Strikezone: Wotan

The Infinity Global Campaign

OPERATION: Doureios Ippos - Aleph assault on the TSD

VS PanOceania

TSD Module under assault

This the report of the continued assault on the TSD Module.

Lhost Darkilian reporting. Over and out.


The Game

PanO Turn 1
Aquila guard advances to a better position.
Fusilier FO runs up and hides behina crate and deploys a repeater.
Fusilier paramedic gets up and advances to Aquilas lat position.
Camo marker reveals and moves close to the Aquila guard.

Aleph Turn 1
Danavas gets on her feet and moves carefully towards the edge to not be seen by the Aquila Guard. Shoots a pitcher perfectly. She then goes prone and starts hacking at the Aquila Guard. The Hexa hacker has no courage to interfere on Danas active turn, because she knows shell be hunted down.
Danavas ,anages to Immobilize the Aquila Guard and opens up opportunities for thr Proxy MK2 with Boarding ahotgun that reveals to make friends with the enemy Hexa.
Proxy MK2 opens fire on the Hexa, but nothing happens for 2 turns. In the third turn, shots go through and the Hexa falls Unconscious and the Aquila Guard after him. Unlucky rolls.
Proxy MK5 advances and shoots at the oposing Fusilier, but she manages to dodge.
Myrmidon Officer and Proxy MK5 manuever to get in better positions.
Proxy MK2 activates camo.

PanO Turn 2
PanO uses 3 Command tokens to make them Regular.
Camo marker reveals, advances and hides besides the enemy HVT.
Fusilier FO uses Forward Observer on Proxy MK5 and lands a critical hit.
PanOceania achieve Telemetry.
Fusilier FO opens fire on the Proxy MK5 and wounds it into NWI. This repeats, but this time the Proxy uses the Nanopulsor. Proxy dies and Fusilier falls unconscious.
Fusilier Paramedic opens fire on the Myrmidon and lands a solid wound.

Aleph Turn 2
Dakini Tacbot advances and heals the Myrmidon Officer.
Myrmidon officer forms a Spearhead with 2 Dakini and Proxy MK1 and advance.
Myrmidon officer forms a Spearhead again and they position themselves on the tech-coffins.
Myrmidon officer opens the chest, but fumbles to pick up the Supply box. Manages to pick it up.
Myrmidon officer forms a Spearhead again to retreat with the Supply box. Dakini Tacbot has been Imobilized-1 by the hidden Hexa Hacker.
With the final command token, 2 Dakini Tacbots, Proxy MK1 and Myrmidon Officer go into Supressive Fire.

PanO Turn 3
Hexa Hacker cloaks, evades the Danavas hack. Moves towards tech-coffin, enemies delay, but she does not reveal. She reveals to shoot and the Proxy MK2 shoots back. Shemanages to drive the Proxy into NWI.

Aleph Turn 3
Danavas gets up and launches a Pitcher so that she can get in range of the Hexa Hacker. She performs a Maestro on the Hexa and leaves her Unconscious.
Dakini Tacbot Paramedic moves towards the tech-coffin, opens it and gets the Supply box.
Next, the Proxy MK1 goes to the Tech coffin and gets the Supply box as well.
With the last order, Danavas manages to put a spotlight on the HVT.
Aleph achieve HVT: Espionage.


ALEPH – 10
PanOceania – 1
Aleph Remaining points – 140
PanOceania remaining points - 24

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