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Failed Frame

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Establishing Secure Link

+++Securing Connection+++Protocol Delta-07-Psi+++

+++Intrusion detected+++starting countermeasures+++

+++countermeasures successful+++location of Hacker send to intervention team+++

+++link established+++

Report on operation Obsidian Tortoise

From operative asset Aleph-Theta-Omega-07, cover: Daktari Field Medic

Begin of report

As planned asset N-I-1.2/9, [Cross reference asset files: Subject Björn Borg, newly ingrained in the Intruder corps] was able to secure a team to attack a remotely operated support craft, which is on route to the Baijing Consulate, to bolster the Yu Jing defenses. In truth the attacked craft is deigned to fly a collision run into the ventral sensor banks of the Raxora WCD Cruiser, in order to open an attack venue for a combined PanOceanian and Haqqislamite boarding attempt.

Subject Borg has proven to be easily manipulated due to his low IQ and naïve nature. The boarding attempt by the Nomads would seriously endanger the boarding action against the Raxora and thus imply the Nomads for collaboration with the forces of the E.I.

I accompanied the team in my function as field doctor and the party was comprised of the following members. [Names redacted as the operation has been canceled and the names are to be wiped from official records].

Be ready to be framed

Layout and Deployment

We entered the PanOceanian craft through a sternwards access tunnel, the security protocols easily overwritten by our hacker.
The Craft was on shutdown and security bulkheads were in place, but would be easily removed by our Hacker if necessary. Our objectives were to reprogram at least two of the repeater nodes (antennas) of the deck in order to assure that our transportable server can override the navigation coordinates of the Craft.
The repeater nodes fill the surroundings with heavy statics which affect visual light, making all ranged attacks in their vicinity less predictable.(All walls are infinite high, the walls outside the rooms are bulkheads and can be removed in 4 Inch pieces by a hacker. Mission was Power Pack)

Soon after entering we encountered hostile signals, immediately the Lt. ordered us to disperse and cover the approaches to the repeater nodes and secure our server. The Wildcat Team, one of our Geckos and the Moran took position on the port side of the server. The other Gecko, my remote (Zondbot) and Subject Borg (Intruder Hacker) took position on the starboard side.

After one minute our hacker gained access to the cameras and we saw an Hassassin Strike team coming our way. On the port side it was comprised of two Asawira, a Muyib and a high grade lhost body without specific denomination (Avicenna). On the starboard side there was a full complement of Muyib with heavy and medium weaponry. None of them responded to our hails.

The Gecko there also reported the sighting of an Alquacil, who was not part of our deployment.

The Hassassin Strike Team, ready to intervene on behalf of the old man

Haqqislam Turn 1

I did not warn the Nomads in order to not break my cover, but the foreign Alquacil, who identified himself as Salerno, threw a smoke grenade and approached the Gecko under cover. Slashing his clawed close combat weapon into the movement circuits of the TAG, which surprisingly was still moving after this. (Al´Djabel hits twice (1 crit) and the Gecko survives with on 1 STR)

The Asawira team advanced and the front member [Reference: Reza Attar, Lt.] was hit by one of the directed mines of the Moran. (1 wound on the Asawira) The lhost [Reference: Shakira Yasmina Karimi, Medical Doctor for Hire (Avicenna)] then entered the service elevator and tried to shoot the Moran, who was hit, but survived.

The team then moved closer in and the front member fired his Spitfire at the Moran, who fired back but was still hit and went to the ground. Our Hacker tried to compromise the Asawiras´ armour but didn´t find a way through his sophisticated defenses. While the team took position to defend the elevator, which included the Muyib [Reference: Khelam Miszra, Arms Sergeant] laying a mine, the lhost ran towards a service remote which was maintaining the systems of the elevator and uploaded a program, before taking cover herself. (HVT: Inoculation)

During this time the Fiday tried to incapacitate the Gecko, but failed to penetrate more of its´ armour.

You don´t need these cables, do you?

Nomads Turn 1

Subject Borg (Intruder) moved in in order to ascertain the identity of the attacker on the Gecko, due to his incompetence (2 failed attempts at Spotlight), he grew frustrated and fired into the melee. With unexpected accuracy he felled both combatants. (Shot into CC one hit on both, both failed their ARM and went unconscious)

During this the Lt. ordered the Wildcats onwards to surround the elevator in order to root out the opposition. During this the Hacker tried to compromise the Asawira again, but failed. When everybody was in position the Engineer opened the door and sprayed the Asawira with his Rifle, the return fire went wide as the armour failed to stop any of the bullets. The man collapsed dead on the spot. (Three hits from the CR, ARM rolls were 4,5 and 6, so three wounds to the wounded Asawira)

The engineer proceeded into the elevator and took position close to the bleeding Moran, he fired his flamethrower, which engulfed the positions of the lhost, the Muyib and the remaining Asawira [Reference: Payam Ardashirem, Medical Doctor, Captain]. While the Asawira evaded the flames, the Muyib was hit but remained unhurt, taking cover from the heat outside the elevator.
The lhost returned fire and shot down the engineer, but was burned to ashes as it was closest to the Wildcat. Also the mine of the Muyib exploded and hit the engineer, he survived the blast, the bullet from the lhost however went through his clavicle and he fell unconscious.

Meanwhile Subject Borg made another attempt at ascertaining the identity of the Fiday and was again unsuccessful. His skills as a Hacker are really not very developed.

The Lt. reestablished order within his team and opened the door to fire at the Muyib. Who was hit but shrunk even more out of sight, instead of falling down.

Well, that did work well...

Haqqislam Turn 2

Immediately after that he laid a mine into the entrance of the elevator, which threatened the Lt, should he move.

The fire team on the starboard side started moving, under the supervision of the doctor [Reference: Abd Nagi, Doctor, Specialist Sergeant], they out and manipulated the repeater node on the far starboard side. (Connected 1 antenna). Advancing more to the port side they entered an observation module, where a Haqqislamite citizen [Reference: Alhashira al-Yaza, Tariqa (HVT)] was present.

The heavy weapons carrier [Reference: Yasin Vahid, Sergeant at arms] took the lead and fired rockets into our own Rocket Launcher. She survived the hit, but the blast forced the Lt. to dodge, which triggered the mine.
The Lt. was not able to evade either blasts and was torn apart. Before we could do anything more another rocket hit our Rocket Launcher and she succumbed to her wounds as well.

Keeping up the pressure our remaining Gecko was the next target for the Muyib and he took some damage from the hit, before he moved out of the Line of Fire. (Gecko lost 1 STR, to the HRL)

The remaining Asawira started to fire at our Hacker, who tried to hack him, but was shot first, still he survived.

Not looking good around here, maybe a little bit much heat on the Lt.

Nomads Turn 2

With the Lt. down I pushed for Subject Borg taking command. It took some time, but then it was agreed. [The Daktari order was made Regular]
Till then our Hacker tried to shoot the Asawira, firing at full auto, the doctor retaliated with a well placed shotgun blast, which send the Hacker to the floor bleeding.

Subject Borg tried again to scan the Fiday and moved into better positions. Yet only in the second attempt he was successful [Reference: Shahzad, Terminating Asset].

Our Spitfire started to saturate the door of the observation lounge in order to cover the advance of our Gecko and to scare of anyone inside there.

Maybe he should have stuck to hacking?

Haqqislam Final Turn

While the Asawira advanced to the repeater node on the far port side the fire team kept advancing and the Muyib carrying a Spitfire [Reference: Hareema Livnat Aviva, Arms Sergeant] braced the suppressive fire.
The Panzerfaust shot deflected from the doorframe, while she fired several rounds of projectiles into the Gecko and placed an unlikely precise shot into the Wildcat, whose bullets all missed her in the doorframe. The Wildcat went down and the Gecko sustained several cuts of major energy lines, so it went cold and trapped the pilot inside for now.
(Spitfire hit both in one order and all four (1 for the Wildcat, 3 for the Gecko) ARM saves were failed, the Gecko with a 3,5 and another 3), only the Intruder and the Daktari remained at this point)

By then the doctor had manipulated the repeater node (connected antenna) and retained an overwatch position on it. In this moment I noticed the data stream of the Craft realigned itself almost back to normal.

The fire team advanced, but net before something was exchanged between the Tariqa and the Muyib commander [Reference: Harith Murasal, Lieutenant], what remains unknown. The team advanced on our server and disconnected it. [Connecting the Console of the Nomads and securing it with the Doctor]

Securing the Console, come get me Intruder! The HRL is beneath the catwalk, in case you wonder..

Nomads Final Turn

Subject Borg wanted to abandon the mission, but I urged him towards the starboard repeater node, if he could upload our program the mission could still be salvaged. He was gullible enough to try it. (Commnd tokens were used to ignore retreat for the Intruder and turn the Daktari order Regular)

He made a run for the repeater and under fire tried to implement our program, he proved incompetent again as he was hit by a Panzerfaust [Reference: Rostam Rostami, Specialist Sergeant] and a grenade from the Muyib commander. He did not survive.

Really, you have to go! I can´t stand the sight of you anymore!

Final statement and Afterwords

I left the battlefield and the Craft without incident after that. The mission was a complete failure and the Craft successfully made its´ collision run with the Raxora, allowing massive boarding teams to enter it.

So far no word of any kind of Nomad involvement or interference of this mission has surfaced. AS of now the Haqqislamite state has the operational control of this information and it appears as if they want to keep it unknown. This protects the official integrity of the Nomad nation at this point.

The most likely reason for the events is an intervention of the individual called “The old man of the mountain” [Reference: High Threat assessment target list], who appears to have had knowledge about operation Obsidian Tortoise.

I returned to my cover on the Commercial Mission, with the faked credentials of a desastorus attack on Baijing to maintain my cover. I am not aware if my cover is compromised due to the presence of the Hassassin.

End of Report

+++terminating link+++

+++erasing traces+++

+++erasing eraser+++

+++End of Line+++


It started interesting but was soon dragged down by dice. His incapability to roll well with his hackers harmstrung him seriously. Except for my Asawira and Avicenna, who failed every single ARM roll, and Al´Djabel, who was not able to take down the Gecko, my troops mostly rolled okay to good. I had several crits in the game and he had none. His bad ARM saves with the Geckos made it even worse.
I did not even want to shoot the Intruder in the end, but he insisted that I kill that incompetent dude. So I complied. That is also were the idea came from for the way of report here.

The numbers:
Objective points 10 – 2
Surviving points 294 – 17

As a last remark, I have to say the two Muyib link was awesome. I love Muyib. Also again all my named characters perished…I know why I stay away from them.

Hope you enjoyed it.

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