Strikezone: Wotan

The Infinity Global Campaign

Camo spam.

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VS PanOceania
Brother McBrotherface

Ariadna Turn One
Fusilier fails to discover camo marker as it moves up. Reveals as a Hardcase to attack hacker, misses first shot knocks him out with his shotgun on the second. Hardcase recamos then moves on to knock out hmg fusilier then recamos again.

Pano Turn one
Nisse forces the veteran kazak prone, fusilier Medic discovers and then kos hardcase, the other medic revives hmg gunner but hacker dies when he tries to help. fusilier on the roof fails to discover a token but forward observer fusilier discovers its a mine.

Ariadna turn two
SAS moves up to attack fusilier and knock him out with his chain rifle, then takes out the forward observer with his assault pistol, before recamoing and permanently taking out the Lieutenant in the same way .

Pano turn two
Joan moves and kills SAS after they both survive a nanopulser-chain rifle exchange, the Nisse fails to discover a camo marker, paramedic misses a shot to heal.

Ariadna turn Two
Four Command tokens get used for coordinated orders that bring two of the foxtrots up on Joan, she survives their attack, then kills the rifleman with a DA shot on his next attempt to shoot her.

The Chasseur moves up misses the paramedic, and then moving past him attacking Joan, who survives his hits.

Pano turn three
Joan fails to harm either the foxtrot grenadier or the chasseur, the hmg fusilier also isn't able to hurt the merovingian, the paramedic kills a downed fusilier with his revive attempt, the nisse is killed by flames while finally dealing with the chasseur as the alkal commando disperses off board, then finally the foxtrot dodges joans close combat efforts with a crit.

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