Strikezone: Wotan

The Infinity Global Campaign

Final fight

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VS PanOceania
Brother McBrotherface

Ariadna turn one
Mormaer AP HMG engages Fusiler HMG gunner knocking him out, Wallace's highlander team advances down central road, engaging and killing the Teutonic Knight, then moves to kill ORC

PanO turn one
Alkal survives hit from a 45th highlanders pistol on landing but when firing at highlanders they smoke dodge. The Father Knight moves on Wallace's squad and shoots, resulting in another smoke dodge from the highlanders. Determined to stop them, the Knight moves in to charge a highlander and kill him but is wounded in the process.

Ariadna turn two
Wallace charged into Melee with the Father knight, a highlander survives an ARO from the Akal, and wallace kills the Father Knight with his explosive close combat weapon. The Highlanders move up to kill alkal, with their boarding shotgn then Move on a fusilier forward observer with the shotgun, then wallace kills a paramedic.

pano turn two
LT wounds Wallace once, but is knocked down with a blast of Wallace's flamethrower.

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