Strikezone: Wotan

The Infinity Global Campaign

With the Wotan campaign ending on Monday we allow ourselves remind players that they should publish their reports before this date as the lockdown will be activated in an unspecified hour. Lockdown meaning new reports or existing private reports will be prevented from being generated or published.

As the Human Sphere approaches the pinacle of their most dramatic impass, as the human spaceships and orbital bases keep suffering the most notorious damage on their now fragile structures, a beacon of hope shines inside the darkness of the Raxora Assault Carrier.

The Hyperpower has shown the true color of freedom to all humanity. History books Will reflect the heroic efforts of PanOceania during the darkest days of the Wotan blockade. In a neverending wave of battles, the tough hardened blue regulars have been able to conquer where no one ever has succeded.
“A True victory for PanOceania and a triumph humanity” said optimistic Commander Minos.
“Still too soon to claim Raxora but high morale on our ranks means a lot during these days.” Pointed out pragmatic Commander Unclesrouge.

After collecting and composing shreds of information provided by stranded drones, some experts have stated that the Combined Army could be in a “close to defeat” state. Anyway, if something’s been proven by facts during all the campaign is that the Evolved Intelligence had a plan since the begining of all the inestability in the area.
Prominent figures in the CA chain of command have been identified as primary objectives for O-12 such as Commander Jamusino and Commander bloodw4ke.

The Nomad Wotan Commercial Legation has been a very active location at the blockade during these last days. Under mutual accusations of Alien inside activity Security Ariadnan Forces and Nomad soldiers had an intense Exchange of hostile actions that generated another diplomatic nightmare last Wednesday night with a total Ariadnan takeover in one of the orbase decks.
“They are commiting completely ilegal actions against sovereign Nomad territory, so… time for the bullets to make the diplomacy.” Said Commander Kiwi_Steve

Commander JoeSmokem also said: -“Werewolves in space… just when I thought I’ve seen enough.”

“Since the beginning we were told to Secure the blockade, and you can tell we’re doing our job.” Said Commnader Toustain LeBlanc.
Despite being probably the most unexperienced units with Zero-G warfare and Orbital Assault, the Ariadnan forces have earned their place at the Wotan blockade, and some advisors even point at them as the most effective tropos deployed at the conflict zone.
“Respectfully, madam, I don’t care if they’re red, blue, white or covered in goo, to me they are all equally menacing armed enemies and I’m gonna kick them out of every unstable zone we must secure.” Commented Commnader Sergej.

The least remaining Yu Jing troops keep on fighting against Nomad forces on the Baijing orbital Consulate. Decimated, wounded, hungry and apparently abandoned by the high command, the Jade Empire heroes continue their battle against a direct Nomad aggression for something beyond victory, beyond territorial dominance, beyond state rewards… for Honor!!
The really resilient commander System_Override.
said: -“We may have to live on motor oil. If that’s the case, live on motor oil! Under no circumstances we are going to give up our lives voluntarily.”
“Not only we had they taken part in the wrong war, and failed to win it; We had also failed as sons of the Empire. An honorable death in battle, showing our courage against the enemy will bring respect to our families. So I fear nothing now.” Commander JOPA dixit.

The Indra 3 Mobase Echo Commodule remains as an active location in the blockade, ALEPH units keep on processing all the posible readings from the situation and all posible data is analized by the most brilliant minds in concillium.
“We might end up knowing more about our enemy, the Evolved Intelligence, from the Wotan incident than from all previous events in the Niemandszone.” Said Commander Gnavlos.


The silent Daraani Corvette has shown almost no activity these days. Experts continue pointing at the impressive diplomatic expertise of the Tohaa as one of their most valuable assets.
“Suffering the least ammount of defeats comes from choosing wisely the battles to fight.” Commander Alexander Wallach.

Organized, selective, disciplined… Many positive adjectives can be written about the role of theHaqqislam troops deployed at WOTAN. Not only their performance was efficient but their high command did behave wisely in terms of choosing their scenarios carefully and getting the best benefits from their advantage.
“It is obvious for me and now for the Concilium leaders that a Haqqislam leadership is the best way to organize humanity’s efforst against the Combined Army. Grown ups should be in charge and childish behaviour deserves severe punishment.” Commander Effendi Yilmaz.

With the Wotan campaign ending on Monday we allow ourselves remind players that they should publish their reports before this date as the lockdown will be activated in an unspecified hour. Lockdown meaning new reports or existing private reports will be prevented from being generated or published.


  • BloodRose says:

    Heheheh, it looks like the heretical followers of the Abominable Intelligence are meeting with their just fates.

  • NavyCalcro2449 says:

    Well that certainly didn’t go as planned…

  • Cthulhu363 says:

    I wish i could say i contributed to the mighty PanO victory, but my win – loss ratio says i was more of a liability. 🙁

  • sir coke says:

    bueno casi lo logramos compañeros ariadnos pero lo importante es que nos divertimos y jugamos bastante en esta campaña

  • Drak says:

    PanO heroism? PanO numbers!
    Haqqiaslam had the first successfull human team on Raxora… (And then they got slaughtered by PanO.)

  • bloodw4ke says:

    Always remember that Panoceania is the best and strongest human side and the other factions should always do as told by their betters.

  • Kjaldir says:

    i think it wa a blessing that i just started in phase 3.. 🙁 i only played against toha and lost every time -,-

  • Dasaan says:

    Lovely work, PanOceanians, I envy your heroism.

  • JOPA says:

    Glory to the Emperor! Justice will be served!.

  • Numiria says:

    [Deus vulting intensifies]

    Congrats everyone ! In any case, that was a great moment. Thanks CB !

  • veteran77 says:

    Well done!! Good report!! Like always!!

  • Minos says:

    I have been proud to fight shoulder to shoulder with so fierce and courageous PanOceanian commanders during this campaign!
    Thanks to PanOceania, Wotan has been #DeusVulted!!! New word, new meme, same fighting spirit !

  • JoeSmokem says:

    Yiiiir I’m Internet Famous! To to blow al the space credits I earned from it on blow and hookers! 😀

  • Umgrimm says:

    We dont battle or degene the consulate. We created a safehavenfor all those regugees. Nomads are being bashed by traterous Ariadna. We help them.
    We attack CA for humanity.
    Did you guys do you homework as objective reporters?

  • theGricks says:

    Effendi, your brilliant. I have been very happy following the orders of my Haqqislam High Command over the course of this command. All of their decisions have been weighed and measured, debated and finally given with confidence. It has been a pleasure serving them.

  • Envihon says:

    I am quite proud of our Haqqislam Commanders, they truly were a cut above the rest! It was an honor to serve as their High Command.

  • Devostator72 says:

    Of course history books will reflect the heroic efforts of PanOceania during the darkest days of the Wotan blockade, for to the victor goes the spoils of war! Humanity though is the true victor and PanO has been proud to lead from the front with heart, courage and determination! DEUS VULT!

  • JJ.konko says:

    Great. Thanks for the acknowledgement the Yu-Jing is going for CA above defensive of your territory, while praising the Nomads for attacking fellow humans at a desperate time.

    Could you not have made a single positive spin for Yu-Jing during this entire campaign?

  • [Deus Vulting intensifies]

  • Minister_of_Truth says:

    Boooo, PanO sucks

  • Yasashii Fuyu says:

    Thanks for another motivating Yu Jing Update….

  • Faultie says:

    Ariadna Invicta!

  • Luisjoey says:


    you said well commander bostria!

  • Melkiach says:

    Love this reports! Congratulations Alexander Wallach for the mention!


  • Like you took the words out of my mouth! 😉