Strikezone: Wotan

The Infinity Global Campaign

Let the Revels Begin

Yu Jing
VS Nomads
Loop the Nomad

Engineering Deck 300pts (Sygtir 1 Variant) AKA Don't touch the objective room.

Sophotect Ethereal "Eerie" Weaver found herself once again parked upon a rooftop. Nearby her charges, the Husong, stood guard. Eerie got the sneaking feeling that they were getting a little too eager to pump machine-gun rounds.

And the worst part was that she couldn't piggy back off of their signal to stream a good film due to that crackling obelisk in the middle of the field. She wondered what that kind of thing was doing here at the Consulate. It blocked pretty much everything but quantum entanglement from transmitting across it in this was the heart of state Empire bureaucracy at the gate. Hopefully it didn't cause some sort of abomination to rise up and take over this facility…

Still, orders had come down from above that this area was to be secured. And along the way kick a few nomads around as per the task force mission statement.

Across the cavernous space she could hear the raucous shouts of the rival forces. From the ragtag assortment of signals and assorted anti-patriarchy slogans, she surmised that there was at least a contingent of the famed Riot GRRLs and accompanying Moderater handlers. She flared off her favorite taunt, recording of her least favorite ASS person, Drakios, dropping a plate of spaghetti. The resulting howls and hoots were confused and amazed. Eerie hoped that Crane agent vigilant Wolf would at least get a kick out of that.

Nomads Deployment
Riot GRRLS ready to rock (Old MR model Proxy ML)
More Dirty Zeroes
Yu Jing Deployment
Contents of the Yu Jing Building
And trusty Husong watching the lane and it's twin just in the building to the right
Customary Ninja KHD in Hidden Deployment

Soon the hollering was moving towards her, as Morlocks began screening the Nomad Forces. One unlucky biomodded miscreant fell prey the sentry remotes.However, armored might of the Riot GRRLs followed quickly behind. Missiles and automatic fire began raining upon her remotes. The one to the east exploded into a puff of debris as several missiles hit their mark. The one in front of her also got blasted, but there was enough for her to salvage. The tactical display showed the nomads had siezed control of the furthest console, probably due to the Zero operatives that had just appeared.

Vigilant Wolf unleashed the Kuang Shi, and they did as required. The remaining Morlock and a few Zeroes fell to the frenzied chain rifle orgy and ensuring bomb collars. Eerie, well versed in crawling by this point, managed to get the Husong up and running again. The Celestial Guard Hacker below upgraded its targetting suite. The Rui Shi in reserve skittered forward to support the Husong.

When the Nomad's began their second push, they met a veritable hail of lead. Try as they might, the Riot GRRLs were stymied, battered by the vengeful remote. Eerie though she heard a blood thirsty squeal as the Nomads faltered. The troupe of Moderators surrounded the nearest console, hoping to secure the lanes.

Both Husong went down as the Nomads connect the Far Eastern Console, but the remote is brought back up online and given Supportware. A Rui Shi moves in to support.
The Riot GRRLS find themselves locked down on their half of the Western side by the surviving Husong.
Hoping to shift the momentum, the Moderators fireteam up to secure the Eastern Side.

Things went chaotic. Vigilant Wolf rushed his team out toward the closest western console, leaving Eerie ready to swoop on the eastern one. The advance was hap hazard, with Xi and the forward observer going down. The Moderators were only checked by the Kuang Shi screen. And even worse the hacker experienced a number of technical difficulties that impressed even Eerie.

Luckily the Nomads weren't having any better of a time, with the Moderators locked into place and the gutsy advance of a Zero permanently stopped by the Kuang Shi screen and Remote overwatch.

The Celestial Guard team rushes toward the Eastern Side in response
The Moderators are also locked down.
The Crane team ultimately connects the near West Console, but will lose Xi on top of the FO.

Eerie was getting ready to leap off the roof when Ame the Ninja dashed from her hiding spot. In an impressive display of athletics and focus under fire, the young ninja connected the near and then far Eastern consoles. Clearly the ninja was getting the hang of things.

The Nomads, seeing the fight lost, decided to leave area, careful to avoid the fire lanes of the bloodthirsty Husong. Eerie stood up and stretched, firing off her holo taunt again. Once more, Mr. Weird Boner was shown dropping the pasta.

The mission had been a success. Sure there were more than a few casualties, but it was all for the greater good. How else would she secure the proper assets to broadcast her own pirate station? She would patch up most of them anyways, and they would be no worse for the wear. She would have to thank Sophotect August Ray for securing those high clearance workarounds for mission dispatches.

The Ninja not only connects the near East Console, but steals the far East one from the Nomads!
MVP of the match, the Husong stands tall.

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