Strikezone: Wotan

The Infinity Global Campaign

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Game 2 today.
Played supplies.

Opponent won the wip roll and chose to go first.
My list.
Grey vol link
Wulver shotgun
Mormaer lt t2

Turn 1.
My mymidon link with ajax ran up my left flank. They secured their supplies and moved forward with chain rifles on the door setting up bad aros for me. He then opened up the door on my right side and put his age ma mk12s in supression...

My turn
So my opponent didn't kill anything but he put me in a real bad spot... I couldn't engage the enemy without putting the hurt on me. My grey vol link moved up and took the mid supply cache. The vols set up aro on the door if the mymidon wanted to come through. Wulver ran up and spec fired on the age ma. 4 orders later dead age ma. Last order my Mormaer moved up the right flank towards the supply.

Mymidons threw smoke and pushed through the door. Two members of the link swarmed me. I took the hits from the active and killed the non active member. I got crit once and went dogged. My opponent attacked again... he was critting on 16s... he rolls a 13... and I crit... on a 15... rough for my opponent. Rest of his turn was positioning his spitfire and ajax if I went through the door.

My turn 2.
Wulver through smoke to protect my 3 man link left surviving. They ran up the right flank to get the now uncontested supply cache. I made it to the supplies but could not secure it. I spent an order putting the wulver in the path of ajax and my Mormaer in cover to protect my vols.

Ajax then ran up.. he killed my wulver. Fortunately I put him in nwi in response. Ajax had to kill my link to win. Mormaer ended up killing ajax however and I was left free to get the 2nd supply cache.

Game ended with my opponent only having a thorakitai. 1 supply to 2 to me.

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