Strikezone: Wotan

The Infinity Global Campaign

Erasing Traces

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VS Nomads

Prologue, Troops and Area of Operations

Report from Lt. Selim Katirci to Commander Albalashun about the operation on the Don Peyote

Reviewed by Tariqa Alhashira al-Yaza before disclosure to the lower ranks.

Commander, following the lead from the weapons deal on Illik, which was shut down by Commander Masters, we were to land at the fringes of the fighting on the Don Peyote and access their data system in order to erase all remaining access codes to Haqqislamites nets. We brought a transceiver for this purpose and had to destroy another close by one in order to ensure no backups were made during the erasing process.

The action would not be welcomed by the Nomads so we made a quick entry and brought some mercenaries along. Despite the heavy fighting in the area, we were discovered soon and the Nomads took no chances due to their present predicament so fighting started soon after.

These were the troops under my command, followed by an estimation of the hostile forces and the AO.

Deployment and Scenario

We had a bogey right in the centre of the hostile line behind a container where also a Jaguar was hiding. Two regular Alquaciles flanked this position and a Hacker, another Jaguar, a remote with Koalas and another bogey (Bandit) were on our right flank.
We expected to see reinforcements soon.

I put myself and my team of Djanbazan in the centre securing all approaches to our transceiver, the Mercenary called Scaryface was right next to us, as was Specialist Sergeant ibn Fuat (Ghulam Hacker). Violett (Cordelia) was hiding in a close by maintenance tunnel, the Yuan Yuan called the Tank nearby. Mrs. Kocwa (KTS) was securing the right approach, her Nasmat was close to the TAG. Observer Kartal (Al´Hawwa) was close to the target of opportunity, a rogue silk processing workshop (Classified Sabotage). Corporal Boulos (Sekban HRL) was ascending from the outer levels via a ventilation tunnel.

[We played Looting and Sabotagin but added the Don Peyote rule that turns Zero-G into AD:2, seemed fitting. All open walls on the map are infinite high, the bridges are tunnels.]

Nomads Turn 1

The bogey (Bandit KHD) on our right flank immediately proceeded to a supply locker and removed something (D-Charges) from it, before he entered the service tunnel (Objective room) and tried to ascertain our status (Data Scan Classified, scanned the Yuan Yuan), but he failed, so our identity remained unclear.

With loud clanking noises service panels were destroyed around us and on both flanks Lizard series TAGs entered the cargo bay. One was accompanied by a heavily armed Wildcat. They took position around us (2 coordinated orders with the Geckos, the Wildcat and the Lunokhood) and one of them engaged Ms. Kocwa, who was hit but survived and ducked into cover. The attacker proceeded and shot at Corporal Alwara (Djanbazan Sniper), who was hit twice in the torso killing him instantly. (Crit and a hit against the Djanbazan which I didn´t save)

The Gecko is almost glued into place
Once more a Djanbazan is the first casualty of the day

Haqqislam Turn 1

I ordered Scaryface (Scarface) to clear the left flank, he followed orders with glee and started a duell with the first Gecko. Pnazerfaust projectiles landed everywhere but the high calibre bullets made short work of the Lizard Series. (2 Orders put 4 Wounds on the Gecko) He proceeded without orders to gun down the Wildcat as well.

While Specialist Sergeant ibn Fuat, ran into the control tower next door to threaten the other Gecko, Doctor Cagri bint Su (Djanbazan Doc) fired several round of medical shots at Frederick, missing the mark several times, the mercenary finally drew breath again. (I used 4 orders to shoot medkits at the Yuan Yuan, the first time I hit twice and healed one and failed one, cancelling out, the next four shots missed and in the last one both rolls healed, giving me back my smoke) I ordered him onto the shooting range after our return.

Observer Kartal by now had reached the Silk workshop, ready to administer the explosives to take it out.

Doing what he does best.
The Tank is back in the game

Nomads Turn 2

The Jaguar on our right flank started to run for our lines, with abandon he crossed the battlefield (4 orders to get into position to shoot the Ghulam Hacker) tried to shot down Specialist Sergeant ibn Fuat, who dodged outside his shelter. The hostile pursued and was hit by Lt. Theras (Hafza) instead of going down he became enraged and he sprayed the area.
Ibn Fuat and Lt. Theras were hit and lost consciousness. Moving outside his cover the Jaguar sprinted for our transceiver and shot down Corporal ibn Hassan (Djanbazan with Marksmann Rifle) in the process, before he took a swing at the transceiver and pulled out a chunk of it before he died of his wounds. (Jaguar ate all orders and did one damage to the AC2 with his dying breath)

That´s quite a bloobath

Haqqislam Turn 2

The Tank jumped to his knees and ran around the corner to attack the Gecko, both used their Chain Rifles and remained unscathed (well not really, the Yuan Yuan went dogged) but the TAG retreated into cover. Scaryface ran up the lane to attack himself and I had to order him to stand down. This prevented me from stopping Frederick to run through the tunnel to attack the remote over there. The machine escaped without damage and he was shot down by the Gecko during this.

I ordered Doctor Cagri bint Su to revive Lt. Theras and Corporal ibn Hassan, which he did. Observer Kartal by then had planted the explosives to shut down the workshop. I gave permission to execute and he blew up the facility.

Corporal Boulos arrived close to the enemy lines and proceeded to shoot down both Alquaciles. (Took two orders, as he missed both on an 18 the first time and survived a Combi shot.)

The Sekban saving the day, well at least killing the Lt.

Nomads final turn

The enemy was in disarray (LoL) and most of them moved into better positions to keep us from reaching their transceiver, as without shutting it down our work here would be mostly useless.

From the back lines an Intruder shot down Corporal Boulos with high precision (4 hits, 2! Crits and another 13 in the other dices, even though I saved these two). Another Wildcat appeared and tried to shoot Observer Kartal, but he survived the hit and jumped into the crumbling workshop, the falling debris giving him cover to escape for the moment.

The Gecko appeared again and managed to duck under the Panzerfaust projectile from Scaryface, who was hit with a Blitzen and shut down.

Winning the game, by shutting down Scaryface (Scarface, who is an Iguana here)

Haqqislam Final Turn

Without delay I ordered Ms. Kocwa to repair the machine, while Violett made sure that the enemy could not approach us from the flank. (Moved Cordelia to ensure he can´t secure my HVT) The repair took longer than expected (3 orders in total) and when he was operational again Scaryface rampaged across the field despite my orders to retain himself, as we clearly had lost the day, with more Nomads on their way.

Scaryface first shot down the Wildcat close to the Silk workshop and also wounded the last Jaguar (dogged), then he destroyed the remote (crit), damaged the Gecko, who tried to hit him again with his Blitzen, in return the Jaguar found a weak spot in the armour (crit). Realising that he would not reach his goal of smashing the enemy transceiver he jumped onto a nearby cargo crate and killed the Jaguar, hit the Intruder, who ducked behind cover after the hit and damaged the Gecko even more. (Twice the Gecko hit on an 8 and Scarface won with a 9, but I couldn´t reach the AC2 in time to damage it, so I decided just to shoot people)

Then finally the obeyed orders and we left the field. Observer Kartal was able to retrieve Corporal Boulos body and we carried Specialist Sergeant ibn Fuat and the remains of Corporal Alwara with us. No traces of our operation remain.

On his throne, almost wipping out the Nomads

Aftermath and Afterword

We were not able to delete the access vulnerabilities to our network Commander, so we will remain vulnerable. As only mercenaries were witnessed directly by the surviving Nomad troops, besides Observer Kartal, who is acting undercover and Corporal Boulos was hardly recognisable covered in grease and smear, it is not possible to trace the operation to the forces of the Sultanate directly.

I apologise for my lack of foresight which led to this failure, I acted too defensively and brought not enough fast elements to this operation to ensure its´ success.

Awaiting further orders.

Lt. Katirci

End of Report


I knew my army was slow for the mission, but thought I could deter him enough to come through with my D-Charges. Turned out I was good at killing and bad at rolling, for orders to heal the Yuan Yuan really hurt, but I wanted the smoke back, which I then did not apply at all, that was a bad call. The isolated Scarface broke my neck, it took away his impetuous order and stranded me.

So I made for a suicide run, which was cut short by my waste of orders for repairing Scarface, repairing on a 15 the first time, with WIP 14, also my Nasmat was too far away, needing a whole order to reach the TAG, bad positioning there. But in the end only the Intruder, thw Alquacil Hacker and a Gecko with 1 W remained from his army, while I only had lost a Djanbazan, a Sekban and a Yuan Yuan, with a Ghulam Hacker being unconscious close to my doctor. If only I had one more round :)

Was an interesting game, dropping Geckos are fun and interesting. I just should have better prepared for it. Or I should have had the Djanbazan walk on as a link in his flank…

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  • dvdmouton says:

    Solid report – condolences for the loss, but next time you will get them!

  • Albalashun says:

    @Sergej Faehrlich I had even more pictures, but refrained from using some to slim it down…And the Nomads deserved their victory, they have to fight hard to get one in the first place…

  • Myomer says:

    Damn crafty Nomads; a good fight nonetheless! Better luck next time!

  • Sergej Faehrlich says:

    Woooow…some amout of fotos you got there! Nice batrep…let them have their lousy freighter!

  • Garak says:

    It’s ok, we don’t really want to try to hold their Dong, now do we?

  • John Tenzer says:

    Well, the Nomads need any help they can get! So good job, somehow. ^_^

  • Albalashun says:

    We don´t want their ship anyway, do we? Funnily there is a door (from one of the buildings) right behind the Sekban on the picture where he enters the field, as I just noticed 🙂

  • Kommander Kraken says:

    We will let the Nomads keep their ship… So long as they don’t run it into Baijing. Well written and, commander!

  • Lauinav says:

    Unlucky about the loss. Thanks for the rep though. 😀