Strikezone: Wotan

The Infinity Global Campaign

O Brother, where art thou?

VS PanOceania

'I must admit to being a bit confused, Adam'


'Why did they just drop us off here and told us to wait?'

'I'm sure it will be explained in a minute, sir'



'Our precision strikes at the enemy backfield sowed confusion in their ranks. Retaliation was swift and cunningly made by their leader who thankfully was unaware of our true objective. After luring her out into the open, she was onset by fire from every direction and went down. We secured 'Madonna' as agreed after which we also picked up 'Tracy'



'Hi, Dick. Still running around playing detective?'

'Jess! I've been so worried. I'm so glad I've found you'

'I had to disappear after dad was found. It was only a matter of time before they'd come after me. I'm surprised they haven't come after you'

'They have. We were attacked wherever we went, weren't we, Adam?'

'True, sir. It's a pleasure to see you well, my Lady'

'No need for titles here, Adam. I'm guessing you have something to do with my brother's appearance here, don't you?'

'Just doing my job, my Lady'

'You make it sound so easy. I know how he can be'

'I'm hurt, Jess. You make it sound like I can't take care of myself'

'Face it, Dick. You'd rather play detective than doing any real work if you could. I think your options are running out though'

'How so?'

'I was informed that you are assumed to be killed here on the station. My name is now added to that list too. Adam has engineered a deal with our hosts where they grant us asylum while the mess at home straightens out. So, in essence, you can't poke your head out and be seen until then'

'Adam! I did not give you permission to do that!'

'Apologies, sir. Your safety is my first concern and I felt it was needed'

'Apology accepted. I just wish you informed me when you do things like these'

'Yes, sir'

'I have a suggestion for you, Dick'


'I'm not good at sitting around doing nothing. I've asked for permission to aid the blockade. Our hosts have granted me leave to do so as long as I don't reveal my identity. I could use another man or two with me'

'Me? You always beat the crap out of me when we sparred'

'I'm not asking you to kill them with a sword or anything. I'm just looking for a trusty gun and I know you're a decent marksman. Not to mention that you're the only on in the family that I trust at the moment'

'Very well. If Adam agrees, I'll do it'

'Me, sir?'

'It is going to be a lot harder to keep me safe if I agree. What do you say?'

'I say that you are both completely crazy, sir'

'Good enough for me, Adam. Count me in, Jess'

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