Strikezone: Wotan

The Infinity Global Campaign

Mighty Fine Shindig

VS Yu Jing
Objectives for the Battle

The scene was set for the Nomad incursion into Baijing. Our Lieutenant; the Wildcat Ngozi managed to sway his superiors enough to delay his disciplinary for an undefined period...

This of course is to mean that his ass is on the line should he fail, but it's a win as far as Ngozi is concerned, and now he has his eyes set on Yu Jing Consulate.


First of all a disclaimer and apology, the photographs are really not great quality but I hope they convey enough information.

I won the roll off and chose deployment, my opponent deciding to take second turn, and deploying first.

Kanren Forward Deployment

Turn 1

In the initial orders of the game, the Yu Jing HVT bore witness to a Tomcat Engineer. Unfortunately, despite being tantalisingly close, he was guarded well by the Celestial Guard FO, Camouflage marker and even the Sophotect on the far side of the board.

The Tomcat managed to move himself closer in by keeping the Sophotect in LoF, even causing the Doctor to drop into No Wound Incap.

Sophotect dressed fancy but still dropping a wound.

Spying an opportune moment, the Algaucile link activated and moved the Missile into LoF with a Spitfire Celestial Guard. Fair to say that the Guards did not fair well, both failing their dodge rolls.

The Tomcat struggled on, despite the link being broken, getting Stunned by the Celestial Guard FO.

Moving to the centre of the board, the Moran Massai turned a corner and eyed up a Kanren Holoecho, in a stroke of luck the shots flied true and it was in fact the real Kanren!

The Bandit then moved up to make a nuisance of himself and attempt to free up the Tomcat Engineer. Ducking and diving to avoid ARO's from the Hsien just past the Sophotect.

The Transductor Zond sped up to aid the Tomcat, and to get both the Su Jian and any other potential models in Hacker coverage (Stunning the troublesome Celestial Guard FO on the way).

On the other side of the board, the Wildcat HRL moved on the roof to attempt to discover the enemy Camouflage marker, but to no avail.

The Bandit moved forward again, revealing to place an E/Mauler and surviving all incoming ARO's, including the Light flamethrower!

The ISS step up to the plate, the first order is used to reveal the the Camo marker to be Major Lunah! (Proxied by Knauf). Although the first order results in a stalemate in the exchange between Lunah and the Wildcat HRL, the second sees the Wildcat die to a critical Viral round. Lunah then shuffled back slightly to maintain cover from other targets.

The Hsien was up next, who prompty moved up and caused a critical against the Moran Massai with Shock Ammunition.

The Hsien rampage continued; spying the Bandit with his back turned on the far side of the board, the masked guardian fell before he had any chance to react.

Moving forward still, the Hsien drew a bead on the Alguacile HMG, promptly sending him into the dirt. Finally with no further immediate targets, the LT order was used to put the Hsien into Suppression. Damn shock ammo!

Turn 2

Smarting slightly from the ISS retaliation, the Stempler Zond shuffled out to engage Major Lunah. Surviving the first round of fire to then attempt triangulated fire... which did not end well.

Very aware of the issue of the Hsien locking down the centre, a brave Jaguar circled forward. Managing to dodge incoming fire from both the Hsien and Major Lunah, or make incredible armour saves! When it came to the punch, the damage boosted chain rifle merely bounced off the Hsien and the Jaguar was gunned down for his trouble.

The Alguacile Missile Launcher decided enough was enough, and Major Lunah went down to the first volley.

Finally free of the threat of bullets, the Tomcat Engineer achieved Retro-engineering on the enemy HVT. She then moved through the underside of the building to plant D-Charges on one of the large crates before moving into cover.

The rest of the Alguacile link then moved up cautiously to avoid burst 3 shock ammunition, finally gaining a position of viable return fire, the Alguacile combi opened up, and everything (including the Hsien) missed!

Back to the ISS, the Sophotect activated to move forward, also activating the Yudbot near the Su Jian, triggering the E/Mauler that was pinning the Su Jian down. Unfortunately the Sophotect failed her BTS save against yet another Flash Pulse, but cleared the way for the Su Jian to start it's grizzly work.

Once the Sophotect had moved a bit futher, the Su Jian activated and found itself engange on three fronts, the Tomcat Engineer in cover and the Transductor Zond, as well as the Alguacile hacker through the Zond's repeater.

Orders were spent and bullets sent flying; but after all was said and done, the Hacking attempts failed, the Su Jian, Tomcat and Zond were all undamaged, the the Su Jian had been stunned by the Zond's flash pulse!

Turn 3 - Corregidor

Shortly after the start of the last Nomad turn all surveillance went offline, blame likely attached to Yu Jing Cyber elements. (Read: I was taking photographs but apparently none of them saved into my phone...)

Last image of the operation; the Alguacile link finally deal with the Hsien Lt.

After dealing with the Hsien, the Alguaciles moved onto dealing with the still dangerous Su Jian. Having bought along the right tool the job at hand, the Missile launcher finally laid the mechanical behemoth low.

The Tomcat then moved up, the way forward clear of any Spitfire ARO's. Blowing up the D-charges planted in the previous turn to score the second Nomad objective (Sabotage).

Rounding a corner to deal with the remaining Celestial Guard FO, the Combi Rifle failed to inflict any damage, but the Flamethrower saw the CG finally fall (alongside the unfortunate and helpless Yudbot). Unfortunately this also caused the Tomcat to suffer the sharp end of a Boarding Shotgun, and she fell into unconsciousness.

With the last orders of the turn, the Nomads desperately attempted to data scan the unconscious Major Lunah by moving up the Transductor, but ultimately failed.

Turn 3 - Imperial Service

In retreat, with Irruegular orders left, the Yu Jing Commander used his remaining tokens to give all 3 orders to the Celestial Guard Hacker.

Having scored Telemetry sometime in their turn 2 with a successful Forward Observation, it was up to the Hacker to successfully Data Scan the currently incapacitated Tomcat.

The first two rolls failed, but the last secured the Objective bringing the two forces to a tie on Main Objectives. With the Nomads securing the enemy HVT, the game ended on a handshake and 6-4 for Jurisdictional Command of Corregidor.

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  • Ozuye says:

    Great batrep! Congrats on the victory commander. Looks like it was a close one and anytime you can take out Major Lunah is a great day.