Strikezone: Wotan

The Infinity Global Campaign

The Two Towers

VS Yu Jing

Yu Jing and Tohaa duked it out on Idra-3 Mobase. Ian's Yujing adopted their favourite tactic of deploying 2 Yan Haos at either end of their deployment zone, perched on top of buildings. Between them they overlooked a large portion of the battlefield; this was going to make it hard for the Tohaa to advance. Tohaa decided that taking these out was the only way they were gonna have any manouvreability on the battlefield. So firstly an Igao crept up along the left flank, trying to get close. However he got into a firefight with a celestial guard who was up there with his Yan Hao buddy, and the Igao died. Then a Tohaa airborne unit came in from the side table edge, and snuck under cover to the building the other Yan Hao was perched on. He crept up the ladder and after an exchange of fire killed the Yan Hao with his boarding shotgun, braving the 2 missile launchers of the massive Yu Jing heavy. Then long range triad spitfires took out the other Yan Hao, and a triad link team grabbed the loot in the mid-field, giving an early lead to the Tohaa. So Tohaa got off to a good start. Yu Jing made a comeback mid-game with Imperial agents gunning down the triad team who had gotten cocky in mid-field and were left a bit exposed, and Shinobu appeared out of nowhere to slice through the Tohaa flank. A Kuang Shi avenged the Yan Hao by killing the Tohaa airborne unit. In the end the Tohaa lead was too great and the state empire's forces were defeated.

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