Strikezone: Wotan

The Infinity Global Campaign

Standstill at Raxora

Combined Army
VS Nomads

This was an interesting exercise in asymmetric warfare. My list was TAG and remote heavy; my opponent had more fragile units, but everything was a hacker, repeater, hacker with a repeater, or a repeater you can throw.

The battlefield!

Opponent won the lt. roll and chose to go first. I chose the side with the less accessible console.

My chosen half.

Nomads deployed aggressively, both for combat and for objective grabbing purposes. I deploy with a weak looking flank and a sphinx in hidden deployment (a trap!!).

First move, they trade a Tsyklon to pitch a repeater by my Nexus Hacker lt., who is subsequently hacked to death. Bummer.

Next move, their Iguana advances to try for Dr. Worm on the weak flank, but enters close combat with the sphinx instead.

Not a fan of the sphinx model, so it's part is played by madamoiselle Xeodron. The iguana is a silhouette marker...

My turn was... tough. The spitfire Unidron went to suppression fire, while Dr. Worm tried to jump into melee to assist his buddy. The iguana dodged back, putting the lot into flame thrower range.

Instead of dealing with that, the Overdron was ordered around the corner. He leveled his HRMC and took down a Tsyklon and scored a wound on the iguana.

The situation evolves!

The Overdron was possessed and gunned down by his former Unidron friends. Carlota made a play for the backline and got gunned down.

Cypher positioned himself to threaten the sphinx, but got burned. The sphinx then went on to kill two interventors and avenge the death of our Lt. with one of theirs.

And orders dwindled.

Sphinx remote pilot learns to use the internet

Nomads started in loss of Lt. and made two grabs for antenna, one succeeding, one not.

The sphinx had the speed and orders to achieve only a limited number of tasks. It could try to take two antenna, but probably didn't have the orders, or tie the game with a console grab.

It worked it's way to the console, the pilot dismounted, and FAILED to take the console. One more order remaining, 50/50 chance. Rolled an 8 and tied the game.


In the end, the nomad forces were decimated. Their small landing party down to two members. But it was a standstill on objectives, and that's what mattered here.

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