Strikezone: Wotan

The Infinity Global Campaign

There will be blood

VS Ariadna

On this occasion my rival raises a list of Ariadna with few orders (to be Ariadna... he was starting with the faction and he lacked minis). Still, he was going to make things difficult for me ...

I positioned the miniatures trying to cover very well my rear, since Van Zant is a dangerous bastard.


I gave the initiative to Ariadna, knowing how dangerous this army is, but thinking that the score was counted at the end of the game.

However, despite having covered my deployment, I did not expect the sacrifice that Uxía would make. Even with the Taqeul bugs, she appeared infiltrating to kill a Chaksa, eating the bugs and taking the frog out of the Taqeul ... (the impersonation marker was an unconscious marker)

At first glance was not the best of the plays, but that sacrifice of Uxía opened a breach in my deployment that Van Zant took advantage of.

My first turn could not start worse, a memorable beating. Van Zant left unconscious Taqeul, also killed a Kaauri, and left unconscious a Gao Rael. This bastard was quite lucky in all his actions and won all the matches, even against a Kaeltar linked with a shotgun, disarticulating the Gao Rael triad.

The first shift had been very hard for my poor Tohaa. Fortunately, my rival made the mistake of not finishing the Taqeul .. who regenerated and rose from unconsciousness to claim revenge, killing Van Zant.

The Kamael medikit healed the Gao Rael, and I made the Clipsos TO appear to have his order in the reserve.

With these actions managed to mitigate the loss of orders, returning to have a fairly decent pool ... although having aligned the Kerail to give prominence, I did not have the opportunity.

My rival saw the victory within reach, and began to approach positions. However, without Uxía and Van Zant and with a rocky list, he had to advance conservatively, he did not have a pool of orders enough to "sneak into the kitchen."...

Cushioned the initial impact, my opportunity came. I still had orders and punch. With a tokken I changed the group to Gao Tarsos and decided to stick by a flank, the idea was to try to kill a tanned Veteran Kazak and a Spetsznaz with the shotgun. And if the thing turned out well, move up to the central room where my rival had left a group of aligned miniatures that were a very easy target of the shotgun.

If I did not remember that in a turn, and less a miniature, I had done so many casualties, nor that a miniature of mine caused such a scabechina: 2 Spetsznaz, a Veteran kazak, Irmandinho, Unknown Ranger ... all victims of Gao Tarsos shotgun , The most inspirational in history Tohaa, undoubtedly MVP


My rival gets rid of the Gao Tarsos, and tries to take the central room with an Imandinho and the Unknown Ranger, who had a wound ... could not do much more.

Arrived my third and last turn, the game was of face for me. The Taqeul's rifle easily knocked down the Unknown Ranger, and later entered the room to kill the Irmandinho ...

The Clipsos, still until that moment, assured the HVT, entered the central hall and took arms of the panoply giving me a solvent victory.

In short, I received the biggest beating they have given me in a long time, but with luck I recovered myself. My rival accused the lack of orders and perhaps was very hostile but quite conservative in reaching and protecting the central room. In Infinity ... does not really win who kills, but who achieves the stipulated objectives. He also sinned a little "rookie" by leaving so many figures aligned, very juicy for a template.

However, it is not the best report because there are almost no painted things, so I also took fewer photos ... but for me it was an excellent game, and my opponent kept me constantly in tension. It's been a long time since I've had so much fun!

A great player Peludo :)

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