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The Infinity Global Campaign

A misunderstooded contact 2

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Alexander Wallach
VS PanOceania

At the appearance of the alien ship in the harbor space, the Tohaa High Command decided to immediately send a small group that had to infiltrate the abominable construct that the enemies call Raxora. The plan was that once inside, specialists would have to send information and data on the inside of the ship to the Tohaa Command, looking for a vulnerable point. For this mission, Neema Saatar, the High Officer of the Ectros Regiment, was selected to command the group of veterans to employ. On board a small space ship, screened to enemy radars, accompanied Neema 3 undead Sukeul, a Nikoul, a Kosuil Engineer and a Paramedic. Two Kaeltar Officers complemented the group.


Once infiltrated, they reached a large hall with some containers and small buildings, where there were three radio antennas, useful for sending information to the Main Ship. However, some warning shots fired in the air indicate that the Tohaa are not alone and the area is already occupied by other creatures. Some insignia on uniforms, as well as blue and green livery, indicate that these are the Humans of the Acontecimento Shock Army.
They deployed a link of Bagh-Mari composed of soldiers behind a building (HMG + Paramedic + BSG) located on the right side of their area and a Sniper crouched next to another prone warrior, (perhaps the commander of the group, Stephen Raho), both hidden on a roof nearby. On the left side of the field, there was a fireteam of three Orc Troops (HMG + Combi Rifle + BSG).
Neema then decides to split the group, deploying a fireteam Triad consisting of a Sukeul (K1 Sniper) + 2 Kaeltar, side by side of a low building in front of the Orc Troops group; in front of Bagh-Mari's link, on the long sides of a building, there are a fireteam Triad consisting of 2 Sukeul (HMG + FO) + Kosuil (K1 Combi Rifle) and another one to which she takes part + Sukeul ( HMG) + Kamael (Paramedic). Above them is hidden the Nikoul with the Viral Sniper Rifle.

First turn

Tohaa turn 1: the fireteam formed by the 2 Sukeul (HMG + FO) + Kosuil (K1 Combi Rifle) comes out of the cache and tries to advance towards the center of the field. However, the link of Bagh-Mari is activated, and particularly the one with HMG tries to shoot at the Link Leader (also armed with HMG). In the meantime, a Nagas appears on the doorstep of the building that hides the link of Bagh-Mari and tries to hit with a Flash Pulse the Sukeul with HMG. Fortunately, however, she is safe but must sacrifice the Symbiomate companion for the purpose. In addition, the Saturation zone at the center of the battlefield seems to be particularly hostile to Tohaa, because they cannot hit the enemies. Neema orders the Nikoul to activate, trying to worry enemies with the Viral Sniper Rifle but he fails and as a result loses the Symbiont armor. Then the Tohaa decide to continue with the original plan, pursuing the Triad lead by the Sukeul to reach the near-field building where the HVT friend was, not treating the enemy fire. Upon arriving, they get the cover and the Nullifier is deployed, however, during the journey the Sukeul with HMG was hit and lost the Symbiont armor. At this point the Triad continues and approaches the center field antenna. The Sukeul FO succeeds to connect the antenna in the second attempt and transmit the data to the Main Ship. A further unlucky confrontation kills the Sukeul with HMG, so the other survivor and the Kosuil put into Suppressive Fire next to the central antenna. As a last resort, Neema face the enemies using the Lieutenant Order and tries to hit the Nagas FO, but she fails and returns behind the building, reforming the linkteam.

PanO turn 1: the Bagh-Mari activate and slowly leave their hiding places to fire on the Triad of Neema and the Nikoul. Fortunately, the Tohaa are well-armed but still fail to respond to the enemy fire, so at the end of the fight the Sukeul Neema's bodyguard lost the Symbiomate and the Nikoul died. On the opposite side of the field, the Orc with HMG protests just enough to get to see the Sukeul marksman, who as ARO shoots at the human soldier. Unfortunately, she has the worst and loses the Symbiont armor. A second save of blows kills the Veteran, while one of the Kaeltar is able to stun an Orc, but dies at the end of the turn. The Orcs now are able to connect the antenna on their left side.

Second turn

Tohaa turn 2: at this point Neema's Triad advances to the center to help the others blocked in Suppressive Fire. During the journey, the conflict between Sukeul with HMG and the Bagh-Mari breaks out. There is also a second Naga trying to hack Neema but is blocked by the presence of the Nullifier. Shots are wasted and a Naga is hit and activates the V: Dogged skill but will die later, while the other advances and survives also the explosion of a mine previously positioned by Nikoul. The Bagh-Mari wound the Sukeul with HMG, but before she dies, the Bagh-Mari marksman falls unconscious. At this point Neema's Triad is close to what remains of the other Triad and so a new one is formed by Neema + Sukeul (FO) + Kamel (Paramedic). Conversely, the Kosuil advances alone in the middle of the opposing field and approaches the enemy console. As a last resort, Neema faces the Orc with HMG and kills him with the Panzerfaust and then, using the Lieutenant Order, is approaching the building that hides the enemy HVT. The linkteam is reformed and the turn ends.

PanO turn 2: the interests of Humans at this point are all on Kosuil but heroically he resists many enemy hits. Unfortunately, he does not even hurt his enemies and dies at the end of the conflict. At this point, the remaining Naga approaches the antenna to the right of the Panoceania field and manages to connect it. He then looks out from behind a building to shoot at the Kamael Paramedic that responds to the fire. However, the alien Combi Rifle centered the blow (crit!) and kills the infiltrated warrior, loan from Aleph.

Neema's dice rolls with the Panzerfaust (13 = crit!)

The turn ends and the battle is interrupted due to the closing-time of the store where we were.
Panoceania has connected two antennas and the Tohaa one (4-0), but they claim to have completed Secure HVT (4-2). Both have prevented the activation of their console from the enemy (1 point each).
The Acontecimento Army wins 5-3.

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