Strikezone: Wotan

The Infinity Global Campaign

Massacre at the Commercial Legation

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Col. Verinko
VS Nomads

The Setup

Stavka Intelligence Department debriefing [EYES ONLY]
After the episode at the Beiying Orbital, it was clare to me that my the Black Hand agent codenamed JoeSmokeem was still somewhere in the Wotan Blockade. So to draw him out I volunteered to lead a team into Nomad Commercial Legation knowing that he would not miss a opportunity to confront me.
We arrived at small plaza near the hangar where damage from previous figthing had caused some flooding. The Nomade security forces was fast approaching so we took up positions and waited for the rush.


First a couple of Morlocks came rushing in behind a screen of smoke, one on the left flank and one in the center. Fortunately a Grunt was able to kill the left on with a lucky shot, the on the right flank the grunt [heavy flamethrower] who had take point was killed by a hidden Intruder. Then in the center a Zero appeared and was able to mark the Marauder, hardly a heartbeat later we saw missiles streaking through the plaza and the Marauder and the Bounty Hunter was engulfed in a explosion.
Already things were looking dire, on the left flank the combined fire of the Cateran and a Chasseur was able to kill the Reaktion Zond and its repair bot, but as the Cataren engaged the Intruder in a firefight his aim faltered and he was killed. On the left flank Knauf started earning his pay taking out the Zero before he could do further damage. In the center the devil dog moved up and was able to engage the remaining Morlock

Troubled Water

The Nomad reaktion was swift. The Morlock in the center fought like a demon and was able to kill the K-9 unit and wound the Devil Dog. On the left flank another Intruder appeared this time with a HMG, he quickly killed the Grunt there and took up an overwatch position on the Ice Cream shack. Meanwhile a Tomcat dropped down from a higher level and landed behind the Chasseur.
The pressure was really on now. In the center the Devil DOg was killed by the Morlock girl... I don't know what drugs she was on but they must be beyond this world.
On the right flank Isobel moved up and tried to kill the Hell but failed, the the Chasseur tok action opening up with his flamethrower, the Tomcat responded in kind and for a brief moment the battlefield was lit up by a fiery light, but when the flames die both combatants lay dead.
Meanwhile Knauf used the distraction to move into position and kill the Intruder [HMG] and the Vertigo REM.

In too deep

Everything was noise and confusion and the battle was turning against us. In the center the Morlock girls rushed in and killed the Irmandinhos that was trying to secure a console. On the right flank a Spektr Hacker appeared moving to secure a Console, Switch quickly dropped his disguise as a Warcor and tried to fry his brain only to find out that he was not faster than a bullet. The Spker then moved up killing Isobel and secured the Console not far behind the Spekr a Alguacile Hacker secured another Console.
Things was look very bleak now, Uxia moved up the center taking out a Clockmaker but was ultimately unable to secure a console while Knauf was able to put an end to the Morlock girl. In a last ditch effort to secure a console the 112 hoisted himself up to the top of a container and tried to use his medic on the Irmandinhos below him unfortunately he was killed by a Alguacile HMG for the other side of the plaza. On the right the Volunteer Paramedic moved up and ignoring fire from the Spektr was abel to kill the Alguacile Hacker on one of the Consoles.
Seeing battle turns against I gave the order to fall back.

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