Strikezone: Wotan

The Infinity Global Campaign

Securing the Evacuation Zone

VS Yu Jing

Prologue, Forces and Area of Operations

Report from Commander Jena “Ork” Masters, Mobile Brigada Liaison, to Commander Albalashun concerning the frontline operation against Yu Jing forces on Baijing close to Evacuation Area 2-8

Reviewed by Tariqa Alhashira al-Yaza before disclosure to the lower ranks.

Commander, after the fallout of the weapons deal was not cleared out on the Don Peyote, you sent us to Baijing to help secure the Evacuation zones closest to the strongest Yu Jing activity. The Imperial Service constantly demands that we hand them over several refugees, whom they claim to be wanted criminals. As long as they are on the run, they are under the protection of the Haqqislamite government, so we refused. They wouldn´t accept this answer and started shooting.

We fought in a mostly deserted area, which doubled as a waiting area and cargo hold before the fighting started. The following pictures show a view of the area and my forces and the Yu Jing enforcers.

Deployment and Scenario

I positioned myself on the outmost left flank next to the bulkhead sealing this section, Csilla-13 (Nasmat) was close to me, but seemed not operational. Madame Ibn Ashia (Odalisque) secured our backfield right behind me. Our heavy support of the Janissary, with the two Hafza hidden among them, took centre position to threaten anything that comes closer. Csilla-12 was close by.
Dr. Canavar, Atansija (Kaplan) and our Hacker (Al´Hawwa), where on the right flank. Yasmin (Yuan Yuan) was crawling through ventilation ducts to get the jump on the enemy.

Our left flank was clear of enemies, in the centre clustered a firing squad of four Puppets (Kuang Shi) and their handler (CG with Control Device), their leader (Sun Tze Mk2 Sniper) and what appeared to be a Rhub aspect (Sophotect). A high ranking Officer with machine gun (Hsien) was accompanied by two subordinates (Zhanying Hacker & Haris) on our right flank. Two more agents kept in the back. (CG with Spitfire and Pheasant CoC with Boarding shotgun)

Before they could organise more, we rushed seizing the surprise by attacking early. (I actually won the Ini agains Sun Tze, okay with a crit)

[I was to a store today and my opponent did not have too many games under his belt so went for an easy scenario and we played Frontline, with 2 Classifieds for 2 Objective Points each and the zones gave 1,2,3 points to keep it simpler. Also he allowed me to go first after I chose deployment, something which he regretted soon after]

QK Turn 1

As I gave the order to advance under covering fire from the Janissaries, Yasmin came out of the vents and made a run for their right flank. I told her to calm down, but she was cursing loudly about our enemies and was unresponsive.
She ran close to their Kuang Shi threw smoke in and then charged around the corner hitting 3 of the Puppets and the Puppeteer. In return she was riddled by fire and went dark. (3Kuang Shi were hit and 2 went V:Dogged to avoid the explosions, the CG with Control device also went down, Yasmin ate 6 AROs, but after the first two wounds we stopped rolling, all the unconscious Kuang Shi in the pictures are Dogged)

During this confusion she created Anastasija, our Hacker and I advanced into better positions, even though our Hacker was discovered by their leader during this. (Coordinated to get forward, Sun Tze had sight on the Al´Hawwa marker)

Not deterred by this he attacked the Zhanying Hacker and froze his control module overriding his visual input. He then advances stealthily to attack the grouped agents with his shotgun. One of the agents and the Yudbot caught in the blast go down, the other remain unscathed. The Hsien did not even acknowledge the attack.

Then he retreated into cover. (Al´Hawwa Carbonites the Zhanying then advancing under Camo to surprise shot the 2x Zhanying, Hsien Haris to realize they have 6th sense… )

Not a nice startfor the Imperial Service

Imperial Service Turn 1

Not standing for that aggression the Zhanying Hacker wanted to return the favour but was frozen again in return. Then the Celestial Guard from the backfield shot our Hacker with his Spitfire, sending him sprawling. Even after he fell the Celestial Guard kept shooting and he will need several weeks of medical care before returning to duty. (Zhanying got carbonited in ARO, then CG crit the Al´Hawwa unconscious and he used one more order to kill him)

The Rubh started moving in the backfield healing the downed Celestial Guard (with Control Device) and the wounded Zhanying, but destroying her own Yudbot in the process of recovering it.

To cover this action their leader came around the container he hid behind and first shot down Corporal Mondga (Janissary HMG 3 wounds) and Lt. Alwara (Hafza with HRL, 1 wound) before retreating into cover again.

QK Turn 2

Dr. Canavar immediately dispatched Csilla-12 on my orders and Lt. Alwara regained consciousness soon after, once more taking his overwatch position. I ordered the rest of the Team to advance through the middle. I tried to cover their approach by removing one of the remaining Kuang Shi, despite the range I scored a hit but he survived and shrunk into cover. (Link advances and Brigada shots over 28 inches at the Kuang Shi)

As they arrive at the noodle shop I give the weapons free and Corporal Muhasar engages the Hsien at short range sending him unconscious. (As I write this I notice a mistake we made, the model with Tinbot had an AP Rifle but I used a Janissary with BS to save points, it didn´t matter at all in the end, because against the Hsien I could have used the Doctor instead, who has an AP Rifle and along the line I only used the light shotgun anyway, so I even did less damage than I would have, still it bugs me. Also his Hsien failed all ARM rolls…)
The Team advanced further through the shop with Corporal Muhasar remaining in the lead, Lt. Katirci and Dr. Babdukka taking defensive positions to back him up. (Hafza and Janissary on the shop are on the ground floor)

Corporal Muhasar advanced into the open and braved the Chain Rifle from the Kuang Shi to shoot him down. (ARM roll successful and 2 Wounds on the Kuang Shi.) He ran up to the edge of the container and fired into the Rubh to his right and the Celestial Guard to his left. While both targets survived the hits, the Kuang Shi behind the Celestial Guard died (V:Dogged) to the blast as did the Hsien and the Zhanying Hacker went to the ground.

Not looking good for the Imperial Service

Imperial Service Turn 2

The Pheasant agent sprung into action immediately after this and fired a precise salve of armour piercing rounds at Corporal Muhasar wounding him, on his own accord he retreated into cover, allowing the Rubh to go to work again. (Pheasant crit the Janissary, who made his WIP check to fall back)

Immediately she revived the Zhanying Hacker again, during this time the Celestial Guard attacked Corporal Muhasar and was shot down by him in return. The Hacker then started a prolonged firefight with Dr. Babdukka during which the Dr. was injured but he managed to shot the Zhanying, again sending him unconscious. (3 orders of shooting, 1 crit against the Janissary, then 1 crit angainst the Zhanying)

In a desperate attempt to push the team back the Pheasant ran across the hall and fired at the Corporal and the Dr. both returned fire and the Agent was torn apart. It was ugly. (Pheasant tries to kill both wounded Janissary with a desperate shot and takes 4 wounds (1 crit) in return.)

That did indeed hurt!

Final Turn

I ordered the team to advance even further and Corporal Muhasar proceeded to be effective again, shooting down the Rubh, the last Zhanying and the Celestial Guard in short order. (1 Order Sophotect, 1 Order Zhanying, 3 Orders CG, because he survived one)
Leaving only their leader the team fell back to secure territory and I accessed a close by Yu Jing node to signal their leader that he can withdraw without further bloodshed. (Brigada and Team moved to secure all three zones and I also secured his HVT in the process)

He conceded and allowed the wounded to be tended by our doctors as well.

Jena contacting Sun Tze

Afterword and Aftermath

We retreated to the fringes of the Evacuation zone after this and an contingent of Ghilim now guards the areo of operations from further intrusions. The few survivors of the encounter were returned to the care of Yu Jing. As of now the Evacuation area remains secure.

Note: I was personally thanked by seven refugees for preventing them from being taken by the Imperial Service, the list of their names is attached.

Note: I recommend Corporal Muhasar for promotion. He has shown commendable battlefield performance and ability to perform orders to the letter.

End of Report

So it ended rather harsh with a 10-2 (as we both did Experimental Drug). I did some order wasting in the first turn but still he never managed to take the pressure of this troops that I build up. Most of the game he reacted to the damage I did to him. Was his first time against so many templates and he was hit hard by it. In his second turn he lost 3 models to AROs which added insult to injury and hamstringing him even more. In his last turn only a Sun Tze Sniper remained and I had lost three models, so we ended it there.

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