Strikezone: Wotan

The Infinity Global Campaign

MVZ: Most Valuable...Zhanshi?!

VS Yu Jing

Introducing our characters! Since I’m really starting to like the Nomad list I used last game, and this is a campaign. I think I’m going to try to stick mostly to the same list with some swap outs/casualties here and there, so it’s time for intros!

Lt. Reverend Custodier Nicola Galerreta

Sheila from Accounting and her three Pupniks

"Hot Rod" Tsyklon Sputnik Type B Feurbach

Felix Estavez Forward Observer Moran with Batman and Robin his Crazy Koalas

Neelix Vestavez Forward Observer Moran and his two Koalas Heckle and Jeckle

Capt. Smiles [name redacted] Intruder with a Sniper Rifle

Helen ‘Shut up I’ve already heard the joke a billion times and I hate you’ Catalan - Medic of the Hellcat persuasion

‘Salty’ Bob Turner the Gecko with Mk12 Rifle

Rob Jensen Gecko with 2 Combi Rifles

This mission he was ‘promoted’ to a shiny new to him and only slightly bloodstained Mk12 rifle!

Free Waterfall Spirit Animal Bot - Reaktion Bot with Heavy Machine Gun

Unfortunately due to a failure in logic circuit 6.34, Reaktion Zond designated S-5364 has maintained his vault door programming and upon encountering any vault doors will immediately attempt to open them and cling to the inside of the door. Without constant operator supervision S-5364 will find the nearest vault door, break it open (usually with it’s HMG) then climb the vault door to protect it, anyone that happens to open the vault after that happens…

Well...litigation is pending.

TWITCH! Reaktion Zond with Heavy Machine Gun

Casey Jericho - Alguacile Hacker

Jim ‘scarface’ Reynolds Alguacile with Rocket Launcher

Mission: Hunting Party at La Forga!

Initiative! The Nomads seized initiative. Since this mission would have benefits for going second, the nomads decided to choose deployment and table side. Electing to deploy second.

Table layout: Lots of interior space. Not much room for snipers. Weird roads on the ground for some reason. Probably best to ignore those. City planning aboard this particular space station could use some work.

Yu Jing Deployment

Yu Jing deploys in two groups. On the right side (according to the Nomads) 'That Damn Guija' now titled Lieutenant That Damn Guija deploys with an Engineer, Zhanshi, and a Hsien. On the left flank Su Jian, Palbot and [spoiler alert] MVZhanshi. The Yu Jing HVT Hangs out at the bar/officers club next to the pool table.

Nomad Deployment

Meanwhile the Nomad Military Forces spread themselves out a bit. Felix and Neelix the Moran Maasai with suspiciously similar names deployed on the Right and Left flanks respectively up close to the Antennas and guarding them with Koala hugs.

The Reaktion Bot deployed to high ground, so it could run up the ramp towards the tallest tower on the board and hopefully threaten everyone with HMG bursts. Sheila and the Pupniks (terrible band name) deployed indoors below the Reaktion Bot hoping to impetuous up and threaten the left Antenna. The Tsyklon deploys just outside the med lab so he's got options of climbing plus around the interior or going through the halls. Across the door from the Tsyklon, Casey Jericho, our back up Alguacile Hacker sets up shop to camp out and hopefully do useful things.

Speaking of the med lab Rob Jensen and his brand spanking old Mk12 that he 'borrowed' from the corpse of Salty Bob deployed carefully in cover in the med lab next to Lt. Galerreta

Lastly the Nomad HVT is actually a 40k Harlequin...totally forgot my normal HVT (Fusilier Angus...because no matter which army I'm playing Fusilier Angus is always captured and/or unconscious). So yes...weird colorful clown is the Nomads HVT for the day and deployed under the ever watchful gaze of the Tsyklon and the ReaktionBot

Yu Jing deploys its final model...which involves the Nomads turning around for its placement...Oh good...surprises...super...

Nomads final model is ALSO a surprise though as a Camo Marker deploys to the top of a tower. A creepily cheerful song can be heard faintly playing on repeat.

Turn One: Yu Jing Active Turn

Unfortunately for Yu Jing the dice have betrayed them...this is a trend which will continue in a bad way. A tiger soldier drops into the back field, only to be face shot by Free Waterfall Spirit Animal Bot the Reaktion zond. After that, since he was already short two orders from command token usage by the Nomads, the Yu Jing forces elected to reposition and prepare to take objectives next turn. They also sprint up a cheapo Zhanshi to give many hugs to Heckle and Jeckle the Crazy Koalas, clearing them out of the way for the Guija, and also clearing itself off of the field for the Nomads.

Turn one: Nomads Active Turn

The dice gods have looked favorably upon the Nomads for the majority of this game, and that starts right now.

Impetuous orders! The hungry hungry Uberfallkomando sprint up the field and throw some smoke! Because that’s kind of their thing!

First regular order, a Moran Maasai pops out and sneaks back in, to Forward Observe the Hsien. The Guija and the Hsien miss making for the first Nomad Objective Classified Objective complete!

Following that a Prone Camo token turned into Capt. Smileyface the sniper...who managed to completely miss firing his adhesive launcher as a surprise attack...On the next attack he hit! The Guija’s glued to the ground! MUAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Unbeknownst to Yu Jing, but knownst to the Nomads Helen Catalan jumps in behind the pillar then moves out to shoot the engineer right in the back...And completely misses...So the Hsien and the engineer turn around to greet Helen. Luckily she lands a hit on the engineer knocking her unconscious and through sheer rollinghighnumbers by Yu Jing she survives a face full of multi-rifle from the Hsien.

Finally Neelix the Moran Maasai moves up successfully presses a button on the antenna. Meanwhile on the opposite side of the board. Felix repositions his crazy Koalas such that Yu Jing will have to meet them if they want to activate anyone on that side.


Yu Jing has at this point been rolling AMAZING...if we were playing D&D and 20s were critical hits. Their forces have been really weakened unfortunately, but they press the attack! So a Sui Jian activates to move up then attempt to dodge twin Koalas…Once again...critical hit for D&D and the Sui Jian takes they Dynamic Duo of crazy koalas to the face. Sustaining one wound. The Zhanshi Forward Observer follows the Sui Jian in and proceeds to button press the other antenna. Securing the Left Flank antenna for Yu Jing.

Following that a mysterious Ninja appears from nowhere!...also immediately rolling a 20. That ninja also happens to be a killer hacking device ninja...

Oh and last but not least EVERYONE from Yu Jing is on supressing fire


Team Sheila from Accounting are on the hunt and they are once again hunting Sui Jian...Unfortunately Sheila met a shotgun in the face…

Next up: Unleash the Gecko! It’s time for Rob Jensen to show how a real Gecko Pilot moves a suit. He runs up the field avoiding firing lanes until he makes his target the Sui Jian. If he can put this monster down Yu Jing will be in retreat. He raises his brand spanking old and still a bit spattered in the blood of his former partner’s Mk12 and just pours orders straight out one end of the rifle and into the sink. He manages one hit on Sui Jian.

Finally in desperation to try something different the Moran Maasai FO formerly of Batman and Robin fame rounds the corner to try and shoot the Sui Jian in the back...he misses...because he's not such a pro...then gets a face full of shotgun courtesy of Sui Jian.


A very pissed off Su Jian gets out of the Gecko’s line of fire and Coup de Gras’ poor Sheila from Accounting. The pupniks have long since gone in search of delicious snacks and/or pizza. Classified point to Yu Jing!

Right after that, MVZhanshi manages to sneak out AND forward observe Rob Jensen’s useless Gecko.Yu Jing’s managed both classified objectives!

For some reason I spaced out on getting photos, so I've only got one this turn.


The Moran Neelix starts to run for the Yu Jing HVT in the hopes of Forward Observing for another classified...but what’s this!? He’s engaged to a Ninja!? I don’t see how that’s releva...Oh with a Ninja that has a CC 23 as compared to his CC14...No rings were exchanged, but she promptly uses her pistol to immobilize Neelix...If the game ends right’s Nomads 6 Yu Jing 5...hell of comeback after some devastating Turn One dice.

Well fine! It’s time for Custodier Galerreta to get to work! She moves up the field and launches a pitcher right next to that Ninja with the Killer Hacking Device! Then she plans to immobilize that jerk hacker with Gotcha! It doesn’t go well...Redrum leaves Lt. Galerreta Unconscious and with a massive migraine.

Alguacile Hacker Casey Jericho to the rescue! Using the same repeater Jericho manages to shut down and immobilize the Ninja Hacking Device and the Ninja using it!

Now that Maasai Neelix is not engaged he heroicishly resets from immobilized-1 then runs up the field a bit and observes the Yu Jing HVT. 2nd Nomad Classified is now complete!

Final Score:

Lieutenants hunted: Nomads 1 Yu Jing 0 - 4 pts to Nomads
Specialists hunted: Nomads 1 Yu Jing 0 - 2 pts to Nomads
Antennas activated: Nomads 1 Yu Jing 1 - 1 ea to Nomads and Yu Jing
Classified Objectives: Nomads 2 Yu Jing 2 - 2 ea to Nomads and Yu Jing

Nomads 9 Yu Jing 3

And a good game!

An Ode to Cap'n Smiles and his timely disabling of 'That Damn Guija'

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