Strikezone: Wotan

The Infinity Global Campaign

Combat Drill on Indra-3

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As the chaos of the Wotan Blockade raged around the gate, the Qapu Khalqi still took the their job of protecting the human sphere from the incursion of the Combine forces as the first priority. Protecting the people of the Human Sphere was above the gains of the a few lightning raids in this hour of need. Once again the Haqqislam nation had to lead by example and display their military might without damaging the Human nation by running war games with Aleph to get the conversation back to how to prepare for the inevitable invasion coming through the gate.

The Aleph thought this was a good use and assigned Deva Aayush to run a series of training at INDRA-3 Echo Commodule that culminated in a full scale combat drill where non-lethal rounds and special additions to the armor to lock up soldiers who had received what Aleph’s calculations would be lethal damage to remove them from the games. The Aleph forces decided they play the attacking first and the Haqqislam would setup first and await the onslaught of forces while the goal was to capture communication beacons to keep communication lines open. This was based on tactics that the El AI used to try to remove Paradiso’s communication setup in the first wave of the attack.

Setup and deployment

The drill started, and the Aleph force surged forward to get a good position and capture the objective. Achilles thought his armor would protect him as he moved forward but quick shots from the Djanbazan range true and wounded the warrior. Undeterred by a simple fire Achilles pressed on but a Ghulam’s optical camo flashed revealing a Hafza wielding heavy rocket launcher that sent a volley of shots at the approaching hero putting him out of action and taking a nearby camouflaged unit out of action as well. The Aleph forces didn’t let this stop their stride and the ripple in the air towards an antenna let the Haqq forces know that there trouble brewing. The soldier dropped his camouflage and the Aleph forces set up defensive position and setup overwatch

The whine of turbines on the Yuan Yuan’s drop packs droned as the forces made combat drops deep behind Aleph lines. The space pirates prioritizing taking the enemy medical units to prevent them from bringing troops back online and with a quick pull of the trigger Sophotect Zara was out of the game. The next priority was to remove the AI’s ability to respond and take the AI beacons to give the forces a battlefield advantage. With that out of the way, the Sekban forces moved forward and Al’Hawwa hacker worked to take control of an antenna. Finally the Azra’il moved forward brandishing it’s AP HMG to ensure that it could damage the enemy heavy infantry and took cover behind a table that looked comically mismatched for his size.

The Aleph forces rallied under the losses and moved to take and hold antennas but with limited troops to cover couldn’t get more than 2 under control and couldn’t knock many of the Haqqislam troops. The Azri’il moved into position to control the Aleph HVT and the Sekbans forces moved their doctor up to capture the middle antenna.

With the simulation ended and Aleph announced to the forces that the Qapu Khalqi forces won the engagement. As the soldier's armor locks released, the various warriors got up and worked out muscle cramps and massaged bruises from the practice round. Before they could gather back up to go over the lessons of the day, a harrowing announcement rang over the speakers “Incoming Combine ship, report to your battle stations this is not a drill”. Hopefully, with a real threat, the forces of the human sphere could stand together as brothers to take out this incursion.

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