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Yu Jing
VS Haqqislam
Kay Kar Parsi

OOC Intro

We had a game with my usual opponent who plays Haqqislam on last sunday, this was a quick organised game and thus we both didn't had much time to work on our list... So it was a game "à l'arrache" as we say in French but a very nice one nonetheless.

We wanted to play on Raxora but neither of us had the right scenery items to represent an alien ship. So we came with a strange idea to justify the table being a village in the middle of a desert.

I won the Lieutenant roll and choose to let him deploy first on the side of the table with the lowest scenery. This way my hidden Hac Tao missile launcher will have the high ground (I think my opponent called him Sauron...)

Fun facts: We had a lot of trouble deploying since the deployement zone split in two is not very intuitive. I think we both had to move half of our models because they were out of the DZ.

And don't be affraid to have a read of my opponent's report which is really well written.

Yu-jing deployement left flank
... And the right flank

IC report

The team was inside the boarding shuttle, preparing for the action.

" Alright guys, today we fight not only for the Jade Emperor but mainly for the Human Sphere! We will repel those filthy aliens from our boundaries and kill each and every ennemies we see on their ship!" said the Terracotta soldier in charge of the boarding party.

The shuttle was getting close to the ennemy ship, a red light was flashing inside.

"Get ready for impact in three... two... one..." a loud crack resonnated in the shuttle and the front door got ejected, revealing the inside of the alien ship.

A warm dry wind infiltrated inside the shuttle.
"Temperature in the area is 40°C, and were does this bright light come from? It looks like we are in a desert... not a spaceship"

The team went out from the boarding shuttle to discover a sandy place. The buildings looked to be typically from Haqqislamite culture... They didn't expect the interior of Raxora to look like this.
At first the team seemed very confused.
"Okay, seems like the aliens were expecting us and set a weird trap to confuse us. We must be inside a big illusion. Don't get distracted and act as if everything we see is a mind trick. Hackers, we are counting on you to not let them disable our comm system because it will be the only way to recognize each other in a trusted way. Now go get in position, I see some movement in the distance and it looks like there is a big guy coming for us."

"I got a visual on the right flank, it looks like Haqqislam warriors and a TAG. Should we treat them as if they were aliens under disguise?" asked the Kanren already unsheathing his monofilament sword.
"Yes treat every other life sources as being aliens and hostile"

The Kanren activated his holoechoes and moved into position to embush the TAG. As soon as he was close enough he saw his two holoechoes disapear and suffered a hacking attempt. He wasn't ready for that and luckily enough the attack couldn't go past his firewall.

The lieutenant had the TAG in his line of sight, he released a full burst of his HMG and saw some smoke and fluids coming out from the TAG, he must have damaged it.

"We've got to take control of those antennas in the middle of the village!"
As soon as the order was sent the team went ahead and took control of two of the antennas.

"I see a console on the opposite side of the village, I'll go for it" The shikami activated his optical disruptor and jumped on a building.

"I will clear the way for you" a loud BANG sounded in the distance soon folowed by an other one... "Ennemy down you can go on, I have your back" The Hac Tao was on a building roof covering a large part of the battlefield with his missile launcher.

The Kanren trying to ambush the TAG
The Hac Tao overwatching the field

"The ennemies are approaching keep an eye on it and don't let them come to close from the antennas"

Zhanying agent Wang saw a group of Haqqislam looking alien coming really close from the Kanrern, he lifted his E/mitter and fired at the one wielding a rocket launcher. The alien was caught off guard and took the hit.
"Strange, the E/mitter hit should have disabled their holoprojection or whatever technologies those aliens are using to trick us... Only explanantion I see is that this is some kind of Biotech... or..." He kept the end of the sentence for him but wanted to say:"Or those guys are some real Haqqislam people and we are killing them instead of the aliens"

"The TAG his coming for me... Arrgh... took a hit..." Everyone could hear the HMG's exchange between the TAG and the Zuyong "Ha! got him, but something was expeled before it exploded!"

Agent Wang was aiming at another warrior and fired his E/mitter, as soon as he pulled the trigger, he saw a silouhette jumping in the line of fire and taking the hit instead of his initial target. The silhouette throw something on the floor and ran in direction of a console.

The sihouette reaching the console (The Fat Yuan-Yuan is my HVT... I forgot to take one and my friend lend me this)
The warrior with a rocket launcher being isolated

"I'm approaching the field of operation, my scanner detected a landing pad in the area, I will jump there and try to..." The Tiger soldier didn't have landed yet, he was shot in the air by the thing that got ejected from the TAG...

" I am near the console, I will implant the virus to disable the power plant" said the Shikami already typing on the console's keyboard.
As soon as he hit "ENTER" the sand vanished, the temperature fell down to a mere 12°C and the village disappeared. They were standing in a metallic room as you could expect when being inside a spaceship...
"Mission accomplished, everyone back to the shuttle! Try to take the wounded with us if possible." The Lieutenant had a quick glimpse of the ennemy's bodies, they were still looking like Haqqislamite soldier and not aliens. He told no one of his findings, the official version will be "Filthy alien technologies".

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Yu Jing


  • Eltutu says:

    Thanks for your comments !!
    The table is not mine but I think the most part comes from Warsenal. If I remember right they have a “haqqislam” range.

  • JOPA says:

    NIce table!!!!

  • Ferrecy says:

    Nice terrain, where are the scenery pieces from?

  • Minister_of_Truth says:

    You got some nice photos in there, Nice report. And a blow struck for the Empire. Though Pan O and their lapdogs in the media may point and laugh, those of us that fought below the jade banner will never forget what we did here at Wotan. We fought with courage and integrity to the bitter end.

  • Uther_Dracus says:

    Congratulations on the win

  • Brax Jaxon says:

    Great report with an interesting twist given the scenery!