Strikezone: Wotan

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VS Yu Jing
Nomad team
Yu Jing forces

The Server Time Out Shortened Version

We decided to get one more game of Wotan today before all the fun was over. This was my second time playing KaNife, but not my first against Yu Jing. Actually all my games seem to have been against Yu Jing. This one was really fun and quite the nail-biter with lots of times where it was pretty unclear who was in the lead.

I've been trying to add pictures and stuff and I keep getting timed out. Sorry for the lack of good fluff here but it really was a super fun game. My Daktari swung the stale mate by taking having sole contact with one of the consoles.

Daktari does her thing.

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  • Nazroth says:

    Hey brother – you won a prize in I AM NOMAD – GIVEAWAY CAMPAIGN, please visit Briefing Room to see how to contact me and pick it up.

  • DFlynSqrl says:

    Thanks, I appreciate it. I really wanted to do a good job on this final report and had taken a ton of pictures, but it seemed just about impossible to do a report last night. 🙁 It was fun though. There was some other highlights, like a sniper battle and a melee with my Spektr and a Ninja.

  • AikasMX says:

    Excellent miniatures, sad that the campaign is over so I can’t rate your report. And yeah, we like when Daktari does her things xD