Strikezone: Wotan

The Infinity Global Campaign

Wotan legation - Zayin the Crit-Meister

VS PanOceania

Intervention Time

With the appearence of the E.I.'s Raxora ship on the horizon, everything freezes in time and bitter rivalries turn to comradery to save the Human Sphere.

We may squable and fight amongst each other, but when we face extinction, we are like brothers.

With PanOceanian forces concentrated on fighting the alien menace, the job of the lesser factions are to support in any way possible the war effort.
But Ariadnan troop look like they want to profit from this turn of events and start attacking evryone like it's their property.

ALEPH special operatives forces have been sent across the Wotan blockade to analyse the situation of the Blockade covertly. It is not Aleph's duty to do atrittion. We are the slithering spear-like snake that attacks where is more efficient and optimal for the betterment of the Human Sphere.

Our task for now is to lay low and do recon every place possible to defend against sepsistorizing frequencies or wave-forms.

Lhost Darkilian, signing out. Let the missions commence.

Armies and Deployment

PanOceania Turn 1

Swiss Guard reveal and opens fire at Marut. Guns it down in 2 turns.
Squalo attempts 5 turns to destroy the Zayin Rebot but they trade shots that get saved.
Aquila with Multi Rifle advances while attempting to dodge the Zayin Rebots shots, fails but he is saved by ARM. Goes close to the Console.
TO: Camo marker reveal and advances toward the enemy side, but does not reveal.
Aquila Guard declares a Spearhead and together with Squalo, Aquila with HMG and Fusilier FO go into Suppresive fire.


Sophotect revives the Marut. Marut takes 2 turns of shooting and incapacitates the Swiss Guard.
Myrmidon Officer advances and lais down smoke for the marut 2 times. Marut takes advantage of the smoke and shoots at the Squalo unhindered, but after only 4 turns and 1 crit, does the Squalo go Unconscious. Marut moves away from sight.
Myrmidon Officer repositions herself.

PanOceania Turn 2

Machinist revives Squalo in one go.
Squalo proceed to shoot at Zayin rebot, nothing. Tries again, gets critted by the rebot. Aquila Guard tries to shoot at the Zayin Rebot, 1 hit touches the Aquila, but it is saved. They shoot at eachother again, Zayin Rebot makes 2 ARM saves. He tries again, but gets a crit to the face and hides.
Machinist revives the Squalo again.
Aquila LT tries to shoot at the Zayin Rebot, but rolls poorly and gets wounded once.

Zayin - the CRIT MEISTER (proxy still)


Asura gets on her feet and kills the Aquila LT.
Marut advances and sets ablaze the Auzbot, Palbot, Fusilier FO and Squalo. All fail to dodge. Fusiliers and Palbot burn to a crisp. Auxbot and Squalo armor holds.
Marut retreats and opens fire on the Auxbot and Squalo. The Marut brushes off the fire, but gets hit by Squalos more faster shot and drives the Marut into Unconscious-2.
Asura shoots the Squalo back down.
Sophotect with the yudbot advances to heal the Marut and succeed after a re-roll.
Myrmidon Officer, Proxy MK5, Myrmidon and Dakini Tacbot for a Spearhead and move up the table to take more control.

PanOceania Turn 3

Aquila Guard opens fire on the Sophotect, Asura and Zayin Rebot, manages to inflict 1 wound on the Sophotect and the Asura, but gets shot down by the Zayin.
Hexa KHD Hacker takes advantage of the Maruts back turned to him and shoots it down, and protects against Danavas hack attack, Myrmidon Officer turns to face the noise. Hexa tries to hack the Danavas, but she hack-fud him good.
The other Hexa hacker reveal and opens fire upon the Proxy MK5 and Myrmidon Officer, manages to wound the Proxy MK5, putting him in NWI. Tries again, but is shot by the Myrmidon.


Myrmidon advances on the console.
Sophotect heals up the Marut and the advances on the farthest console.
Myrmidon gets on the console, but the Aleph player remebers that only specialist troops can hold consoles.
Danavas goes to hold the myrmidons console.
Dakini tacbot sits on the console and this is the end of the game.
Proxy MK2 reveals and goes to aid the Danavas in protecting the console.


Aleph – 10
PanOceania – 0

Aleph remaining points – 400p
PanOceania remaining points – 104p

End game table

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