Strikezone: Wotan

The Infinity Global Campaign

Operation: Doureios Ippos

VS PanOceania

Operation: Doureios Ippos

Seeying the actions of the Ariadnan Defence force, it has been decided, in conjuncture with the O-12, to take actions against these transgresions over the past days.

Operation: Doureios Ippos has been initiated.

Armies and Deployment

The table, the armies and the tech-coffins

PanOceania Turn 1

Bolt linkteam advances and manage to dodge a incoming shot prom the Proxy MK3.
Deva Functionary advances fully.
Hexa sniper reverals and shoots at Atalanta, but is in turn shot down.
Fusilier Paramedic forms a Spearhead together with both Aquila Guard and other Fusilier. They advance. This repeats so that Aquila can get in good positions.
Aquila with HMG declares a Spearhead for mass Supressive Fire on himself, the other Aquila, regular Fusilier and Deva Functionary.


Ajax runs up with frenzy in his eyes and gets into position to shoot at one of the Bolts that happens to be the Team Leader. He knocks her Unconscious and breaks the Linkteam.
Next, the Myrmidon Officer throws smoke for Atalanta to maneuver around.
Atalanta advances carefully, through the smoke, even though at low-medium range she fires and manages to kill the Deva totaly.
Dakini Tacbot forms a Spearhead with the other REMs and advance.
Through the well positioned Lamedh Rebot, Danavas attempts to hack at the Aquila with HMG, trying to Isolate him, but his BTS is to strong. She tries again, but this time uses Gotcha! And lands a critical hit and Imobilizes him.
Proxy MK3 runs up for the perfect shot and drops him Unconscious. The PanOceania LT is down.
Danavas then improves the Dakinis aim giving him Marksmanshil LV2.

PanOceania Turn 2

Next LT is the Fusilier.
Fusilier Paramedic manages to revive the Hexa Sniper.
Bolt Paramedic rivives the other Paramedic. Bolt Linkteam is re-established. She then gets up and shots at Ajax, managing to inflict 1 wound.
Fusilier goes into Supressive fire.
Aquila with HMG steps over his buddys body to shoot the Proxy MK3. He manages to inflict 1 wound. Proxy fails Guts Roll and goes prone.
Hexa KHD moves up to hack through the Lamedh Rebot into Danavas, but Danavas uses Breakwater effectively and cancels his hack.


Ajax advances and incapacitates the Bolt ink Leader again and the second Bolt saves ARM. Ajax moves up again and shoots at the 2 remaining Bolts, incapacitating the Paramedic and killing the Hacker.
Danavas goes into hacker wars witht the KHD Hexa, and after 2 turn, manages to pull off a Maestro on him.
Next, the Asura moves out in the open and kills the Fusilier with immense luck.
Dakini Tacbot forms a Spearhead with Proxy MK5, Asura, and Daketh Rebot to advance fully towards the Tech-Coffins.
Asura forms another Spearhead, but now replaces the Daleth for the Lamedh so that she cand climb the ladder. Dakini tacbot and Proxy MK5 are in position to open the Tech-Coffins. Asura opens fire on the HMG Aquila and she gets shot, but saves the hit.
Ajax goes Berserk and jumps into CC with the Aquila. Ajax lands a crit and the Aquila is obliterated by his hammer.
Asura walks up to the Tech-Coffin and has no problem opening it and extracting the Suply box.
Next the Proxy MK5 opens and collectx the Suply box.
PanO is in Retreat state and the game ends.


PanOceania – 0
ALEPH remaining points – 300
PanOceania remaining points - 44

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