Strikezone: Wotan

The Infinity Global Campaign

The death of Jawhar

VS Tohaa
Rival Artichoke

Blackhand Intel Report - Designation "The Lost Prince"

Multiple conflicting reports have been submitted
Bio-samples of the target have been obtained; thoroughly compromised by viral ammunition.
Target termination cannot be confirmed.
Likelihood of termination: 19%

Status of Subject: Unconfirmed
Recommendation: Continue to observe Ilik and other Haqqislam controlled interests.

Part 1 -
Part 2 -
Part 3 -
Part 4 -
This is Part 5

My name is Jawhar Maalouf and if you are listening to this, it is because you have heard I am dead.

Why I have been pursued and targeted for these past months is not clear. Perhaps it is because certain parties do not want the truth of the War escaping their little box of death and failure? Perhaps I have caused someone some great offense or harm? Perhaps I am simply paranoid and it is all a series of coincidences, deadly coincidences?

Either way, on Saturday 22nd of July, I, Jawhar Maalouf, was gunned down and I am here to tell you how it happened.

Here we have a storage locale on the Indra-3 Mobase. Another target for our "requisition raids". We had successully liberated some serious hardware and munitions and were making good speed to our extraction zone.
It was the recently resleeved Scarface who noted the strange doppler effects on radar. Damn Tohaa again!

It was a matter of seconds between making contact before we selected our positions and took cover.

Holy crap! Is that a Gorgos? That mofo is fast. He has taken down a HRL one counter to him. My Al Hawwa there is looking quite concerend...
Between the Gorgos' AP Spitfire and Flammenspear Scarface is looking pretty rough, and his personal Baggage-Bot is down. This means he is out of Panzerfausts. But he can still move that Ramhorn.

Scarface was targeted extensively in the early parts of the firefight with the monstrous Gorgos targeting him. Joe was able to keep his bloodlust under control after taking down the Chaksa moments before and waited for his opportunity.

Iguana Operator Maxine Effert positions nicely to take down both a Chaksa HMG and Tohaa Sniper in mere seconds.

Once Max Effert took out the overwatch threats, our staff Doctor, Ghulam Adila was able to resuscitate Hafza Marid, who was felled just before. I have been told that no one had seen someone move from a state of shock to grabbing his fallen HRL and targeting the enemy TAG so fast. And Marid lived up to his commission as he only took one shot to engulf the Gorgos in a cloud of foul smelling fire. The pilot tried to escape his crisping meat-ride but could not and was consumed along with it.

As soon as the Gorgos started crisping the Joe was pushing his severly damaged Ramhorn down and managed to thoughourly ventilate two out of three of the support Triad in that area.

From here we could see the Tohaa were pushing to control the centre of the battlefield.
If this occured the team would not be able to summon the dropship and escape.
This called for drastic action.

Not even hiding behind the Civilian 'Debbie Don't' was going to save these aliens from the clensing fires.
Especially when Hafza Marid holds the high ground with his HRL.

And here we come to the crux of the story. The death of Jawhar Maalouf.
What seemed to have missed was that the entire Tohaa offensive against the team was to kill me.
To absolutely obliterate me with Fire and Viral ammunition.

And this is where Jawhar Maalouf died. At the hands of a combined attack, struck by no less than 2 Viral shots and engulfed by a gout of alien accelerant.

Some of you in the audience might have the question..."If you are dead, how can you tell your story?"

Good question my hypothetical audience.

To get to the bottom of that we need to view the last snippet of footage, and freeze it at 0:23.7 seconds.

You see that, as soon as I am covered in fire there is a flicker and shift. It was not me there but a brave, and honoured, Bashi Bazouk.

The Bashi Bazouk, his name is Rashid Paulson, was the one who took the bullets meant for me.
He was also able to take revenge on at least one of his attackers as we can see the Chaksa drop from an unseen bullet. This was from the Boarding shotgun, fired from within the gout of flame no less.

This Bashi is a hero. His name is Rashid Paulson.

It was his sacrifice that was able to lure the aliens into the killbox we had designated, and as soon as they realised this they broke and fled immediately.

Once it became obvious to the higher command that I was being targeted they began creating false reports and placing me in every mission.
Flush out moles, working on luring enemies in ambushes, the apparently normal sort of war that continues in this day and age.

In normal situations the double will be a Bashi Bazouk, and I am told that they actively seek out the role. Double pay and the possibility of not even being a target? Who can say that isn't a good deal for a soldier. Or it could just be that the majority of Bashis are a hair's breadth away from being insane?

This is the first time I have heard of this tactic, but I have been told that the death count is reaching the double digits soon. There are a lot of missions that the Qapu Kahlqi run and it seems I am involved in many of them.

I do not like the idea of men and women dying for me.
It just reminds me of how useless I am on a battlefield.
I am sending home these hard truths, and I honestly hope to Allah that I am making a difference, but sometimes it seems so futile.

Thank you for listening, now a dead man needs his rest.
Jawhar Maalouf signing off.

OOC Report

Wow, that was a twist! Well I hope it was to you. It certainly was to Rival Artichoke.

The game started well enough for me as Rival Artichoke had not won a Roll Off for Initiative in the past nine. This game made it ten lost rolls.

I was able to set up and grab the second turn which is pretty handing on the Frontline mission. We played this as a custom mission as Rival has been pretty busy at work and wasn't able to dedicate brain-power to funky Wotan rules.

I know Rival was stinging after our last match and figured he was going to go hard after Jawhar so I slipped in a few tricks. Obviously the Warcor-Bashi stwitcharoo but also hid my Hafza HRL as a less scary Kaplan Sniper.
This second plan worked pretty well as it meant he didnt even bother shooting at it with his own Sniper due to the believe that he has Mimitism as well as the Cover I had him in.
This was one of the reason Rival placed the Gorgos to take him out in reserve.
Unfortunately the first shot took out the Hafza but thanks to the Haqq Doctor skills I was able to bring him back...after two command rerolls that is. Yep I burned two tokens to bring him back, 19, 19 and then a 4. I don't regret it as it only took one shot to burn the Gorgos to the ground.
I honestly think that the Gorgos should be more like Iguana. 2 wounds on the initial TAG Symbiant, and then 1 more HI Symbiant wound profile before an Inactive Symbiant profile. The fact that I killed it completely with 2 failed fire armour rolls is insane for that many points.

Back to the game though, Rival tried to plug the centre for points and vengeful spite.
He considered the risks but after taking out the Iggy's main form and being covered from the HRL by the Ejection Smoke he found his opportunity to take out my star player, Jawhar!

I can't speak for him here, but he looked like he had a "Gotcha" face when he swung the Chaksa and Sakuel in a Coordinated order, only for it to fall when I said "I declare a Boarding Shotgun shot on the Chaksa." Oh, such sweet denial! Poor Rashid Paulson died horribly but Jawhar lives to fight another day!

Managed to absolutely crush it in the end result with 9-0, but only because:
1) Rival didn't realise how far down Scarface was, and didn't push the CC attacks I totally thought he would. This meant I had 72 Points (Scarface + Al Hawwa FO) to his 51 points (TO Calypsos and something in CC with Scarface)
2) I managed to sneak an Al Hawwa into 8 inches from my HVT denying the control there.
3) My surviving Baggage Bot managing to sneak up intoo the central band and throwing his extra 20 points around.

Well hope you enjoyed this report and don't think to bad of me for the "click-bait" title...

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  • Hiereth says:

    Very clean map, I like the bridge.

  • Vounchiz says:

    I was afraid Jawhar was really dead ! Good conclusion to his story.

  • Yeah doube Tag report, fine paintjobs!

  • Caspanova says:

    Thanks to both of you.

    Frostifeet – I got the spare pad from the Scarface Bootleg and gave it to Scarface for the bullet holes.
    That cardboard terrain is all Rival Artichoke. He makes it look spiffy.

  • Frostifeet says:

    Loved the story, and I have to give you props on that table. I don’t think I’ve ever seen the standard cardboard box terrain look so good and well put together. Bravo good Commander!

    Also, I love the flavor of adding the extra shoulder piece from a Scarface tag to your Iguana. Very well done, I may have to steal that idea.


    It was a marvelous story and I enjoyed it very much. I’m glad that he lives to report another day. We need the people who bravely shed light on those dark places where uncomfortable truths hide. They keep honest leaders honest and call out the corrupt and the inept.