Strikezone: Wotan

The Infinity Global Campaign

This gun must shoot the Combine Army (Yu-Jing vs Ariadna in Exo Affairs)

VS Yu Jing

This gun must shoot the Combine Army

Brigradier General,

Our spy at the exo affair base detected an unknow team attacking the PanOceanian command there. As PanOceania command seems too incomptent to do its job and push it back, we choosed to make it our job.

Your mission is to take one of your boarding team, board the Exo Affair station, destroy the unknown soldiers and put the PanOceanian back to there job.

Your opponent is likely to be a septorize Yu-Jing strike team . Show no mercy to them, killing them is the only way to free them from EI slavery.

Good luck Comrade, may you make Dawn proud.

Both my opponent and I choosed to use our Classified Objective as Intelcom.

I lost the initative roll and my opponent choosed to go second. I let him deploy first then deployed myself for a huge first strike.

Two useless HVT, discussing in the middle of the table.
Ariadna deployment
and Yu-Jing deployment

Turn 1 (Ariadna)

Turn 1 summary : never let one boarding shotgun come close, and even less two !

Out of line of sight and using a coordinated order, I mved 4 troops :
- The camoed Spetsnaz crawled in a new better place
- The camoed chasseur on the right moved in the right side big building to take over the 5 points sector.
- Both the camoed Uxia and Scout boarding moved closer from the Yu-Jing troops

Then, using one more order, Uxia reveal itself and shot the TR drone down. She then moved and shot it again (2 orders, move/move then move/shoot), hitting and wounding both the celestial guard and the Zanshi.

That's why I love boarding shotguns

The Scout then moved close to the Hsien. He shot the Hsien twice, wounding him once while surviving the Hsien Nanopulser response. Affraid, the Hsien fled the place.

Using his last orders, the scout recamo itself, then went up on the building.

So much targets and only a burst 2 shot left

Leaving his camo, the scout split his burst : 1 shot to the Hsien (hitting both him and the Zuyong) and one on the Zuyong (hitting him and both Kuang Shi). Result : both Kuang Shi dodged the shot, one hidding in the building, the other one on the opposite side, the Hsien armor protected him while the Zuyong took one wound.

Good first strike, now ready for counter-attack

Turn 1 (Yu-Jing)

The Kuang Shi inside the building cancelled his Impetuous order while the other one ran to the scout, receiving a deadly shot on the face.

The Zuyong the tried hitting the scout but end up rollin three 4 while the scout rolled a 6, making him loose his second wound.

The tiger soldier then tried to land on the scout back but failed his PH roll, deviating and landing right in front of the chasseur minelayer's mine. He failed his armor roll and died.

Note to Yu-Jing training facilities : landing in front of a mine is baaaad

The Hsien then tried to kill the Scout.

First firefight ended up in a draw.
Second firefight ended up with the Hsien hitting the Scout once but the Scout armor and cover protected him
The Hsien then moved further away, finally killing the Scout with his last order.

Good in active and reactive turn, this Scout earned himself a (posthumous) medal

Turn 2 (Ariadna)

Knowing the Yu-Jing about to flee, Uxia used her impetuous orders and a few more orders to run on the two last yu-Jing support troop, shooting and killing both of them.

Sending Yu-Jing into retreat, one shot at a time

The Line Kazak lieutenant moved forward using her order, readying to shoot any fleeing Yu-Jing in the back.

To assure victory, the Spetsnaz then went up and shot the Hsien in the back, killing him.

One more dead, only one left

The lieutenant then tried to shoot the Kuang Shi but the last Yu-Jing dodged and hid.

With its last orders (and a coordinated one), Ariadna moved his troop to take over all area.

Turn 3 (Yu-Jing)

With only one Kuang Shi left, the Yu-Jing army retreat. The Kuang Shi meet the table border and fled, ending the game.

Ariadna control the whole table, earning a full victory

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