Strikezone: Wotan

The Infinity Global Campaign

Corregidor Heavy Response Team Strikes Back...against whoever happens to be nearby

VS Yu Jing

Lt. Galarreta’s had a pretty rough couple of weeks, and in her last two battles her squad has suffered some heavy losses. First being ambushed aboard the Don Peyote, she managed to repel the useless Pan O forces by sending wave after wave of her own men against them (truth be told it was the timely intervention by Zombie Bob and Rob the Gecko’s that saved the day).
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Following that her remaining troops were crushed under the mighty boot of the Combined Army as a Rodok Link Team wandered aboard the Don Peyote and transformed several of Galarreta’s squad members into a fine mist.
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So Galarreta’s had enough! She’s on break, and she gave Corregidor a ring to see if they could spare anyone.

Because if you have a problem.

If no one else can help.

And if you can find them (check the bar).

Maybe you can hire.

The… Let’s call them the C-Team… They’re usually your third choice.

Lt. ‘Hannibal’ Smythe Brigada with a MultiRifle

‘Face’ Peckleton Brigada with a MultiRifle

‘Howlin Compulsive’ Maddock Brigada with a Heavy Machine Gun

‘BA’ Baccus Brigada with a Missile Launcher

Um...additional Mobile Brigada with Multi Rifle… not so much a hacker




Intruder Daniels intruder with a heavy machine gun

'Red Shirt' Fake Lt. Alguacile

Table Layout:

We’d been playing super close quarters interiors, so we decided to spread it out a bit more. Isolated buildings, some catwalks, etc. Forgot to add sniper towers, but it turns out that was not essential for either of our strategies. Nomads won the initiative so we got to deploy first!

Nomad Deployment

I put out the Brigada Brigade basically dead center. They’re goal is to run up and claim the noodle shop in the name of delicious noodles. Capt. Smiles deploys on the Nomad Left just above fake Lt. Alguacile. Smiles will eerily watch to see if anyone pops out for his unholy Heavy Machine Gun.

My reserve troop is Intruder Daniels who posts up to cover the potentially incoming Scarface and Cordelia pair.

Yu Jing Deployment

The Yu Jing deploy in three groups. Scarface and Cordelia take the Nomad right side, while roughly center a Domaru Link team and the O Yoroi with Koala’s take the middle area. They look to soldier up to protect the Yu Jing HVT. Holed up on the Nomad right is a couple of cheap orders/the doctor that controls the two doctor bots that are hanging out with the Domaru team.

Turn One: Nomad Active Turn

Well due to the lack of tall sniper posts and the Yu Jing scum’s crafty deployment, I basically did not have enough orders to move shots up. I could have deployed the Geckos, but then they’d be overextended well past enemy lines and likely get shot up. So instead, I sent the Brigada’s in to foritfy the noodle shop and hold down the fort. Secondly the mysterious Corregidor Camo marker that didn’t infiltrate (yeah it’s an intruder...they’re always intruders) hops up onto the nearby hex building to cover C-Team. Now comes the dumb part. I completely forgot that suppressive fire breaks link teams, so C-Team all goes on suppressive...I feel really bad about that. Looked it up much later, but it was probably a game changer for us as I assumed they went suppressive AND kept the +1 burst...which makes suppressive links WAY too powerful. Anyway...that’s it for Nomad round one. Just some repositioning and preparing for incoming Yu Jing!

Round One: Yu Jing Active Turn

Here’s where it starts getting bloody! First things first the O-Yoroi steps out and takes a pot shot at Stig the Brigada...Stig makes the save though and actually puts two hits through on the O-Yoroi. My opponent reconsiders and starts moving up Scarface and Cordelia.

Scarface pops out and removes ‘Face’ Peckleton. If I remember correctly ‘BA’ Baccus completely whiffs the shot back. Shortly thereafter, Scarface turns the guns on ‘BA’ and she takes one in the shoulder. At some point in here I think Scarface also took a wound or two. Can’t remember completely. That said, the Domaru link comes out and finishes off ‘BA.’ The other three Brigada’s retreat a bit for better cover on the Lt and the Link Leader

Results of Round 1:

Nomads lost 79 points
Yu Jing lost 0 points, but did take 2 wounds on the O-Yoroi and 1-2 wounds on Scarface...can't remember.

Turn two: Nomad active Turn

Time for some damage! The Brigada link wakes up after illegally using Suppresive fire in a link team and proceeds to punch a hole in the Domaru Link Leader

Then it’s time for the Gecko’s to deploy in from the side. They both arrive and command token them into a link Duo. They proceed to move up and Bob pops the O-Yoroi using his Mk12. Intruder Daniels pops out listening to his favorite song which is ‘Top of the World’ by the Carpenters. I’ve decided I’m now adding some backstory lore to Intruders. They all have eerily cold dead eyes and they listen to love songs on repeat endlessly...They’re all completely terrifyingly creepy.

Finally we put a bunch of people on Suppressive including some illegally suppressing fire Geckos...damn I’m annoyed at myself for having forgotten that rule! It's the worst when you're playing a game with a friend and you screw up a rule that makes your life WAAAAAY easier.

Turn Two: Yu Jing Active Turn

I’m a little fuzzy on this turn. As I remember it my opponent spent a couple orders to move up the doctor’s minionbots. Who then healed up his Domaru. He then reformed the team back at 5 members. Unfortunately he then moved the link team towards the rear exit to start shooting down TAGs and Intruder Daniels KO’d the old team leader Domaru. Following that he swept them out past the O-Yoroi where Brigada Stig shot down another Domaru. Now on a 3 man link they hold position there. Unfortunately for Yu Jing the Nomads had pretty well bled them of orders. They took some pot shots at brigadas, but I don’t recall them landing much.

Score...can’t remember, but Yu Jing’s lost both TAGs and I think two Domaru’s

Turn Three: Nomad Active Turn

Nomads final turn… It’s a pretty interesting one. First off Intruder Daniels Heavy Machine Guns a Domaru from a safe distance. Then, because it’s not that fun to just have an intruder whittle down the opponents (because I’m a cheating A-hole that can’t remember suppressive fire rules), the Gecko’s activate and Rob manages to shoot a Domaru. Bob meanwhile activates next, and tries to shoot another Domaru, but manages to wind up engaged with the last Domaru in the link. So...uh… melee against a full health TAG...surely that’s a great idea right?! Turns out no...not such a good plan. Bob takes a gut punch with DA and loses two wounds… Fine! Rob’s the team leader now and he’s going to go shoot the Yu Jing support troops. He manages to put them both down as Bob takes his third wound and drops into a blissful nap.

After this we called the game. My opponent only had a couple orders left, split between two groups and just didn’t have much left to run with.

Final Score

Nomads 7 points 267 points of troops remaining
Yu Jing 2 points 90 points of troops remaining

Great game! Although I just feel like a complete jerk for screwing up the fireteam rules.

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