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The Infinity Global Campaign

Police operation in La Forja Control deck

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VS Nomads

Police operation in La Forja Control deck

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[Mission orders, from Stavka, Classified]
Lieutenant Arkhos,
Our intelligence reports show a dramatic risk of Shavastii infiltration in the Nomad compound of La Forja, from the top officer to the lowest grunt. We have no choice but to act.
You are instructed to board La Forja control deck, immobilize any officer or specialist troop you can find and bring them back to us.
And by bring back, we mean alive, so remember to leash your spetznaz. No headshot first, ask later this time.
They will then be interrogated, their cube searched and any trace of Shavastii activity will be purged.
For dawn, for humanity, do your duty comrade.
[End of the orders]

Ariadna boarding team ready

And to cover its actions, the Stavka give you a special warcor, directly from the cold caledonia. He only replaces his chain rifle with a flash pulse and an aerocam.

Caledonia News Service - Always the sharpest news
Ariadna HVT - An O-12 Netrod to download data from the Nomads data feed

Classified objectives for Ariadna : telemetry and sabotage

Ariadna wins the initiative and chooses to keep the deployment, Nomad choose to play first

Turn 1 (Bakunin)

Refusing Ariadna orders to stand down for inspection, Bakunin defense team is ready to remove Ariadna from the Nomads space station.
Ariadna HRL marauder threatens the Riot Grrl and the Morlock Gruppe. After cancelling the impetuous order of the morlock, Bakunin is forced to act.

Riot Grrls, a step away from a rocket in the face

A zero is sent to kill the marauder. The first exchange of fire ends with the marauder armor protecting him. The zero tries again, and end up on the floor, immobilized by the marauder stun gun.

A Riot Grrl then takes the initiative. Her teamate move away from her, and, with a second order she moves and shoots the marauder, killing him with her spitfire.

A dead marauder VS 4 order spent and a specialist hunted, good deal for Ariadna

Nomads then uses its orders to move the Riot Grrls. With her last order, one Riot try to discovers and shoots a camo marker.

Riot Grrl, ready to shoot

The chasseur, believing in his camouflage, doesn’t do anything. The Riot Grrl discovers him, shoots, hits three time... and all three bullets are blocked by the chasseur cover.
Now, the Riot Grrls are forced to wait for Ariadna to strike back.

Turn 1 (Ariadna)
Hungry for vengeance, the chasseur runs to the Riott Grrls and unleashes his flammer on three of them. In anwer, the Grrls make stun grenades rain on the fool.
Results : 1 dead Grrl, 1 wounded Grrl and 3 burned DDO. The chasseur is stunned, stunned again, and stunned a few more times after that.

Flammer power.

Now is time for Ariadna Ace in a hole, the infamous, the feared, the crazy A******, Van Zant

It's Van Zant time

One after the other, Van Zant on one side, the Spetsnaz HMG and Marauder molotok on the other shoot the Riott Grrls again (and again, and again). When the dust settled, only two are alives. Both Van Zant and the Marauder put themselves in Suppressive fire waiting for the next turn to finish the job.

Van Zant in suppresive fire on one side
And a marauder in cover on the other. Bad day for anyone, the Grrl are neck deep in shit. (PS : yes the marauder is a vet Kazak proxy)

To finish the turn, the scout lieutenant uses his order to move to the Workshop (the red building on the left) on the Nomad side to blow it next turn.

Turn 2 (Bakunin)

Facing a shortage of orders, Bakunin moves its Sin-eater in its main group and start the offensive again.

The crazy morlock runs to Van Zant and uses his Chain Rifle on him. Van Zant fails to kill him, takes a wound but refuses to stand down. The morlock tries again but Van Zant armour (which one ?) saves him and he kills the crazy creature.

Crazy morlock VS crazy Ariadna, both die

Bakunin then chooses to hide its lieutenant under a cybermask to protect her.

A prowler then tries to kill the marauder but fail his shoots and fall back to hide again.

Out of orders, Nomads now await for Ariadna answer.

Turn 2 (Ariadna)

Two volonteers move from Ariadna group 2 to group 1.

First, to protect the downed chasseur, the marauder kills one of the Grrl and shoots the other, forcing her to flee when her armour saved her form death.

One more Grrl dead, only one left to kill

The chasseur then wakes up from the stun ammo (thanks reset), and moves forward and burn the surviving Grrl, toasting her DDO. She survives and stuns him with her grenades.

Guess who comes ? Caledonia News Service to the rescue.

Following his highlander instincts, the caledonian newsman uses his flash pulse on the Grrl, blinding her. This allows the chasseur to un-stuns himself and takes control of the antenna.

To finish the turn, the lieutenant moves to the workshop and bomb it. The scout, Spetsnaz and Chasseur then recamo themselves, ready for the next turn.

To live happy, live hidden

Turn 3 (Bakunin)

Out of order and of option, Bakunin tries a crazy thing. The Sin-Eater climbs the workshop to stun the prone scout lieutenant on his next order.

Scout vs sin-eater, what will happen ?

But, as soon as he sees the Sin-Eater, the scout take his ADHL and glue the bastard down.

The surviving Grrl try then to move to kill the chasseur but end up shot down by the marauder molotok and flashed by the crazy caledonian warcor.

Finally, the zero moves to take the antenna on the left side and manages to take it...

Flammer vs unmoving zero, what will happen ?

The zero meets his fiery end with the flammer and falls unconscious, ending the Nomad turn.

Turn 3 (Ariadna)

With plenty of orders left, the chasseur climbs down its building and starts fumbling with the antenna.

What the hell did the zero do to that thing ?

Trying a first time to take control of it the chasseur fails.
Trying a second time he fails again, then again, then again.
At his fifth try, he takes it, and, to win a few more points, uses his forward observer ability on the downed zero to do Ariadna second classified objective.

Without anything to do, Ariadna doesn't use it's last orders and wins the game.

Result :
Having more antennas than the oponnent : Ariadna
Having hunted more specialists than the opponent : Ariadna
Having hunted as much lieutenants than the opponent : Noone
Having hunted more lieutenants than the opponent : Noone
Classified objectives done : Ariadna 2, Bakunin 0

Final result : Ariadna 5 / Bakunin 0

Final picture, and final video

[Mission Report, Lieutenant Arkhos]
After a brief and ugly firefight, we took one Zero operative back to the base for interrogation.

We weren’t able to take back any other operative due to low fire resistance of the Nomad forces.

Lieutenant Scout Sered tooks back a Sin-Eater soldier. When asked why he claims «someone crazy enough to do what this Sin-Eater did must be septorized. I want him fully inspected». Following Lieutenant Sered recommendation, we then send you the glued Sin-Eater. I advise you not to remove his gag without a minimum amount of ears protection.

I recommend having the warcor assigned to my team send back to the 45th highlander regiment. He seems more interested by the enemy than by any sort of journalistic work and should be send back to the frontline.

We were able to recover a near dead Captain Van Zant. I hereby recommend him for a new medal for his bravery when he will be out of the hospital.

On the 08th of June, Lieutenant Arkhos
[End of the report]

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