I had my frog.

As I said, it did not go well, Djanba saved with his BLI 6 in cover and the Maghariba took the frog ... bad start.

At this point, it was time for the Gorgos to take the initiative ... with the Maghariba staring out, he could try to knock it down with the Spitfire AP. It was not the best solution, but he could try to do it and inflict a hard blow to the opponent from the start. As I said, in later turns it would be more difficult with Spitfire rank and rival taking positions with Muttas and hackers.

And it went well !, I used a good number of orders, but the Maghariba fell, and already I decided to do the maximum possible damage with the Gorgos although soon it remained in a position of danger.

A Hafza equipped with rocket launchers fell, the Djanbazán fell, and also Zuleyka ... things looked great!

In the opponent's turn, a Bashi Bazouk appeared in my rear with very bad intentions. However, he did not play as well as he could ... and a Kaeltar alerted Gao Rael, so the parachutist would end up dying without doing any harm (taking advantage of the holoprojector to move, he could have fired from a safer area facing a only rival ... although it is certain that its reserve of orders began to be scarce).

An Al-Hawwa appeared from under a marker of camouflage and decided to take justice for his part. He threw an Oblivion at Gorgos leaving him Isolated and Immobilized (being TAG also acquires this state).

Goodbye, dear Gorgos. The truth is that in this game most TAG's have too many "enemies" for the points they cost (K1, EXP, AP, glue, monophile, jammer, hack, ...)


The second round was much more decaffeinated, as it could not be otherwise with the two big boys offside. It was a maelstrom of the Clipsos leaving unconscious to haqqislamitas whereas later a medical Ghulam raised to the majority of people. The clipsos took a panoply and got nothing less than a motorcycle (a Clipsos TO moving like Usain Bolt? Where do I have to sign?).

On the part of the rival, besides raising fallen comrades, Al Hawwa also took a panoply ...


The pace of the game was softening, but I still had aces up my sleeve to win in a good way if things went well.

I changed the group to Gao Tarsos with a tokken and launched myself to hunt the rival lieutenant. Unfortunately, I only managed to kill one of the two Naffatum present in the game and that I knew they could be lieutenants ... 50% chance.

Otherwise, I could have taken advantage of my Clipsos on a motorcycle, but I decided once again to bring the Gorgos to prominence, who stripped off his symbiote armor to become a light infantry that was no longer isolated or immobilized (special rule of the symbiont armor ). Besides ... now the pilot was a specialist!

With it, I assassinated an unconscious rival to fulfill a secondary objective, I took the central panoply and secured the enemy HVT.

At the turn of the rival, his lieutenant had died and could not do much ... Another victory for Tohaa!

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