Strikezone: Wotan

The Infinity Global Campaign

Expendable Spearhead

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VS Nomads

The troops and field of the day

Report from Ejira Kundakci, Wise Woman of the Desert, to Commander Albalashun.

Forwarded to Tariqa Alhashira al-Yaza for inspection .

Commander as you ordered the infamous Isara Mar (Kasym Beg) was put in charge of the entrance into the Consulate. I accompanied the mission in order to assure success and take care that our guide (Prisoner P-9, HVT in this scenario) remains in our custody.

With the information provided by our guide we infiltrated close to the car pool near the recreational area for guests on the Consulate. With her access codes we were able to sound an alarm two levels lower to send the security forces another way. Also we were able to send an evacuation signal to all civilians in the area, so that no casualties were incurable.

Our main objective was the establishing of our link into the local data network and destruction of a close by one, in order to hinder hostile forces to do the same. Our forward infiltrator Spider (Tuareg Hacker) reported a single Yu Jing Engineer in the vicinity (HVT), she would need to be taken out to ensure operational secrecy. Mr. Zaralat (Al´Hawwa FO), reported back to Ms. Mar that a Nomad strike force seemed inbound to a close network node, just as we were.(Hawwa failed Infiltration) I and Corporal Ramazan (Hunzakut FO) sneaked into forward position as the rest of our forces aligned themselves, as did the opponent. They soon opened fire.


Our left flank was secured by Lt. Uranatha, who you chose to send along instead of putting in command, Ms. Kitsune (Zuleyka Nazarov), Corporal Ramazan was further along in a balcony, Sergeant Teke (Djanbazan) was on the roof of a close building with Dr. Kundakci (Ghulam Doc). Spider was in a nearby freight elevator (the objective room, blue circle on the picture), Corporal 1. Class Shara (Al Fassid) was on the roof of a garage in which Mrs. Mar decided to wait for the right time to attack (green circle). Our Shihab and Najjarun ibn Murat covered our node and the park (The park was Saturation zone and the trees gave cover in base contact and were low-vis to shoot through) in which I hid close to a weapons panoply and Mr. Zaralat was standing close by.

The Nomads had an infiltrator close to the panoply in the park, he was accompanied by two directed mines, another infiltrator was close to the other panoply (Bandit). A Reaction Zond was on a control building in a loading zone, a Alquacil Hacker and a Wildcat were close by. A Mobile Brigada hid behind a bus and a Daktari was close to a combat formation of Jaguar, who were led by an unidentified individual. Finally they had some support, later identified as an Intruder, all of these on our left flank.

Nomads Turn 1

The Hacker assisted the remote with an accuracy program and it shot at Mr. Zaralat, who tried to evade the shots, but one of them hit but he survived, shrinking even deeper behind the planter he was hiding. (Remote hit with 2, 3 and 5, dodge with 4, only order in the pool was gone)

Then the Hacker spoofed several routines in order to get a clear scan of our guide, probably the Nomads wanted to assess her identity again. (3 orders for spotlight / Classified achieved).

The Massai close to me grabbed some D-Charges from the weapons panoply close to me. Mr. Shara shot at one of his directed mines but missed. On the other flank the infiltrator did the same. (Bandit gets D-Charges) Finally the Brigada advanced before we took action.

Haqqislam Turn 1

Mrs. Mar would not stand her soldiers being fired upon and she ran her motorcycle outside firing a shot from her Panzerfaust towards the Massai, the projectile nearly hit me, but exploded somewhere behind the park. Security would be on its´ way now. Mrs. Kitsune also rushed forward and threw a smoke grenade to shield her from the Brigada. The shot missed her and she drove up to the elevator under cover of the smoke to burn out the Infiltraotr with her flamethrowers, she hit but the man survived. (Bandit saved both flamers on a 18 and 19).

During this time Mrs. Mar drove into a good firing position and fired her second projectile. She hit the garbage can next to me and the Massai obliterating it. This gave the Shihab a good vantage point to shoot down the Massai.

Corporal Ramazan on the other hand stood up and blinded the Yu Jing Engineer thoroughly, she would not be able to identify any of us. (Marking HVT –Classified achieved)

Mrs. Mar ordered us forward while she accelerated towards the node in enemy hand, throwing several smoke grenades in the process. Corporal Shara assisted her cover by blocking the Reaction Zond. I, Corporal Ramazan and Mr. Zaralat advanced during this time. (coordinated order to smoke and advance, several orders into Kasym until she reached the antenna and attacked in CC)

Mrs. Mar arrived at the node and struck her with her destructive blade, searing out greats parts of it. Then she retreated into a safer position as did Mrs. Kitsune. (2 Points of Damage at the antenna in two orders of CC.)

Nomads Turn 2

The Brigada advanced attacking Mrs. Mar several times during his way to the leftmost panoply, Mrs. Mar was hit and fell from her machine. Her fate remains unknown later we couldn´t find her body at the site. (Brigada moved forward and shot at Beg/Isara who failed to dodge, finally she went down dead and the Brigada failed to plunder the panoply)

The Infiltrator moved to our end of the elevator, passing Spiders position, who held himself in check, as were his orders. The Jaguar team then advanced towards the panoply and the leader took a weapon from it, while another one had problems with the system, arresting its´ servos, shutting it down for now.

Again the Hacker supported the Reaction Zond and it fired at Mr. Zaralat, this time sending him to his ancestors, he was a promising agent. So is the will of Allah.

Haqqislam Turn 2

I assumed command of the mission, but Mrs. Kitsune would not await any orders and drove to the entrance of the elevator, where she was engulfed in clouds of shrapnel and herself fired flames all around her. (flamethrower against Massacre and the Jaguar, Massacre shot her with his shotgun and the Jaguar Chain rifled her twice, the Bandit failed to dodge.) Mrs. Kitsune was torn apart by this and the Jaguar burned to a corpse. Her remains have been taken along.

I ordered Lt. Uranatha to attack the Brigada and the Jaguar leader. She was hit by the Brigada, yet survived, the Jaguar was hit and retreated from her exposing himself to our Shihab, which I ordered, under smoke cover deployed by Corporal Shara (Al Fasid), closer to the node to get a bead on him. The Jaguar went down. (Fasid blocled LoF from the Reaction Zond, TR Remote shot Massacre unconscious, Naffatun survived and went back into cover.)

Another grenade from Corporal Shara went wide without hitting the Brigada, so I ordered Corporal Ramazan (Hunzakut to attack), he missed the last Jaguar and was shot by the Brigada.

I ordered Spider to act, bringing the Infiltrator to move he immobilized him through his comlog and shot him two times, but the man survived. (Tuareg idled, then used Carbonite, 2 orders of shooting gave 2 hits with the shotgun, both were saved.)

Dr. Kundakci made a final attempt to harm the Brigada, but her shots deflected from the armour.

Nomads final turn

A drop trooper descended but hit one of the struts, landing in the sights of Corporal Shara, who shot him down. (Hellcat failed jump, Fasid downed him in ARO)

The Reaction Zond took aim and destroyed our Shihab, which was standing outside of cover due to my oversight. The Shihab was damaged considerably by this.

The Intruder at the end of the enemy line came out of hiding and shot Dr. Kundakci into the head. It was a well placed shot and she was dead instantly.

Another soldier entered behind the park. (Tomcat entered) Then the enemy advanced in bulk (coordinated, Jaguar, Daktari, Wildcat and Tomcat blue circles on the picture), the Tomcat climbed into the park under fire from Corporal Shara, but remained unharmed.

The last Jaguar then attacked Spider, who threw down a mine while he was hit by the shrapnel, the hardened Tuareg weathered the attack and went into cover behind a crate. With a quick move the infiltrator rushed towards our node. Spider tried to hack him and Corporal Shara missed his agile form, but he was torn apart by the blast from the mine, which the Corporal had placed at the beginning of our deployment.

With the courage of desperation the last Jaguar charged towards our node, Spider shot him, but he carried through his pain and hacked away at our node doing considerable damage before succumbing to his wounds. (Going dogged from the shotgun blast, the Jaguar hit the node once and I falied both arm rolls)

Haqqislam Final Turn

We were in need to take down the enemy node or we could assure the working of our network intrusion, so I ordered Corporal Shara to cover the approach to the node for Najjarun Ibn Murat. Yet Corporal Shara proved incapable of firing into the spots. (2 orders failed to smoke) I ordered him to shot down the Tomcat and the Wildcat to clear the path. The Tomcat was downed, this way also removing the final threat from our guide, but the Wildcat evaded the attacks. So I took it on me to end this threat. Coming around the corner I fired at the Wildcat and the Reaction Zond, my aim was true and the remote turned inert, but by Allahs will the Wildcat prevailed.

By now ibn Murat almost was at the node and he rushed for it with the abandon of Allahs finest. He was hit by the Wildcat, who came out of the doorway right after I shot her. He went on and was hit by two more bullets as he stuck the charges on the node and detonated them. Destroying the node. He will be well received in the afterlife, I retrieved his cube afterwards.

Their plans thwarted the enemy withdrew for a while, we swept in retrieved our fallen and left before the security forced arrived.

Aftermath and Afterword

Securing the Guide for further use

We established the link to the network and thwarted the intrusion by the Nomads team, also our guide remains with us. The Nomads acquired some data on her, probably in an attempt to assess her identity. All Nomads that came close to her were eliminated. All unruly elements used for the mission were killed or are MIA, so your plan of using their vigour for plunder to our advantage worked well Commander.
We remain in the area so far Yu Jing has not discovered our network intrusion and thanks to our guide we are able to avoid detection. Any reinforcements would need to be covert to ascertain the continuity of this condition.

End of report

It was a really close game, he gaining the lead with his last order and me taking it back with my last order!
It was 6-5
Haqq 4 OP destroyed node, 1 OP Classified, 1 OP 1 remaining DP on my node
Nomads 2 OP for 2 DP on my node, 1 OP Classified, 2 OP for more plundering

There were some tough armour rolls, but my first turn attack on the node almost decided the game early. He made a really good comeback, still I won again by a hairs breadth. Sometimes I feel bad for him, because that happens quite often.

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  • What a gorgeous board! I love the garden, it’s super evocative to picture the firefight there.

  • Myomer says:

    Whoa, Christmas time with the Nomads in the park. Well played at way to pull out the win in the end!

  • Very good report! Nice pictures topo!

  • Faqadat Siad says:

    Nice report, sounds like a fun game! Congrats on the win too. alḥamdulillāh

  • Albalashun says:

    Well this was my first use of Zuleyka ^^, I always try to have redundancies, but they almost did not work. As Drak said very, very close game.

  • Husam Muraqib says:

    Very enjoyable read and great accompanying pictures. Sounds like you had a lot of redundancy in your strategy and it is interesting to see units in action that I don’t use myself, particularly Zuleyka.

  • Drak says:

    Great report! Looks like it was pretty a close. Well done!

  • I realy like your Icedesertwarriors! Good report

  • Garak says:

    Congrats on the win.

  • Albalashun says:

    Much obliged to your gentle words. Yes, it was very, very close 🙂 As to the scenery, took some time to get it together and it stored only in ten different boxes, but totally worth the effort.

  • Crushar says:

    Very cool report and so well done!!! Congrats and keep them coming!

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  • Smeert says:

    Great report. Cool that you have a different colour sceme then most Haqqislam. I love your table with the different scenery! Congratulations on the win.