Strikezone: Wotan

The Infinity Global Campaign


VS PanOceania

Operation: Doureios Ippos - Seeking control of the TSD Module

The operation continues to flourish and Aleph is taking root in the TSD Module.


Me and Swifty managed to go to Timisoara and play there for a day. Bigger tables, proffesional terrain, music, all the works.

We had a lot of fun.

The Game

PanO Turn 1
Aquila Guard advances.
Fusiliers advance as well.
Camo Marker reveals and advances in front of the Aquila Guard.

Aleph Turn 1
Proxy MK1 makes a Spearhead with 1 Dakini tacbot, Myrmidon Officer and a another Dakini Tacbot to move up.
Proxy MK1 opens the tech-coffin and takes 2 turns to pick up the Supply box.
Danavas moves up, the camo marker does not react. Shee shoots a ăitcher next to the Aquila Guard, the marker does not react.
She then moves back with a Spearhead together with a Dakini Tacbot, Lamedh Rebot and Proxy MK 1 around the table.
Proxy MK2 reveals and shoots at Hexa hacker and Aquila guard, but achieves nothing.
Myrmidon Officer uses her LT order to shoot at Aquila guard and Hexa, but shrugs off all shots.

PanO Turn 2
Fusiliers advance.
Second marker reveals and moves up close to the Fusiliers.
Fusilier FO opens the door and opens fire on Proxy MK1 and Dakini Tacbot and inflicts 1 wound on Proxy MK1 and makes her go into NWI.
Other fusilier shoots at the Dakini Tacbot and incapacitates it.
Fusilier FO does another crit and kills the Proxy MK1.
Aquila Guard shoots the pitcher and shrughs off the Danavas hack.

Aleph Turn 2
Mrymidon Officer throws smoke.
Myrmidon Officer uses a Spearhead manuever and advances with Dakini Tacbot, Proxy MK5 and Proxy MK2.
Proxy MK5 opened the tech-coffin and picked up the Supply box.
Danavas failed to set down a Pitcher and looses all of her deployables.
Myrmidon Officer jumps into close combat with Hexa Hacker and incapacitates her, the other 2 models missing. Next she jumps to fight the Aquila Guard.
Proxy MK2 then goes thorugh the Ramen shop an flanks the 2 Fusiliers and the camo marker. Camo marker doesn't react and the Proxy manages to incapacitate one of the Fusiliers. The Fusilier FO manages to survive and change facing.

PanO Turn 3
Hexa revealns and hides behind cover together with the Fusilier in a spearhead manuever. Hexa manages to wound the Proxy, but the proxy incapacitated the Fusilier, choosing to tank the Hexa's shots. Hexa the advances with haste and picks up the dropped supply box.

Aleph Turn 3
Myrmidon Officer clashes swords with the Aquila guard, but is faster and stabs the Aquila.
She then jumps on the Fusilier Paramedic and lands a crit on him.
Dakini Tacbot advances and opens the middle tech-coffin and picks up the supply box.
With the last order, Dakini Tacbot closest to the Hexa advances on him, but falls to the ground to the Hexa's bullets.
Danavas tries to shoot the Hexa and lands a crit on him, thus dropping the supply box.


Aleph – 7
PanO – 0

Aleph remaining points – 110
PanO remaining points - 0

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