Strikezone: Wotan

The Infinity Global Campaign

Liberate this.

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VS PanOceania
Brother McBrotherface

Sorry this one isn't laid out the same as most of the rest, the site just won't work reliably enough to upload the pictures individually.

Ariadna turn one:
minutemen advance to wound Rifleman Father knight with boarding shotgun, then follow up to kill him, and wound his Duo partner.

Pano turn one
Machinist Knocks out shotgun minute man link leader with a crit, the father knight knocks out another minute man, Linked fusiliers lose their leader but crit ko another minuteman. The Father Knight brings down another Minuteman, but is brought down by their flamethrowers. the third Father knight fails to hurt the Marauders.

Ariadna turn two
Molotok Marauder hammers the spitfire knight till he falls, while the Minuteman left up flamed the Machinist.

Pano turn two
LT Fusilier fails to harm MinuteMan, and the Doctor is brought down trying and failing to save the Father knight with the spitfire.

Ariadna turn three
Minuteman kos LT fusilier, then moves to kill the last Fusilier by catching him in the open.

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