Strikezone: Wotan

The Infinity Global Campaign

Yu-Jing vs USAriadna

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Yu Jing
VS Ariadna
Commander Apeus

"Alright you lot, fall In. Command said we've gotta push up and secure the data-vaults. they're on your HUD, here, here and... there." He gestured with the image overlay before nodding at each member of the mission as the dropship neared the DZ. "We'll take the right flank, Alpha squad takes the left flank. Everyone else, spread out and look for targets of opportunity. Intel is light, REM overpasses show a pretty mobile USAriadna contingent en-route, they've got the drop on us so we're going to have to hit the ground running. Check chambers, kick the safety and get gunning. Lets show these backwater cowboys how a real military fights!"

The ramp hit the deck with a satisfying thunk and like a well oiled machine, the soldiers scrambled for postions, clearing corners and covering for team mates.
The keisotsu team, mushashi, the oniwaban and the aragoto all pushed the left flank whilst the Domaru duo, doctor held the right and the raiden gave overall fire support from a central rooftop.

"Enemy Sighted! Tacnet updating as I speak...We've got...Two fast movers inbound, left flank. Fire support behind them, small team covering their six. Right flank we've got infantry teams, looking like they're bringing the big guns. Keep your eyes peeled, got some concealed movers tripping the sensors but no visuals as yet..."

Turn one, First up was JSA.

Aragoto advances with impetuous move to what looked like the edge of chain rifle range of the opposing desperados, it wasn't and she was peppered with shrapnel, though her shotgun mercilessly shredded one of the desperado whilst the other made his dodge!
The keisotsu team advance up the left flank and encounter a hardcase laying in wait in camo. He reveals to shoot and is torn apart by a fully linked B4 combi rifle. The remaining desperado pops smoke to prevent further skirmishes on the far left of the board. Sensing a moment of opportunity, the doc runs the Yaozao up to the HVT and innoculates it, making the most of the s1 to stay out of LOS of the overwatching Grunt HMG/Sniper team on the right flank.

"Excellent, Keep pushing!" The domaru rammed a clip into his chain rifle as a few speculative rounds rang out from the machine gunner who'd taken up residence on the roof of the building covering off the Domaru's line of advance. Fuck, they're making this difficult... he thought to himself as the Kempei confirmed that the central objective had been secured and the skirmisher guarding it had been dispatched. Casualty reports started coming in over tacnet, but at the moment, it was just the aragoto that registered from the JSA contingent.
T1 USAriadna;
Desperado charges forward and wounds miyamoto who goes into no wound incap and moves forward again to coup de grace the aragoto. Mushashi dodge engages as the keisotsu team open fire, overkilling hugely and leaving mushashi with his ass to the breeze. He's rapidly dismantled further by the Minuteman ap hmg who then takes out the repeater REM.

"We've got movement on the right flank, get a bead on it, we're pinned down!"

The unknown ranger advances up the right flank under covering fire of the Grunt HMG/Sniper nest and spends an age at the console, finally retrieving it and retreating to the safety of the Grunt's right flank stronghold.
The marauders advance to fill the void of the desperadoes, pointing guns at the left-most console where the keisotsu are ready to advance. They've left themselves open from one unexpected angle however...

Turn 2
"Fuck!" He bellowed into the comm-piece embedded in the helmet and commanded the raiden un-cloak and hammer the marauder team. He knew from the overlay from the REM overpasses that he'd get gunned down by the overwatching Grunt team but needs must and that left flank had to be held, they'd already lost the rightmost objective....

The Raiden follows orders and piles some blast templates into the maruader team who look horrible exposed from his angles. Some amazing dice dampen the damage but one of the marauders goes down and stays down whilst the others retreat toward cover.
The retaliation is brutal but amazing dice for me this time ensure the Raiden lives to fight another day and he fails guts and goes prone again.

"Get me some fire support over here, push this right flank!"

Keistosu boosts the Lu Duan who cleverly advances with his holoechoes before going down to a lucky crit from the grunt sniper, eating a bunch of orders for no gain in the process.

"Kempei, move up, secure that flank!!"

Urgin the team on, she doles out orders before checking chamber. She nudges the FO and gives a signal, holding her breath before two solid targeting locks appear in her HUD. Success!
Seeing the targeting locks engage, the Keisotsu toting the missile launcher then engaged, shredding the remaining marauders in a hail of shrapnel.
With fireworks erupting on his far left, the lieutenant encouraged the Raiden into the fray once more, targetting the AP-HMG minuteman covering the approach to the left flank. He was successful but the grunt firenest overcame his armour this time.
The USAriadnans had brought air-reserves, an airborne ranger deploying on each flank and going into supressive fire to end their turn.

Turn 3
After waiting an age, the Oniwaban advances in TO camo, silently maneuvering around the back of the airborne ranger's suppressive field and dispatches him in a flurry of monofiliment, leaving only a pile of parts as evidence of his life.

"Secure that console and fall back to the RVP, we're not braving that fortified positions today, we got what we came for"

With the path cleared, the Keisotsu team secured the leftmost objective without retaliation. Sensing the battle lost, the USAriadnans secured their position before falling back.

Ends 7-2 to JSA
207-144 JSA/USAriadna remaining points.

Overall a good showing by the keisotsu, we ran this as a bit of a learning game for my opponent as he's quite new to the system but he managed to totally ruin any chance I had of max points by securing his flank very well.

DZ from the left flank
Ariadna DZ
Aerial recon drone view

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Yu Jing