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Securing the Ventral Habitats

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VS Nomads

Troops and AO of the day

Report from Lt. Harith Murasal, Muyib Regiment, to Commander Albalashun concerning the Securing Habitat mission on Ilik.

Reviewed by Tariqa Alhashira al-Yaza before disclosure to the lower ranks.

Commander, I just had returned to Ilik, after the operation Turtled Tortoise [] against a misguided Nomad team, when I was alarmed to an unsanctioned operation of Nomad personnel in the recently abandoned habitat on the ventral reaches of Ilik. Husam Kaschmir approached me directly after that she had evidence that the attackers intend to manipulate the environmental controls in the area.
I ordered all available soldiers with me. This comprised Husam Luna Kaschmir (Leila Sharif) and four Ghilim, Private Mahmud (FO), Private Herat (FO), Private Specialist Bint Sazia (Panzerfaust) and Sgt. Doctor Ipek (Doc+). The Lasiq operative Basma bint Basma was already in the designated area as were the two on Ilik stationed Tarani Siblings (Daylami, 1 Panzerfaust, 1 Rifle).

The Nawfa-1 Remote (Shihab) and the Kameel called Bountiful (EVO) were also at hand. I myself was accompanied by Specialist Sergeant Doctor Abd Nagi (Muyib Doc+) and Specialist Sergeant Rostam Rostami (Muyib Haris), who where with me on the aforementioned mission. A call to local command also gave me access to Sergeant Infiltrator Kerst (Ragik Rifle).

The Tariqa (HVT) was escorted to safety and we took an holographic decoy with us. (I placed the HVT, my opponent forgot about it and we didn´t use Classifieds anyway)

As we made our way to the AO we were forwarded information about the enemy forces by Operative Sera (Fiday), who had infiltrated their ranks upon setting foot on Ilik.
This was the AO.

Quickly assembled Response Team

Deplyoment and Mission

Our two forward Scouts (Daylami) both faced heavy resistance and fell back to our lines (both Infiltration rolls failed. Cemil Tarani (Rifle) took position on our far right and Can Tarani on our far left. Husam Kaschmir and her team took position in an forward habitat, close to the environmental control nodes. Nawfa -1 defended the habitat from its´ roof and the EVO was right behind it.

Basma bint Basma (Lasiq Sniper) was in a central car maintenance facility. I and my escorts had taken cover behind some containers on the left flank, when the shooting started.

Arrayed against us were a bogey on the far left flank (Intruder Lt), a Jaguar with Shotgun, an Alquacil Medic and a forward infiltrator (Moran FO) with directed Mines. In the centre were two more bogeys (Intruder Sniper, Intruder HMG) one of them on a roof, a Daktari, whom I think was involved in operation Turtled Tortoise, and another Jaguar with Chain Rifle on the same roof.
One building closer to us there was a third Jaguar, also with Chain rifle. Inside this building was the third bogey and an Alquacil Hacker.

The fourth bogey (Intruder Sniper) was on the roof of another habitat accompanied by a Zondbot and what appeared to be an Alquacil (Fiday), who was Operative Sera. A final fourth Jaguar, with an Panzerfaust, was on the far right flank.

I gave them a warning to disperse. The only thing I received in response was a scrambled call about some assembly. I did not risk compromising the life of civilians on doubt so I ordered the attack.

Important Note: Warconsole keeps crashing and my internet is bust atm, so I dumb the text here and hope that I can upload more when both work again , sorry :(

I ordered Sera to take down the bogey close to her. She complied faithfully and unloaded her Shotgun into the Zondbot in front of her, catching the Intruder (Sniper) in the blast. Both targets went of order.
Meanwhile both Tarani Siblings attacked the enemies without orders. Can tried to shot a Panzerfaust at the central Jaguar, who seemed startled by the attack and dropped his Smoke Grenade. His sister attacked the same Jaguar and the farthest bogey at the same time. Both Jaguar who saw her dropped smoke on their position covering the Intruder Commando (Sniper) in the back shot her through the shoulder, dropping her.

The smoke cover prevented the Shihab from engaging any targets, even though the EVO bolstered its´ systems successfully. (Gadget Marksmannship)
The Commando effectively neutralized our ability to move so I tried to remove him with grenades, after I had reigned in Can to obey orders. I fired several grenades onto the roof and into the Jaguar closest to me. The Jaguar close to the Commando was hit and fell unconscious while the Commando remained unscathed as he avoided the blasts. (6 orders of speculative fire, saw three hits, but only one unconscious Jaguar, the Intruder dodged everything)
I ordered Can to fire his last Panzerfaust projectile at the Commando, but he missed, as did the return fire.
Sera called in an attack on the downed Commando and thus retaining her disguise as an enemy.

Beneath the dispersing smoke the Daktari crawled to the Jaguar and tried to administer healing, which failed and the Jaguar succumbed to his wounds.
Bereft of cover the Commando on the roof did not dare engage Nawfa – 1 and so the still hidden one in the building emerged and fired at it with its´ HMG. Damaging the Shihab taking it out of commission for the fight. (Intruder hit with an 8,6 and 4, the Shihab with an 7 and 6, damn so close)
Freed from the suppression the Sniper Commando fired at Can (Daylami), who tried to evade but was hit in the head and dropped dead instantly.
The Moran close to us moved in and put his mines on standby before opening the window in front of me. Before he could trail his gun on me I hit him with a precise shot in his left lung, sending him to the ground. (Crit in ARO from the Muyib Lt.)
While the Alquacil in the central building moved to the door and started to fire indiscriminately onto the street (Suppressive Fire), the Daktari returned to her old position and the Commandos hid in the shadows again. (coordinated camouflage)

On my mark Hussam Kaschmir moved to the window and fired at the foremost Jaguar, this action instigated the Commando Sniper to fire at her. While she missed the Jaguar, who dropped smoke on his position, she hit the Commando, but his armour deflected the bullet.
With two more grenades (one with the Lt. order) I tried to dislodge one of the directed mines and the Alquacil Paramedic. The evaded the blasts and I sent Specialist Sergeant Rostami (Muyib Haris) to defuse the situation. He evaded the Koala and then proceeded to the corner of the building firing at the Jaguar there, while the bogey (Intruder Lt.) remained calm. It took several shots to finally put the Jaguar down. (In the first order the Muyib rolled an 18 and a 20 and the Jaguar and 19).
I tried one more time to hit the Commando with a grenade and ordered Sera to take a shot from her position when it failed. Her bullets missed him as did the return fire miss her, she went prone to avoid retaliation.

N 2
The enemy acted on both flanks simultaneously. On the far right the Commando with the HMG tossed and grenade onto the roof in order to kill Sera, she was hit, but survived.
During this time the last Commando fired at Sergeant Rostami to cover the Alquacil moving towards the closest control node, while firing a medpistol into the unconscious Jaguar to her feet. Sergeant Rostami was hit and survived, holding his position. The Jaguar was hit and died.
Undetected for a moment a Tomcat had dropped close to the habitat with the Ghilim team. She moved quickly to the central building and attacked Basma bint Basma, who tried to evade the shots but was hit several times. (3 hits, 3 wounds on the Lasiq) Then the Tomcat marched to the control node in front of the habitat with the Ghilim covering the entrance.
Awhile all Commandos moved into better positions with the one close to Sergeant Rostami shooting him in the process. He held on to prevent the Commando to return into hiding. (coordinated, Muyib went V.Dogged to prevent the Intruder from camouflaging.

I called in Sergeant Infiltrator Kerst as there was a wide landing are behind the Commando on our far left. Guided by the EVO he landed safely and proceeded to attack the Commando and the Alquacil Paramedic. The Commando survived the assault and ran into cover, while the Alquacil was shot down at the control node. (The Intruder survived three hits in two orders)
Sera made another attempt to remove the Commando from the roof and also the foremost Jaguar in one swoop. She hit the Jaguar but he survived, the Commando hit her in return and she dropped to the floor, unconscious.

Running out of options I ordered the full assault of the Ghilim on the Tomcat. She fired her rifle and her flamethrower, while the Commando shot into the close quarter action and the Jaguar on the roof smoked his position. After an intense firefight the Tomcat was dead, as were Hussam Kaschmir, Private Specialist Bint Sazia (Panzerfaust) and Sgt. Doctor Ipek (Doc+), but Private Herat (FO) was standing at the control node preventing any tampering. (Link team assault into the open, with several AROs  huge massacre)
While Sergeant Nagi crawled to the node closest to us to secure it, I ordered Sergeant Kerst forward again. He rounded the corner behind which the Commando was hiding and fired his shotgun into his chest at close range, finally succeeding in felling the Intruder, who was the enemy leader. The last remaining directed mine exploded in his back, but the Sergeant survived and took position to threaten anyone closing in on his position. Securing the backfield of the left flank.
I fired my last grenade on the position of the Sniper Commando but again he evaded the blast.

N 3
As expected the enemy was in disarray after the demise of the leftmost Commando.
The Jaguar on the roof once more smoked his position avoiding the shot from Private Herat while doing it. The Commando with HMG ran onto the street to fire at Sergeant Nagi at the control node, he hit twice but the Sergeant survived.

During this time the Daktari tried to shot a medi package at the unconscious Commando in front of Sergeant Kerst, but failed to hit. The Commando Sniper took aim through the smoke and shot Private Herat (FO), who fell, but survived the hit. (Unconscious).

In a desperate attempt to stop Sergeant Nagi the Alquacil Hacker ran onto the street and fired at him, the Sergeant returned fire with his D.E.P. and the Alquacil exploded. In a mirror of events the Jaguar on the far right, who had remained idle during the whole operation ran forward and fired his Panzerfaust into the unconscious Cemil (Daylami) obliterating her body.
After this the enemies retreated and the area was secure.
We remained in the AO until a relief team secured it.

End of Report

The game ended 5-0 with me controlling three quadrants thanks to the Ragik and he scrambling my Muyib at the Console.

It was a harsh game which had both of us scratch our head most of the time about what to do. It ended closely though which is a good thing, but, dude, 4 Intruders is hard.

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