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The Infinity Global Campaign

Entering and Apprehension

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VS Nomads

Prologue, Forces and Area of Operations

Report from Lt. Cigdem Uranatha, Naffatun Regiment, to Commander Albalashun concerning the Apprehension Detail to the Don Peyote.
Reviewed by Tariqa Alhashira al-Yaza before disclosure to the lower ranks.
Commander under the guise of escorting the honourable Tariqa al-Yaza to a clandestine meeting on board the Don Peyote, we were to apprehend the commanding element of an interdiction force. As predicted we came under attack before the meeting could unfold. The individual in question, in this report to referred to as Subject Theta, was eager to prevent theTariqa from meeting with command elements from Tunguska.
Secondary mission was to secure our link to the Don Peyotes network, in order to establish a working intelligence network about the events on the ship. The disabling of the warband of Subject Theta was another goal, preferably with a minimum of fatalities.

To achieve these goals you gave me free hand in choosing my soldiers, attached is the rooster.
Specialist “Spider” was recruited for the sole purpose of securing the Tariqa during the mission. The individual called "Shrike" joined our effort without endorsement or command just prior to departure. Doctor Ardashirem assured me to have an eye on him for me.

Also attached an assessment of the hostile elements under the leadership od Subject Theta.
Finally a mapping of the AO.

The old Az´rail and the Odalisque are my Ayyar (Proxy and Holo), Briarios is my Kaplan. The Tariqa (HVT) is in front.
Split into the two groups, the Daktari in the middle is the HVT

Deployment and Scenario

The Tariqa was waiting at the agreed upon point on our right flank. Spider (Tuareg Hacker) was directly behind her close to one of the network transceivers in the area, ready to prevent any aggression against her. (Blue circle) Doctor Ardashirem (Asawira Doc) also guarded the right most approach together with “Shrike” (Ayyar) who impersonated as three Odalisques.

Specialist Sergeant Beg (Ghulam Hacker) was close to our center accompanied by Arms Sergeant Miszra (Muyib Minelayer), who layed a mine to block access to my position. I positioned myself in the center in an empty barrack keeping an eye on the doors and focused on commanding.

Our Shihab was on the leftmost street close to the empty drinking facility of the Nomads, Specialist Sergeant Therawar (Kaplan) secured the inside of the building together with volunteer Harku (Ghazi), while Captain Sherazi (Zhayedan) secured the outside. The Nasmat were close to their most likely subjects in need. (The doctors´ close to the Zhayedan, the Kaplans´ in reach of the bot)
Master Jalal (Ragik) was waiting in the struts of the ceiling to assist when necessary.

On our left flank a team of Wildcats took position, it was heavily armed and full of demolition experts. A single Moran and his Mines and a lone Alquacil Medic supported them. In the centre there formed a team of Jaguars, one other Medic was inside a storage locker and Subject Theta (Mobile Brigada Lt) was out on the street, covered by a bogey (Bandit AHD).


Scenario was Hunting party, so we had a lot of ADHLs with us (all Wildcats for example!!), I won the roll and chose side, he took first turn and I reduced his Brigada/Jaguar order pool (I am really afraid of Jaguars…)
All open rooms are infinite high, all with roofs are as high as they are. The board was hard to deploy on and offered a nice challenge.

Nomads Turn 1

First the team on our left advanced cautiously, even though they seemed to have a problem with the security door at first. Under fire support from her team the Rocket Launcher wielding Wildcat fired at Nawfa- 2 (Shihab) which retaliated and shot her down.
The Paramedic behind the Wildcat shot a stimulant package into her and she returned to the fight, firing until Nawfa-2 went dark. (2 more orders where necessary, on the second the Wildcat was hit again but saved, then 1 Str was stripped from the Shihab) the team advanced into better positions to watch the second transceiver and shot several more rockets into the Shihab destroying it utterly. (9 Wounds in total!)

The Moran then tried to access the transceiver, probably for the same reason as us. [Note: The Dissent among the Nomad factions seems more pronounced than obvious. The individuals in question probably should be observed more closely.] {Note from Tariqa al-Yaza: Commander the Lt. starts to develop an awareness outside of her battlefield duties. Is that wise or wanted?}

Either way he ran outside and back into hiding but failed to achieve anything. (2 attempts to access the antenna failed with a 15). At the same time Subject Theta and the Medic in the centre started to move into positions closer to the Tariqa and the transceiver in her vicinity. The same was true for the band of Jaguars. (Everything moved up with the few orders in the pool. The Bandit stayed still for now, not wanting to expose himself.)

Let me pass! Dude, not all at once! You´re in MY space!
The red dot is the Wildcat.2 more pictures of this lane in the gallery.

Haqqislam Turn 1

In reaction to the shooting outside the Saloon Volunteer Harku ran forwards only throwing smoke to cover him on my quickly issued command. Master Jalal asked for permission to engage in the enemy backfield, I gave it, but only after Spec. Sergeant Beg (Ghulam Hacker) calculated the best approach vector for him. Master Jalal landed safely behind the storage locker in which the Medic was hiding. (Assisted Jump and a passed PH roll later the Ragik was in place, also I moved the Tuareg into the first group at the beginning of the turn)

Master Jalal immediately endangered Subject Theta, who was defended by the bogey, who was shot down in return. (Bandit k.o., AHD down) Subject Theta turned around to look at the source for this disturbance, Spider used the opportunity to freeze his armour. (Carbonite Surprise attack, the Brigada had moved just into range) Not satisfied with this Master Jalal also glued him into place with his ADHL. (Which he got by the scenario rules) So the main target was ready for retrieval. I ordered Master Jalal to harmstring their retaliation capability.

First he went around the locker and shot at the team of Jaguars, downing the leader (Senor Massacre) and one other, the last one hid behind a cloud of smoke. Again he demonstrated his superior marksmanship by not killing any of them. Then he opened the door and shot the Medic with his stun ammunition, wanting to preserve her life. She went down and he took cover behind the locker. (I immobilized the Alquacil in the hopes of never having to activate the Ragik again, to cash in on the Immobilized specialists)

During this time Volunteer Harku couldn´t keep himself in check and wanted to attack the enemy fire team. He ran out a little bit too far and was hit by one of the mines of the Moran, killing him on the spot. (I wanted to intuitive attack with the Chain rifle, but got to close and failed the dodge)

I ordered Spider to return to cover (back to marker state) and gave an general advance order (coordinated) to Cpt. Sherazi (covering the Kaplan), Spec. Sergeant Beg and Arms Sergeant Miszra, who deployed another mine to secure the vicinity of the Tariqa even further.

That is how a pincer move looks like, an Carbonited and glued Lt.

Nomads Turn 2

Spider had infiltrated the commnet of Subject Theta as well and so we could listen into their traffic. The stunned Medic took charge and injected herself to remain conscious. (Alquacil Reset her Immobilization) Then she peeked out of the door and shot stimulants into the Bandit, who died soon after.

Reinforcements arrived as an Engineer crawled out of the floor and made his way to Master Jalal and tried to kill him. He braved the first hit and then managed to glue his attacker onto the container she was standing next to. (Carlota came in and advanced on the Ragik, in the first attack she hit him once and he saved with a 13, then he won the roll and glued her into place. 1 Specialist glued for me^^)

On the other flank seemed the death of our comrade only to embolden the fire team which advanced steadily, only pausing to manipulate the transceiver on their way. At the end of their advance they kicked in the door of the Saloon and the Spitfire wielder shot Cpt. Sherazi (Zhayedan) and Specialist Sergeant Therawar (Kaplan) down. (Both unconscious, also they used every other order to move in position for a last turn attack on my Lt, and he connected the antenna on the way.)

Showdown through the Saloons´ window. The red dot is the Wildcat
Final position, for final push.

Haqqislam Turn 2

To remove their command structure I ordered Master Jalal to take out the Alquacil Medic. He did as ordered but sadly she succumbed to her wounds. The he was to proceed to remove the final Jaguar, but he again quickly hid behind a smoke screen.

I needed the Captain (Zhayedan) back on his feet and so I had Doctor Ardashirem move his bot in to bring him back to his feet. Deva 1 was heavily damaged during this but the Doctor managed to revive the Captain, still he got immediately blinded by a Flash Grenade from the nearby Wildcat. (He threw a Stun Grenade to pin me into place and I failed the BTS to save it)

By then “Shrike” had started to move on his own to my position, after he overheard the comm chatter from the enemy, that they would try to apprehend me. He made a run into my room and attacked the fire team outside my window. The enemy was much better prepared than he anticipated and he took several hits in return, one of the drawing blood. He ducked down and his echos reappeared. He gestured me to take cover at the far end of the room, which I did and I trained my rifle at the ladder. The he rose again to slow their advance. (The Ayyar ran across the board to attack the Link Team, I forgot about Sixth Sense, so it was to pure 2 dice vs 3 dice on 16, I lost both exchanges but saved all but one wound from it)

Nomads Final Turn

Immediately one of the Wildcats took over command and ordered the last Jaguar to block Master Jalals field of fire. Which he successfully did. The leader of the team then rose again, probably he has access to some advanced Medtech or was treated within a regenerative program, and he moved to threaten the transceiver close to Spider. (Massacre regenerated and threatened the Tuareg with his EM Grenades should he go for the antenna)

The Wildcat team started a prolonged firefight with “Shrike” who showed remarkable durability and sheer unwillingness to die. He weathered several bursts of bullets, managing to glue two of the Wildcats in place in the process, before he finally succumbed, his body riddled with holes and torn flesh. Seldom I have seen such resilience. (The Ayyar weatherd 4 rounds of shooting against the Wildcats saving 8 wounds in the process and gluing the HRL and one engineer, finally he lost three wounds in one order, but her seriously blocked his approach)

The Captain warned me from the entering Wildcat as he regained his sight and reported that their Lt. injected Spec. Sergeant Therawar with something. (Zhayedan resets as the Wildcats move out and he Coup de graced my Kaplan with his Lt., also he unglued the stuck Wildcat Engineer on the way)

One of them showed his face at the ladder and I fired at him with my pistol, but my bullets embedded themselves in the wall behind him. His shots went wild as well, as he quickly retreated down the stairs again, for the attack in his back. (With his last order he attacks my Lt, everyone misses.)

Defending the Lt. to the last. Good man!

Haqqislam Final Turn

Captain Sherazi engaged the Wildcats from behind. First taking revenge on the Wildcat that violated Spec. Sergeant Therawar. He shot him right through the skull, killing him outright. Then he fired into the back of the Wildcats guarding the door, who turned around to face him. Drawing my attacker out. But with the fall of their third Lt. (The Wildcat) and also the take down of the leader of the Jaguar (The Ragik shot Massacre unconscious again and was hit by the Chain Rifle of the Jaguar during it falling unconscious himself), the fight seemed to leave them and they fell back. Before they regrouped Spider quickly manipulated the transceiver in front of him.

Soon after the envoy the Tariqa was waiting for showed up. By then Subject Theta was secured and on board our craft.

(I secured victory by getting the antenna and taking revenge for my Kaplan, okay that was fluff, I didn´t spend my last orders, as I couldn´t get any more Victory points and killing for killings sake is not my thing^^)

Taking revenge for his comrade!

Afterword and Aftermath

We secured the bodies of our comrades and forwarded the identity of the attackers to the envoy from Tunguska, as the Tariqa ordered me to do.

Subject Theta was handed over to the Intelligence division. We are inbound for Ilik to regroup Commander.

End of Report

Addendum: Commander I would like to recommend Master Jalal for a commendation under fire.
{Note from Tariqa al-Yaza: Lt. Uranatha keeps achieving victories and shows a good awareness for correlation. An intensive interview for evaluation of future use seems in order. Also I recommend a battlefield promotion.}

So in the end it was 7-2

I had hunted more Lts and more Specialists and had one antenna, he had one antenna and one Classified.

We both lost exactly 97 points of models during the game, which is really cool.

My unstoppable Ragik and undying Ayyar really ruined his day, he had a good plan, but had a hard time getting back on track after my first turn. My second one was abysmal, which brought him back into the game, otherwise it would have been a short one.

Hunting party is a hard nut to crack, but makes for a good narrative.
So fallout:
My last Ghazi died (totally useless on top), so none left for the campaign unless I paint them
My Kaplan died on his first mission. I just painted him on Monday. Fluffwise he survives, but is out of the campaign, so no more engineers here…

The Ayyar died, heroically, so only the other one left.

Thanks for reading this long report:) Hope you liked it.

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