Strikezone: Wotan

The Infinity Global Campaign

The Last Battle

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VS Yu Jing

The Last Battle

The Battleground
The Tohaa deployment zone


++To: Tohaa Local Supreme Command++

++From: 9th Scout Triad Force Sub Region Paradiso++

+++Result: Last Battle.


Without much time to fight the last battle, man gather swiftly, arms were taken, and war made all the plans just a mix of cries, blood and strength.

Yu Jing mande a Japanase CC army and the Tohaa fought with the same troops as before. Distance was my advantage but also the virus mad the troops move forward, close to the death. Close quarter fight was bloody, bullets killed IPs and LI the same, swords cut through Tohaa armour as if there was not, but at the end, the Japane meege victorious claiming a moral victory.

This being said, and as this is the last report for the campaing, I want to thank all mi friends that have the Patience to play with me and made all of this possible:

Madre Superiora Judas del Perpetuo Socorro
Sir Coke

During the campaign I learned not only about PanO, Yu Jing, Aridna and Normas, but also learn a lot about my army.

This humble servant will not retreat and wait for the results, but proud of all the achivements, points and reports I was able to have. But specially proud of the good games played.

Taking leave until new order.

Commander 9th Scout Triad Force Sub Region Paradiso

The left Flank
The Middle
Enemies at the right flank
Domaru Fireteam
The Igao ambush the Domaru and kill two
The Igao gloriously died in CC
Triads in the MIddle
enemy nearby
Last breath of the Igao

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Yu Jing