Strikezone: Wotan

The Infinity Global Campaign

We meet again

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VS PanOceania


The Battleground
The Tohaa deployment zone


++To: Tohaa Local Supreme Command++
++From: 9th Scout Triad Force Sub Region Paradiso++

+++Result: Vengance


Back at the Daraani ship the Scouts got intel about a PanO force trying to board the ship. Intel showed some images and names that were familiar to the 9th Scout Triad. It was time for vengeance.

The enemy got the initiative but all the Tohaas hide away. The Kosuil and a Makaul got hit a a heavy rocket launcher but was more a mistake than anything else. But with so many people trying to board the ship, not all were able to scape the virus… and the death toll took 4 of them, even the medic and one of the Sergeants of the fireteam.

The Tohaa began and the Igao, trying to redeem, infiltrated and also moved close enough to shot and kill one of the Sergeants Fireteam member (the one with the Rocket Launcher). Then was killed by the Father Knight, but he managed to take him out of cover.

Neema moved and caught the Father Knight with no cover, shot and altought the Knight resisted to die… the venomous bullets of the Breaker combi killed the knight.

The virus took the chaksas lifes. The Tohaa troops gather in one group and the Taqeul used his Spitfire against a Dominic Monk killing him on the spot.

With few troops lets, the knight were surrounded and at the last moment without a Lieuteant… fate was sealed for PanO and revenge was taken.

Ready for next mission

Commander 9th Scout Triad Force Sub Region Paradiso

The left Flank
Advancing in the middle
Controlling the Area

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