Strikezone: Wotan

The Infinity Global Campaign

Negotiations gone wrong

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VS Haqqislam


On board the Baijing Consulate, negotiations between Haqqislam and Nomad natioons, all under the supervision of Aleph specialized security, are about to begin, when all of the sudden explosions and distant gunfire start to echo the hallways.

Everybody uneasy from the events that just happened, start to draw guns on each other and open fire...this has turned into a bloodbath.

A bloodbath maybe orchestrated by the real ALIVE Group...


Chaos deployment
Pictures for deployment
3 way battle

Turn 1 - ALEPH

As firefights start raging across the entire diplomatic quarter of Illik, Alatanta found herself in a situation where she shoots at Saladin, hitting him across the armoring, but Saladin survives. She fires again, Saladin saves all the shots. She then signals to a Thorakitai soldier posted with her to open fire.
Torakitai does just that hesitating a bit, Saladin picks up on it and sets his pace faster, hitting back the Torakitai, who tanks the shot like a boss.
Torakitai shoots again, landing a criticsl hit and wounds Saladin 2 more times. Saladin got the police takedown and now is dead... until next time.
Haqqislam declares Zayedan as the new LT.
Proxy MK1 advances and ignores a dodging servo-bot.
She proceeds to open the door, where aTaskmaster and Kawarij happen to shoot back, but nothing happened and all survive. A unsespecting barid is saved by his armor and changes facing towards the threat.
Danavas advances, barid shoots, Khavarij dodges, Servo-bot engages. All miss, but servo-bot engages Danavas in CQC.
The Thorakitai, at Atalanta's order, advances, opens door, a frightened moderator shoots at her, but armor saves the day.
Atalanta kills the moderator who so happens to be the Nomad LT.
New Nomad LT is tje Taskmaster.
Asura LT retreats to cover but attracts all the shooting of the enemies in the area. She shoots at the Taskmaster and Zayedan. Gets a hit on the taskmaster, but the Zayedan saves. Asura LT dies to greater Haqqislam fire.
New LT is Atalanta.

Turn 1 - Haqqislam

Seckban crits the Taskmaster.
Next Nomad LT is the Mobile Brigada.
Govad hacker wounds the Mobile Brigada next to him like a jerk.
Ayyar starts the fun, Proxy MK5 throws E/M grenade and misses. 2 shots hit the MK5, killing it.
Govad hacker wounds the Mobile Brigada again, nothing happened.
IMP Fiday moves next to myrmidon officer, she delays...and they stand still.
Azrail opens fire in Penthesilea, Grenzer reacts but misses, Penthesilea dies.
Ayyar shoots at the Daktari and kills her, her servo-bot deactivates.
Djanbazan shoots dead the Lamedh rebot.
Fiday locks in CC with Myrmidon officer and the remain there.
Zhayedan shoots at Mobile Brigada, but he misses.
Mobile Brigada goes prone.

Turn 1 - Nomads

Mobile Brigada comes up and opens the door on the fighting Fiday and Myrmidon Officer. They both fail to dodge, but both make 20 armor saves. Repeats, Fiday burns to a crisp and Myrmidon Officer manages to ARM save. ODD is burnt.
Grenzer shoots at Azrail, but nothing happenes. Again, Azrail hits, but Grenzer saves.
Mobile Brigada shoots at Myrmidon Officer, Myrmidon tries a smoke dodge, fails, gets hit by shock. Saved. Repeat move. Yep, repeat alright.
Grenzer shoots at Azrail again, but nothing happens again.

Turn 2 - ALEPH

Atalanta kills the Djanbazan out in the open. Proxy Mk3 shoots Reverend Healer. Healer goes down.
Proxy Mk3 advances. Takes down Barid Hacker (also shoots Zhayedan but his ARM saves). Shoots again and kills Zhayedan.
Ayyar is the new LT.
Myrmidon tries to use smoke (yes) and gets in CC with the Mobile Brigada. MB dodges out of the smoke. Myrmidon charges out of smoke and took a crit from MB, she entered NWI.

Turn 2 - Haqqislam

Azrail shoots at Grenzer and kills him. Danavas uses Oblivion through Daleth rebot and isolates the Azrail.
Govad shotguns the Mobile Brigada hacker, but she saves it. This happenes again, butn now the Mobile Brigada falls unconscious
Govad hacker shoots the netrod, and it goes down, no more wi-fi for the Aleph.
Turn-2- Nomads
Azrail discovers a moving Intruder. Intruder moves again, Azrail shoots, but ARM saved.
Intruder fights with Ayyar, kills the intruder, but Ayyar takes 1 wound from Flamethrower.

Turn 2 - Nomads

Azrail discovers a moving Intruder. Intruder moves again, Azrail shoots, but ARM saved.
Intruder fights with Ayyar, kills the intruder, but Ayyar takes 1 wound from Flamethrower.Moderator shoots the Seckban, and incapacitates the Seckban.
Mobile Brigada CC with Myrmidon Officer, and the Myrmidon Officer inflicts 1 wound on the Mobile Brigada.

Turn 3 - Aleph

Thorakitai advances to the door near the Azrail (he turns around hearing a sound). Myrmidon and MB fight, with the MB going down. Moderator next Nomad LT. Proxy Mk.3 advances, shoots Govad hacker. He goes down. She then takes down the khawarij. Proxy Mk1 shoots Spektr, he shoots back. He dies. Mk1 then shoots moderator. Crits the moderator. He dies. Torakitai opens door, shoots at Azrail, nothing happens.

Turn 3 - Haqqislam

Azrail shoots at the Thorakitai, but the Thorakitai saves.
Ayyar. Advances, but sees nothing to shoot.

Turn 3 - Nomads

At this point, all Nomad soldiers have died.

endgame recap

Aleph killed LT-5
Haqq killed LT-2
Nomads killed LT-0

Aleph remaining points – 173
Haqq remaining points – 80
Nomads remaining points – 0

Army points killed:
Aleph – 271
Haqq – 321
Nomads – 55

Lhost Darkilian - the Aiodos

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