Strikezone: Wotan

The Infinity Global Campaign

Nomad terrorist action against O12

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VS Nomads

Nomad terrorist action against O12

Red alert... Red alert... Intrusion detected... Deploy security team

A nomad terrorist group has been detected trying to infiltrate the Indra-3 Mobase, Ariadna security team deploys to stop them.

A valorous advance group is ready to secure the command center

A corporate executive working the O-12 is close to the command center and must be protected at all cost

Turn 1 (Ariadna)

The highlanders move as fast as they can to the nomads while the Irmandinho blow the command center door and enter.

The crazy Spetsnaz then start its path of destruction by killing a total reac drone, 2 crazy koala and a (foolish) intruder HMG.

Their path clear, the team of 2 chasseur and 1 foxtrot infiltrator move to the command center, protecting it with mines, the marauder follow and put himself in suppressive fire.

Everyone then recamo itself and wait for the nomad attack

Turn 1 (Nomad)

In a bold move, one nomad jaguar blows the center door before entering the place and killing a chasseur with its chain rifle. 3 mines then blow up and kill him.

The lunokhod then moves to kill the ariadna infiltrator but fall short of order to do so. Its crazy koala kill the irmandinho who had chosen to dodge to lure them. The grenzer try to kill one of the highlander but fail again its trusty smoke grenade

Result : Ariadna control the command center

Turn 2 (ariadna)

One highlander attack the nomad flank and attack the lunokhod on its rear and kill it, it then force one of the nomads zero to reveal itself (and die). The spetznaz make a new victim, killing the grenzer, allowing Uxia to move forward and kill the zero. The foxtrot then takes a panoplie and recamo itself.

Turn 2 (Nomad)

One tomcat come from the ariadna flank and shoot in the back uxia and the marauder, the last zero enter the command center and take control of it
Result : Nomads control the command center

Turn 3 (Ariadna)

The last highlander moves to block one of the command center entrance. The spetznaz then climb down its perch, try to kill the zero and tomcat but their armor save them. He still enter the center. The last chasseur try the same and fail the same way. The scout tries his boarding shotgun on the zero and fails to kill him. Finally, an humble line kazak use the last order to move, manage to kill the zero and put himself in suppressive fire to cover both entrance.

Ariadna is ready for nomads

Turn 3 (Nomads)

The nomad task master then tries its luck, with its last orders, he rushes to the command center and shoots to kill the chasseur and spetznaz. Both dodge while the line kazak and scout boarding fail to kill him.

Taskmaster last stand

Ariadna, having more points in the command center then win the match, forcing the Nomads to flee the Mobase, leaving their inconscious comrad behind for interrogation by O12 investigator.

Result :
Control of the armory at the end of each turn : 2 points for Ariadna (round 1 and 3), 1 for Nomads
Control of the armory at the end of the match : 4 points for Ariadna
Having more panoplies than the oponnent : 2 points for Ariadna
Classified objectives : 0 points (both were used as intelcom)

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