Strikezone: Wotan

The Infinity Global Campaign

Defend the ship

VS Yu Jing

Defend the Ship

The Battleground
The Tohaa deployment zone


++To: Tohaa Local Supreme Command++
++From: 9th Scout Triad Force Sub Region Paradiso++

+++Result: Ship Cleansed


Obeying orders of the of the High Command, after a series of hit and run attacks on the Raxora CA ship, the 9th Scout Triad was deployed on our mother ship. Veterans of the Wotan Campaign, the troops performance was as expected, disciplined, efficient and deadly.

Knowing n advance that the Yu Jing would come for vengance, the Tohaa troops waited patiently and look the humans moved forward escaping the biovore. All of a sudden the troops moved and attack. The Igao, that has been always a dissapointment managed to infiltrate and then killed some enemies.
The Rasail, stoic and aggressive as usual, moved forward and also took down all the other enemies at the room. Even a Rui Shi failed to wound the Boarding Team.

On the left flank the Taqeul moved quietly with his triad and got a safe place beyond the biovore zone.

Neema moved and tried to kill the Rui Shi, but got wounded. The Other Sukeul tried to marc a Xian Shi but got wounded instead.

The enemy was then stoped and couldn’t make it out of the biovore zone. The virus killed the medic and the engineer, also wounded one of the IPs. But also the virus took all of the Chaksa servants.
The Kosuil moved and hunted the Terracota Warrior, that was the Yu Jing Lieutenant, damaging the capacity of the humans to do something the last turn. At the end it was a close victory, but enough to protect the ship

Ready for next mission

Commander 9th Scout Triad Force Sub Region Paradiso

Neema, Sukeul and Makaul at the right Flank
Yu jing terracota warrior and engineer runnig for their lifes!
Neema trying to kill the Rui Shi
The end of the Battle

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