Strikezone: Wotan

The Infinity Global Campaign

The WOTAN situation. A Visiorama report by Coleen Chang.

The Nomad’s precisely executed raid thursday on a Yu Jing Orbital consulate that inflicted heavy damage in the Baijing commercial orbase was revenge for the loss of two of its locations in the area, a spokesman for the group told Visiorama. Nomad troops raided the Yu Jing Consulate, raking it with gunfire in an hours-long attack that left more than 40 soldiers dead or wounded, officials said.

As many as 40 soldiers may have been killed in the attack, sources close to the situation told this reporter. The sources are Yu Jing officials who requested anonymity so as not to interfere with the Ministry of Defense, which are responsible for reporting official tolls.
Commander Tiamat, a Yu Jing Ministry of Defense spokesman, declined to give a more precise accounting of dead and wounded but said one would be released later.
-”It is a deliberate act of aggression in the worst possible context for humanity. Proving the alliance between Nomads and Aliens that was discovered by Yu Jing intelligence since the early days of this terrible situation.” Said Commander Aylw.

Corregidor commander Nomad Reaper told Visiorama recently that the attack was executed because the Nomad high command consider Baijing as vulnerable location now in the area and pointed at Yu Jing as somehow the responsible faction of all the chaos at the blockade.

The “Operation Kawaii” assault began as soldiers were observing a disturbing coordination between Tohaa units and Nomad raiders.
Commander Omx8 denied all possible proof of an Nomad/Alien alliance and pointed out all Yu Jing accusations as “Jade empire propaganda”.

A Tohaa Board Corvette has been seeing in the area and it continues to avoid any direct conflict, specially against the Nomads. When asked about the possible Tohaa neutrality towards the blockade status, Tohaa Diplomatic delegate Chegra said: -”I have no strong feelings one way or the other.”

In a different triangle of interests, PanOceania, the hyperpower, continues leading the cause of humanity against the imminent approach of the Raxora Assault Carrier. During these dramatic days, the tension seems to bring out the best of the deployed troops at wotan.
“The morale is high and we are very satisfied with the contribution we made,” said Paladin Zebra, who added that 75 more service members will return this week to keep on the pressure on the Alien spaceship. “History is being written by the hyperpower these days and, oh boy, we’re painting it PanO blue.” said Commander Vita Nova Seven.

Despite PanOceania commander’s meritorious attitude, the defense of their Sygtir Exo Affairs Orbase lacks effectiveness. Ariadnan security forces executed a succesfull full assault earlier this week taking over the Examination and Management Unit of the Local Area. Inside sources said that the Ariadnans have stablished a secure and stable position and might be able to control de Orbase until the end of the conflict.

Commander Hakuna Said: -”The Sygtir defense cluster is an essential element of the blockade… we were assigned to wotan to secure the blockade… therefore, we must defend this location from any possible Alien infiltration… specially since PanO seems unable to do it by themselves.”
-”Yeah… whatever he says” added Commander Deltakillo while chewing tobacco.

Above all this differences the combined Army seems able to penetrate into the Wotan gate and reach deeper into the Human Sphere. Their defenses still hold and Raxora looks like a solid menace to humanity.
Once again, intel points at prominent figures on the CA chain of command such as Minzen and Orlacien as the main responsibles for this threatening situation.

On other spots of the Blockade, Haqqislam on the Ilik Alfundaq keeps defending their location from multiple aggressions thanks to the efforts of Commander Brunmar
and classic faction heroes like Commander Terrordactyl.

And also ALEPH seems to have taken control of its particular spot at Indra 3 Mobase and keeps defending its valuable assets from minor enemy incursions that have not yet represented a serious threat to its interests. Commander Taugenichts and Commander Vixen have received an upgrade on their comlogs recently due to their military achievements.

It is a key moment for humanity, the stakes are higher than ever and it seems that for achieving the final victory we must win our ground inch by inch, we must go BEYOND.