Strikezone: Wotan

The Infinity Global Campaign

OPERATION: Doureios Ippos - taking the fight to the heart of Ariadna

VS PanOceania

OPERATION: Doureios Ippos - taking the fight to the heart of Ariadna

This is the last push for the TSD Module. Forces need replenishing, new batteries and ammo. (and some sleep)


We played on the same table again, but now i wanted to try and play as PanO for once. (wanted to see if i can pull a win against my own army list....boy was i wrong)

The Game

PanOceania Turn 1

Aquila Guard forms a Spearhead with the other 3 Fusiliers. He opens the door and advances. This hapens again. Aquila Guard opens second door and opens fire on Dakini tack bot and proxy MK5, Dakini enters Unconscius -2. Aquila gaurd shot at Proxy MK5 but got critted.

Camo marker moves up to reinforce the 2 Fusilier Paramedics.
Another camo marker moves up into the ramen shop.

Aleph Turn 1

Proxy MK1 opens the door, opens the tech-coffin, drops the supply box once, but then manages to pick it up.
Proxy MK2 forms a Spearhead with Danavas and 2 Dakini Tacbots and advance on the midfield.

Proxy MK2 manages to kill 1 of the Fusiliers and incapacitates the second. The revealed Hexa hacker that attempted to ARO is now in plain sight.

Proxy MK2 proceed to shoot her with the Nanopulsor and incapacitates her and the Proxy is fine.

PanOceania Turn 2

Aquila Guard manages to incapacitate the Proxy MK5. He then opens the tech-coffin and succeesfully takes the Suply box and sets up defensively.

Aleph Turn 2
The Proxy MK2 then moves on the other Hexa that attempted a discover on her earlier. she drops him dead as well. She enters the Ramen Shop and then proceed to kill both the Fusilier and the Aquila Guard.

The game ends here because PanOceania has no more troops.


Aleph - 6
PanOceania - 0

Aleph remaining points - 110
PanOceania remaining points - 0

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