Strikezone: Wotan

The Infinity Global Campaign

Sunday shootout.

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VS PanOceania
Brother McBrotherface

After Action Report, Exo Affairs Orbase.

A Father Knight ran at the veteran kazak's position, firing a spitfire at a grunt sniper to cover his advance, then several times at the Veteran kazak to no real effect.

The veteran kazak Fired until the Knight fell, battered into a comatose state by T2 ammo.

The grunt sniper fired on another Fatherknight, who dodged, while the Veteran Kazak moved to engage an ORC, knocking him out, before moving to cover to lay down suppressing fire.

A fusilier Paramedic revived the ORC, who ran into the Veteran Kazaks Suppression, and was torn apart by the T2 rounds.

An HMG wielded by a Fusilier pinged a round off the Veteran Kazak's armour, before The 45th Highlander reached his target Blasting a Father knight and causing a fusilier to dodge his chain shot.

The Highlander tried again, this time knocking the Fusilier out, while causing the Father Knight to dodge.

The Highlander drew the Father Knight out of cover when he engaged, tradeing sword blows as they went, resulting in the Highlander's death and a scuffed paldron for the Knight.

The Minute man HMG showed hid disapproval ballistically, killing the knight.

A Fusilier medic Tried to aid the Father Knight, braving the HMG and sniper fire, eventually reaching the Knight with a medkit shot, that failed to revive him as the hmg and sniper scored a hit each, killing the medic as well.

The rifle Minuteman charged up the feild, incinerating a medic.

The Blackjack seized the enemy hvt , encountering no resistance.

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