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A new ALEPH trickery

VS Ariadna

A new ALEPH trickery

[Lieutenant Colonel Arkhos communication to the ariadna Intervention Force]
Soldier of Dawn,
Today is a sad day, when brother is forced to face a brother.
A group of Caledonian disapeared from Indra-3.
Investigations allowed us to discover in their quarter a box full of whiskey coming from ALEPH with a note telling it was send for "helping improving relationship between the Aleph contigent and Caledonia". Our medical team tell us the beverage was laced with a powerfull sedative and videos shows Aleph soldiers taking our Caledonian brother.
For days we found no trace of them until this morning when we received picture of them trashing the Yu-Jing Frigate.
We have our orders. Our first order is to prevent any image of this leaking by taking over the transmission matrix of the frigate. We are then to apprehend if possible any Caledonian and if not, we are to kill them.
I don't like these orders any more than you do, but it's our duty and we will do it.
We will prevent any civilian casualty, including the technical team present in the area.
An ALEPH agent has been detected in the area, we are to apprehend him for interrogation.

For honor, For Dawn.
[End communication]

ALEPH agent (Caledonia HVT)
Technical team (Ariadna HVT) under camoed Chasseur protection

My classified objectives are Telemetry and Sabotage


I won the intiative roll and choose to play second. My opponent then make me deploy first.

I choose to deploy my two chasseur to cover the possible approach with their flammer (and sixth sense) while the foxtrot stayed a little more on the bach.
My heavy weapon were deployed hidden behind boxes/holoadds and the ambush camo easy to see.
Cheerleader were deployed in two groups on the back.

My opponent tried to infiltrate a first SAS on the dice tower but failed. He tried with a second one and it was a sucess. He then infiltrated Uxia on my right side. He deployed his grey/volunteer fireteam prone on the workshop with 2 volonteers in the back of the workshop. 4 highlanders were deployed on the 4 possible approach road and the Mormaers hide behind an holoadd. The 112 hide behind a building.

The video in the beginning of the report shows full deployement, the picture down show Ariadna deployment.

Turn 1 (Caledonia)

The 4 highlanders started the turn running and screaming, without anyone seeing them and shooting them.

On the top of the dice tower, the SAS reveal itself trying an intuitive attack with his chain rifle, hitting both the Cateran and HMG Spetsnaz. Keeping his cool, the Spetsnaz simply shot him in the head while the Cateran, too shocked being attacked by a fellow Caledonian, failled his opposed rolled and was killed by the chain rifle.

On the right side, Uxia shooted one volonteer and the two Traktor. The volonteers answered with his chain rifle. Both Uxia and the volonteer died while the traktor armor protected them.

Badly placed Traktors saved by lucky armor rolls

Two highlanders moved in the direction of the right wing chasseur. Using his sixth sence, the chasseur was able to burn the first highlander without any opposition, but the highlander armor protected him. The highlander then tried to use their chain rifle on him but he was able to nimbly dodge it. One of the highlander then moved toward Ariadna main line, receiving a flammer burn on his back as a reward while the foxtrot FO failed to shot him.

A chasseur, dancing between chain rifles shots

Now dogged he tried to use his chain rifle twice on the foxtrot sniper but end up being shot dead.

Moving away from this crazy bastard seems like a good idea

The second highlander then engaged the chasseur, surviving the flammer, but wasn't able to kill him.

On the other side, one highlander managed to hit the second chasseur while being killed by the chasseur flammer.

Bad day to be a chasseur

Finally, the momaers fireteam moved to the center of the table, occupying a third parts of the transmission matrix.

Mormaers on the move

Turn 1 (Ariadna)

Openning Ariadna first turn, Van Zant arrived in Caledonia back (near the food booth).
First he shot a Caledonian with rifle. Second,
he shot twice a Caledonian with shotgun, receiving one wound in the first exchange.
He then continued his advance, shooting the Grey Rifle in the back, killing him.

Van Zan on the path of destruction (ps : one mormaer is hidden in the container)

One more order and he moved in view of a SAS who reveal itself to shot him. Result : a dead SAS.
Finally, nearly out of orders and already dogged, he advance, shot the 112 in the back (she was controling one of the transmission matrix parts) and end up on the floor, agonizing after the mormaers answer.

Suffering for duty

With only its second group orders left, Ariadna put a Spetsnaz in action.
After a first order to crawl where he was needed, the Spetsnaz shooted the HMG mormaers. First in the back (the fool having turn around to face Van Zant), then a second time in the face.
Out of close opponent to shoot, he shot the SAS on the left border. He was 117 cm away, but the SAS had a bad dodge roll (likely to drunk to dodge) and he received a deadly bullet.
Now full out of opponent to shot, the Spetsnaz hid and recamo himself..

Result : 2 parts of the transmission matrix for each player, 1 point each

Turn 2 (Caledonia)
With only 4 regular oders, 2 irregulars and 2 impetuous, Caledonia was out of option.

The right wing caledonian used is impetuous order to kill the remaining chasseur, while the other one moved, using his orders and 3 regulars to come close to the Tankhunter HMG guarding the transmissing matrix, detect him, engage him and hit him. The tankunter armor protected him, keeping him alive.

Using his last order, the Grey HMG stand up and moved to near the workshop border to prepare for the next turn.

Turn 2 (Ariadna)

First the right wing Spetsnaz used his HMG to shot the Grey rifle, but, even with two orders, he wasn't able to wound him more than once.

Then, the second Spetsnaz, on top of the dice tower, shot the right wing highlander, killing him (and the unconscious chasseur in the process).

One shot, two dead. Wait ! Isn't one of them on my side ?!

The foxtrot FO the recamo himself and runned to Uxia, forward observing her and validating the telemetry objective.

A little flash on the unconscious girl, creepy isn't it ?

At the same time, both the dozer (climbing) and the lieutenant kazak (using his lieutenant order to call the elevator) went down to help the tankhunter. Using the last order, the dozer put himself in suppressive fire.

Result : 2 parts of the transmission matrix for each player, 1 point each

Turn 3 (Caledonia)

Caledonia is now in retreat (and out of command token).

The highlander use his impetuous order to hit the tankhunter, killng him. At the same time, the Line Kazak dodge, moving closer to the transmission matrix and the dozer shot the highlander 3 times, wounding him once.

The highlander then move and used his chain rifle on both the dozer and the line kazak. The line kazak dodge, coming close enough to the transmission matrix to control it while the dozer shot the highlander back. Both the highlander and dozer die.

Two dodge to take over the transmission matrix

Out of things to do, Caledonia let its two volonteer flee (but they still control the matrix), while the mormaers does not move.

The game then end due to the retreat rule.

Result : 2 parts of the transmission matrix for each player, 1 point each

Final game result :
Ariadna : 5 points
Caledonia : 3 points

End game video and picture. Lyon's player will recognize the man at the end of the video (it's not me ;-) )


[Somewhere in INDRA-3 station, morgue camera recording n° 823, classified]

Lieutenant-Colonel Arkhos : What do you mean it’s not our missing Caledonian. We brought you the bodies of most of them, who else can they be ?

O-12 medical examiner : I agree they look like your men, but they are not. These are Lhost body and they have a cube.

Lieutenant-Colonel Arkhos : Lhost ?! But how can this be ?

O-12 medical examiner : If I were to guess, I would say someone force-dowload your men memory into a cube and build a body looking like them. Then, they download the memory into the body and used some kind of program to control it, making it look like your men.

Lieutenant-Colonel Arkhos : But why for Dawn sake, the cost alone must be crazy high, why do something that elaborate ?

O-12 medical examiner : I don’t know, but only two have the necessary technology, ALEPH and the Evolved Intelligence.

Lieutenant-Colonel Arkhos : Knowing who took our men, the answer is easy enough. ALEPH is turning rogue. Sooner or later we will have to stop it and avenge our men.
(Taking his gun) Sorry officer, noone must know the truth until we are ready to act to protect mankind form this AI. Your cube and memory will have to be rewrited a little bit.

[End of the record]

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