Strikezone: Wotan

The Infinity Global Campaign

Yu-Jing tries to steal some supplies

VS Yu Jing

Yu-Jing tries to steal some supplies

Brigadier General Arkhos : OK boys, our cameras are showing us a Yu-Jung boarding team in our storage area. We the heavy fighting they have been through, our spies thinks they are going out of supplies, so now they are here to steal ours. Our answer is simple : this is our toys and we do not shares ! If they can’t understand it with words we will show them with fire and blood. An advance team of 3 foxtrots rangers is already covering our storages. Your job is to cover them while they extract them and keep them away from Yu-Jing. Go now, and make dawn proud of you.

My opponent won the initial roll and choose to play second. I choose my side.

My classified objectives are Telemetry and Sabotage

My defensive team ready

Deployment from Ariadna side : 3 foxtrots FO (one near each box), one defensive grunt fireteam on the left, one minuteman HMG lieutenant on the central roof, one blackjack HMG on the right and one warcor covering my back

Yu-Jing thieves, looking for some USAriadna good old Coca Cola
USAriadna HVT : a PanOceanian representative, here to buy some USAriadna beverages

Turn 1 (USAriadna)

My opponent choose to play second and hide his soldiers. I was the free to put my foxtrots to work.

The right foxtrot move to his tech coffin and extract the supplies box on his first try. With a second order, he left a mine and start moving back to his deployment zone.
The central foxtrot did the same and took the box in his second try. With a pair of coordinated orders and a few more orders, the foxtrot went back to their side of the table.
With his last order, one of the foxtrot gave his box to a grunt, allowing him to go back to action and put one more mine to stop any foolish Kuang Shi.

Here it is my dear grunt, the Coca Cola stock is safe

Turn 1 (Yu-Jing)

First, the Kuan Shi both used their coordinated order to run to the Grunt fireteam.

Then Yu-Jing used a coordinated order to move a few troop forward (including the Zuyong and TR bot o the right side)

We want the cooooooke (ps : the Kuang Shi on the building is inside it)

The celestial guard then moves and, after a missed shot, manage to put a smoke grenade near the Hsien.

Why the hell some smoke
A bullety answer

The Hsien used the smoke cover to shoot on the grunts snipers. After his first shot, one grunt falled unconscious while the second one, farther than 80 cm, wass saved by the distance. The Hsien then moved forward, shooting the surviving sniper. One shot hit but end up blocked by the sniper body armor. The sniper choosed to fall back and cover the Kuang Shi approach way.

Some suppresive fire for cover

The Hsien then moved on top of a building and put himself on suppresive fire to cover the middle of the table.
The ninja then revealed himself and tried to take the Supplies, failing each time and ending Yu-Jing turn.

I want all these nice bottles
How the f*** did they lock this box ?

Turn 2 (USAriadna)

First, the Blackjack moved and shot the Zuyong, instantly killing him. He tried to do the same with the Hsien (who dodged the shot) but end up failing his shot (it was 95cm away)

Then the foxtrot on the left side crawled and, still out of Yu-Jing line of sight, put down a mine ready to kill the Ninja and one Kuang Shi.

Time for some classified

One FO grunt took command of the fireteam and used his forward observer ability one one Kuang Shi, winning the Telemetry objective for USAriadna.
Then, not wanting to waste his targeting, he shot the Kuang Shi, killing him.

Time for some HMG

The minuteman used his lieutenant order to get up and shot the Kuang shi.

To close to a mine to do anything

The Kuang Shi ORA activated the mine but both the Ninja and him managed to avoid the shots and mine.

Obstinated, the Minuteman choosed to shot them again (and get prone), killing the Kuang Shi but missing the Ninja.

Finally, the warcor moved to have a better view of the thieves

Enough shots will always get the job done

Turn 2 (Yu-Jing)

First job for Yu-Jing was to send its Ninja to take the box (again). Finally managing it, the Ninja ran away with his prize.

Now, I need to find a corner and drink all this Cola

After hidding the Ninja on the roof, yu-Jing ordered its TR Bot to shot the blackjack, but the blackjack managed to dodge.

Using his last orders, Yu-Jing then moved its TR bot in cover in the middle of the table and moved a few more troops in a better position.

Turn 3 (USAriadna)

Knowing the game likely to be won, USAriadna moved its troop to block Yu-Jing. The blackjack lost a wound in a fire exchange with the TR bot while the minuteman lieutenant killed him. He then tried to kill the Hsien but the Yu-Jing armor protected him and he choosed to get prone.

Finally, the minuteman, blackjack and two foxtrots put themselves in suppressive fire, awaiting Yu-Jing.

Ready to defend our national best selling product : good ol' cola

Turn 3 (Yu-Jing)

Out of option, the Hsien orderd the Celestial Guard to launch some more smoke and used his smoke trick to kill the blackjack and minuteman.

Freaking f****** smoke and Hsien coward

As nothing more could be done, the game ended there, with an USAriadna Victory.

Number of supplies box saved by USAriadna : 2
Number of supplies box stoled by Yu-Jing : 1
Number of classified done : USAriadna : 1 / Yu-Jing 0

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