Strikezone: Wotan

The Infinity Global Campaign

Civilians evacuation!

VS Ariadna

Hold the ground!

[Starting connection]
[Connection... Ok]

Welcome to Amanecer Massai, your reliable source of news!

The alarms didn't stop during the evacuation, the Ariadnan forces were pushing without mercy into the legation, not something that Corregidoreans soldiers were hoping to receive but something that must be guarantee to civilians. Live from the Legation, Javier a la Torre.

"This was no an undercover mission, this is a kind of 'war'. They've declared us war and O-12 must make them pay because if not, the Nomad Nation will require payment, with a high Interest". Said one of the members of the Security Council that were formed to response against the aggression and prepare the civilian evacuation.

Phrases like: "they are a bunch of savages" are common between the survivors; also, there are people who compares the level of violence with the phantom incident. "Aleph have seduced Ariadna" can be read on some corridors that were already evacuated. In some places, some troops are still engaged in combat, the sound of the bullets at the corridors are frequent as long as the heroic forces of the Nomad nation are holding the ground to save the last civilians that are inside the place.

(Camera zooms into the docks)

This is the last ship. We are only waiting the last survivors and all the team of Amanecer Massai will be boarding it as long as the last reported civilian alive is rescued by the Tomcats, a unit that have proved his value during all the incidents at Wotan. It was a pleasure to bring you all the news of these events, directly from the Wotan Commercial Legation and until the next transmission: Javier a la Torre, from Amanecer Massai.

[Connection out]
[Returning to your usual programs]

The scenario for the last Wotan battle!

On position...

-Hey Juan, they're coming!
-What do you see Massacre?
-No much from this position, we're playing safe Juan.
-One sniper on the roof! -said Joel, the Gecko pilot- I think I can take it down.

Juan thought the situation, the Gecko could try to handle the Sniper as long as Maria's team (the group of Wildcats) move into position at the left side as he advances with Massacre and his guys on the right side.

-Ok, let's do it guys -say Juan- we need to push them or at least hold the ground until the last nomad evacuates from here.
-Let's begin the party, compadre -said Ferras, one of the Jaguar's members team.

Armies for the fight!



The battle was very funny and enjoyable. Sadly, the report will be short as I have only taken notes and some familiar issues don't allow me to immediate report it so I forget some things.

CHA won the Lt roll and choose side and to deploy second. I chose going first for trying to push deep from the beginning but shit happens, as you will read next.

On the first round I tried to take out the SAS that was exposed with my Gecko but I failed the Panazerfaust-shot. Then I tried against the Sniper and failed too. I advanced the Jaguar Link up to the middle and also moved my Intruder Lt up to that zone; on a very critical error, I left my Gecko exposed without fear to the enemy. On the CHA turn, the T2 sniper took out my Gecko with a Crit and a hit, and I got 4 wounds! Damn, Gecko down! Also He advanced his Link team on his left side up to the middle of the table (on that side).

On the second round I drop Carlota for trying to take out the Cameronian and then the Link team but I failed, The Cameronian only got one wound. With my Intruder I took out Wallace for trying to balance the things on the table. On his second turn he got into position with his paramedic (one console) and left the Volunteer HMG (member of the team) at the middle and the other two members got into my right quadrant. Also the Cameronian took out Carlota but he died against the Flamethrower.

For the last round, I go deep with my Jaguars and took out the Paramedic. Also I moved my Intruder into position for controlling my left quadrant and moved my Wildcats for taking out the Volunteer that was linked with the 3rd Grey. On his turn, he took out Massacre with Uxia but el Ferras took out her with his Chain-rifle. The Cateran tried to take out my other Jaguar but I won the FtF roll and got covered myself with smoke. He drop him from his position and moved to get inside the quadrant. Then, the 3rd Grey took out one Wildcat and the game was over.

As we both choose to use the cards as Intel-Com, we fight for his right quadrant: 20 for my Jaguars 38 for my IntelCom but, for him, he was 24 of the Cateran and 24 or 22 for the SAS, I don't remember, I thought I won but he also applied his 30 something points card so he won. His left quadrant was absolutely CHA, my left one was totally MJC and the other one I win with my 2 wildcats over the 3rd Grey. 3-3, no Classified so it was a draw.

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