Strikezone: Wotan

The Infinity Global Campaign

Operation: Doureios Ippos - Escalation

VS PanOceania

Operation: Doureios Ippos - Escalation

We continue our assault on the TSD Module.
O-12 has given us green light to use lethal force.

Escalation is full on green.


The Game

PanO Turn 1
Deva Functionary advances on a high ground position.
Bolt Linkteam advances like crazy across the table, and get shot at my a Proxy MK1, but the ARM saves the Link Leader.
He them proceeds to shoot at the Proxy MK1 and does 1 damage, sending her in NWI, and fails her guts roll.
Link Leader attempts to open the tech-coffin, but fails.
Tries again and succeeds, and even succeeds to pick up the supply box. They retreat to cover and set up for overlapping ARO.

Aleph Turn 1
Myrmidon Officer, still prone, attempts to throw smoke over the edge in Speculative Fire. First time she misses, but the second time she succeeds.
Proxy MK3 gets on her feet and goes to cover but is caught out of cover while doing so and is shot at by 1 Bolt Paramedic and the Deva Functionary. Proxy MK3 spreads her shots evenly and kills the Deva Functionary, whilst the Bolt manages to hit the Proxy MK3, but she saves the ARM roll.
Proxy MK goes all out on the Bolt and incapacitates him. He then drops the Supply box.
Danavas gets up and shoots a Pitcher over her enemies.
Atalanta comes from behind the crate and opens fire on the 2 remaining Bolts, killing 1 and incapacitating the other.
With the last order, Asura forms a Spearhead with Myrmidon, Danavas and Proxy MK5 and advance toward the objectives.

PanO Turn 2
Camo marker reveals and moves up. Atalanta and Proxy MK3 declare delay and the marker sits still.
Aquila Guard with HMG popped out of cover, confident in his Burst that he could take out the Proxy MK3, but 2 turns of shooting spelled his demise when was truck unconscious by the Proxys shots.
In a desperate attempt to kill the Proxy, the Hexa Sniper revealed and goes all out on the Proxy MK3, but the Proxy saved all of the shots. In turn Atalanta kills the Hexa Sniper with 2 bad saves from PanO.
Another Camo marker appears and goes to high ground.
Aqulia Guard with Multi Rifle opens fire on the Proxy MK3 and wounds her, she fails her Guts roll and goes prone. He then goes back into deep cover.

Aleph Turn 2
Ajax advances.
Proxy MK5 goes up to the tech-coffin and fails to open it. Tries again and manages to even take the Supply box as well and hide behind cover.
Asura goes up to the tech-coffin and fails 3 times till she manages to open it and get the Supply box.
Myrmidon Officer declares a Spearhead and goes for the dropped Supply box, while Ajax advances even more, Asura hides behind cover and a Lamedh Rebot moves up the table.
Myrmidon Officer declares a Spearhead again and hides behind cover as well, Ajax advances, Daleth Rebot moves up as well and Daavas retreats to better cover.

PanO Turn 3
Aquila Guard shoots and kills Ajax in 2 turns of firefight.
Hexa KHD reveals and shoots at Asura, who makes 2 succesful ARM saves.

Aleph Turn 3
At this point we knew the game is over and we ended it here.

endgame recap

PanOceania - 0
No Classified Objectives have been achieved on either side.

ALEPH remaining points - 261
PanOceania remaining points - 107

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