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After a rough battle against two Pan O TAGs and the combined might of 1 Crate of… Sorry not Netrods. 1 Crate of Fusiliers. Our cast of Nomads is licking their wounds aboard the Don Peyote. So let’s get some intros and updates from our last episode of Lt. Galarreta’s squad of highly skilled [citation needed], competent [citation needed] military [citation needed] personel [ know I’m going to need a citation there too…]

Oh and for reference to the cast and their prior misadventures (and also priors as in criminal convictions)
1st Report:
2nd and Cast Intro:
3rd and most second recent:
4th and actually most recent:


Sheila resurrected (again) to accounting and back with the Pupniks




Twitch! Reaktion Zond with a heavy machine gun

Phil ‘deadeye’ Marsh - Spectre with a custom long barrel shotgun?

Off Mission Trooper Updates



Casey Jericho - Alguacile Hacker Extraordimediocre

Ph1llys - Lunokhod Sputnik with some tastefully unthemed koalas

‘Ol Clanky - Salyut Zond with total reaction Combi Rifle

Sam ‘Psycho’ Reyes - Spectre with Shotgun

Aboard the Don Peyote - Lt. Galarreta’s Quarters

Table Layout

This time the Don Peyote space ship is apparently in a rugged desert landscape. Totally normal and just fine. Again a heavily interior’d layout, but we did put up some more sniper towers and I tried to make sure there were multiple routes through the interior. Combined Army won initiative and chose to go first so I picked the table side that I happened to be on and told him to begin deployment.

Combined Army Deployment

I’m getting a bit nervous already...this is a 200 point all kill mission with one secondary objective and he’s sporting a Samaritan led link team with 4 Rodocks including an Assault Hacker. Spitfire Samaritan too...that is a looooot of guns. He backs up the clumped team of Rodocks with a Plasma Sniper and another troop...can’t remember which one as it was a proxy. I think it was a Nexus Special Op possibly. Not a ton of orders on the field, but that link team’s a monster and it’s efficient. Oh and for the Combined HVT we just used an Auxbot because I had one handy. It deployed on the far left flank.

Nomad Deployment

Turn One: Combined Army Active Turn

Yikes...similar to last game an auspicious start as order number one see’s Twitch falling to a burst of Plasma Sniper fire. Following that the superjumping Monkeys start doing some repositioning and shoot down the right flank Moran, disabling his two Koalas. At this point they have a single order left, so they take a pot shot at Lt. Galarreta and miss. Thank goodness! She pulls of a dodge and moves up towards the door eager to be out of LOS with the monkey’s

Turn One: Nomad Active Turn

I’ve got to get the Combined army hemoraging some orders and I also need to give them a clear and present danger (at least it seems like a good plan). So impetuous orders power the Uberfallkommando up the the field, then an irregular. They’re actually pretty close to the CA guy that’s stuck under their sniper’s position, so I spend a couple more orders moving up then pop Eclipse smoke on top of him. Sheila and the pupniks spring into action and just shred the crap out of the guy.

Turn Two: Combined Army Active Turn

Loss of Lieutenant?! WOOOOOOO! Oh...wait...Morats don’t care about that...not even a little… My opponent spends two command tokens and so the Samaritan and the sniper both have regular effectively he did not lose an Lt at all… And he’s running a link team, so it’s not like he’s running a bunch of coordinated orders… This is not so good. He manuevers the sniper to take a shot at the Pupniks. Sheila manages to pull of a smoke dodge that the Nomads desperately needed. From here the Combined Army manages to shoot Captain Chompypants the Pupnik and a great silence fills the battlefield. He wasn’t quite covered by smoke. Dumb me for just tossing the template out without checking. Combined then reposition around one of the towers to ARO me when we leave smoke.

Turn Two: Nomad Active Turn

IMPETUOUS OOOOOORDEEEEER! Run up and smoke dodge! CRITICAL! That was really really helpful. I needed that smoke dodge quite badly. The Rodoks and the Sniper miss or shoot too low/don’t crit, so the Uberfallkommando have are moments away from chewing on Rodoks.

I sprint ‘em up, still in smoke and chomp through a Rodok… The other bits of the link team turn to face the incoming pupniks. The sniper’s out of play at this point he won’t see me in the smoke.

And here’s probably my greatest mistake of the game! Why did I not toss another smoke grenade!? If I’d just tossed one more in front of the Pupniks I could have kept on chewing through Rodoks only provoking AROs from the one I’m currently chewing on. I lose two Pupniks as the Rodok gets a good dodge and then the rest of his team gun down my poor melee monsters...then I send Sheila in...also without a smoke grenade?! Man that was dumb. Rodok pulls a solid dodge again and Sheila gets eviscerated by hail of combirifles and spitfires. Straight to dead. A phrase I use a lot for the Nomads this game…

So I’ve got an order or two...a TO Camo marker fizzles into existence and plops a mine out, so that when the Rodoks activate, they’ll eat a face full of mine.

Turn Three: Combined Army Active Turn

Combined start by moving up the sniper. I decide to ARO it...probably trying a bit too hard after failing to cut down the link team. The sniper fires back and we both miss...Whole lot of then the Rodok/Samaritan link decides to come and say hello… First they coup de gras the pupnik and claim their Classified!

Then the Samaritan runs up and declares engage to avoid the mine! Success and the terrified Spektr is now at knee level with the monster Samaritan… Unsurprisingly in the next order the Samaritan attacks with a Vorpal Krull blade of doom. Double criticals on monofilament ammo… I said straight to dead earlier...this is more like straight to a fine mist…

Finally the Samaritan rounds the corner and actually barely misses the Moran due to mimetism. For his movement, the Samaritan takes a Koala to the face and goes down hard! Maybe Nomads have a chance?!

Turn Three: Nomad Active Turn/No… we really don’t…

Alright, let’s get an inventory we’ve got… 3 orders… They’ve got something like 130 points left...we have 99... All I’ve got is Capt. Smiles who’s been prone the whole time and has no visual on anyone, Felix the Moran...not the most reliable shot, and Lt. Galarreta...Well Lt, it’s up to you? Galarreta moves up, but still out of view and launches a pitcher. Then she takes the second order to brain blast the Rodok Hacker which dies horribly as they should. Third order she move up again and puts two into the left Rodok and misses the right. Luckily ODD saves her from return fire. And now for my second biggest mistake of the game, we right at the stores closing and I forgot Galarreta had the Lt order! Could have made one more shot on that Rodok! Might have brought us at least to a tie game since I failed the classified. Oh well! Very good game!

Final points:

Nomads - 3 for kills + 1 for staying semi-alive
Combined Army - 3 for kills + 1 for staying semi-alive + 2 for Classified

Combined Army 6 - 4 Nomads

*whew* rough couple games for the Nomads! I have a feeling we’ll be in the med bay for a bit! We’ll have to see which of the Nomads will make it through to the next game! I mean Sheila’s died like three times now.

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